Forum Rules

  • By registering an account in the forum, you agreed to follow the next rules.

    1. Forum accounts

    • Every user must keep their login data private. Therefore account sharing isn't allowed and will result in a permanent ban from the forum.
      Your account belongs to you and you are responsible for the content posted from your account.
    • Every user can have only one account in the forum. Multi-accounts are not allowed and will lead to a permanent ban from the forum.
    • If you share IP with another person (friends, family), please remember to notify about it via forum ticket system. Notifications after a ban or any other measure won't be considered.
    • Usage of any IP maskers / Anonymization services (VPN, GPN, Proxy, etc) is not allowed.
    • Using throw-away email addresses is not allowed.
    • Banned users have lost the right to participate in the forum. For that reason, they are not allowed to register again. If you want to object your ban, please do it via ticket system.
    • You can request for your account data to be deleted. [ Forum Account Deletion ]

    2. Behavior

    • The official language of the forum is English, except for the RU and CZ forum areas.
    • Inappropriate content isn't allowed in the forum. That includes but it's not limited to: pornographic, politically or religiously extremist and moralistic dangerous content.
    • Illegal activity or content isn't allowed in the forum. That includes but it's not limited to: keys, hacks, bots, exploits, cracks and any other content against applicable law like copyright infringement, boycotting and persuading other people to break the forum rules, game rules or the T&Cs of the Gameforge.
    • Staff impersonation isn't allowed and can lead to a permanent ban. That includes but it's not limited to: Trying to do a moderator's job, posting acting as a team member, using their nicknames, signatures and avatars.
    • Backseat modding is not allowed.
    • Insults, offenses and inappropriate language isn't allowed, even if it is censored.
    • Flamming, trolling, slander and messages with the intention to create a conflict are not allowed and will be punished accordingly. Replying to this kind of content will be considered as flamming too.
    • Posting private information or conversations without the consent of all the involved parties is not allowed.
    • Advertising services and games that are not provided by Gameforge isn't allowed. Advertising spam will lead to a permanent ban.
    • Flood, spam, off-topic and post-hunting isn't allowed and will be punished accordingly. The only section where spam is allowed is the Spamboard.
    • The abuse of quotes, spoilers, capital letters, text format or emoticons isn't allowed.
    • Videos and images that are too large or heavy should be placed inside a spoiler to avoid excessive download times. If you want to add more than 5 images to one single post then add them inside a spoiler. Dynamic images or Gifs that could cause health issues will be removed by the forum team.
    • Titles and labels assigned to threads should always match with the content of the thread you are posting. Remember to use the labels that are available in the sections.
      always try to find the correct section to post your message. Also, use the search function to check if there isn't an older thread with the same topic or doubt before yours.
    • Bumping threads and double posting will be allowed after 48 hours since the last post. The abuse of this will be punished accordingly.
    • Comments and any other content against the administration is not allowed. If you need to complain about something, use the private tools provided for it: Conversation and ticket system.
      if you see something against the rules, report the content to the forum team. However, take in count that the abuse of the report button without a valid reason might be punished too.
    • Game ban objections and talking about private cases is not allowed in the forum. If you want to object a ban in the game, contact the game team via ticket system.
    • Public discussions about punishments in the forum is not allowed. If you don't agree with a punishment received in the forum then reach the moderator who warned you via Conversations/Private messages or the ticket system. If you don't agree with the decision provided, you can contact a Super Moderator. If you still don't agree with the reply to your request, you can contact a Board Administrator. Board administrators have the last word regarding punishments. The Community Manager can be contacted to make a complaint about a Board Administrator.
    • Respect this hierarchy while making complaints about the forum staff. Otherwise, your request can be rejected until you follow the correct procedure.

    3. Nicknames, signatures and avatars.

    • Nicknames, avatars and signatures and any other profile information will have to stick to the rules regarding illegal and inappropriate content.
    • Forum nicknames can be changed by sending a ticket to the forum support system. Nicknames can only be changed every 30 days.
    • Avatars can't exceed from the next dimensions: Height: 150px - Width: 150px - Size: 85kb.
    • Signatures can't exceed from the next dimensions: Height: 200px - Width: 500px - Size: 150kb
    • Users can only have one image as a signature, except for the emoticons.
    • Trying to extend the signature using methods like a bigger text format won't be allowed. Adding excessive profile information that changes the length of the post isn't allowed either.
    • Dynamic images or gifs will be allowed in the signature. If the team considers that an animated signature could cause health issues, it will be removed from the user's profile.

    4. Measures

    • Users who break the rules may receive the following punishments:
      - A friendly tip to follow the rules.
      - Warning
      - Temporary ban
      - Permanent ban
    • Warnings do not expire. Every three warnings will lead to a temporary or permanent ban, following the next order:
      - 3 warnings will lead to a 7 days ban
      - 6 warnings will lead to a 14 days ban
      - 9 warnings will lead to a 21 days ban
      - 12 warnings will lead to a 30 days ban
      - 15 warnings will lead to a permanent ban.

    In extreme or important cases, users can receive warnings, temporary bans or a permanent ban without previous punishments.

    All these rules will be applied to the whole forum. This includes but it's not limited to posts, threads, profiles, avatars, nicks, signatures, attachments, private messages and emails sent from this platform, etc.

    Bans and other measures in the forum can be transferred to other Gameforge platforms, including the game. In the same way, punishments received in the game and other official platforms can be transferred to the forum.

    The interpretation and correct application of this rules will depend on the forum team. Administration reserves the right to change these rules at any time. NosTale and all other Gameforge games and services are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Gameforge 4D.