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    It was irony...

    Oh, my bad then whistle.png

    Actually it is relevant. You can have a multiple providers of the same service and the level/quality of service is one of the thing which can make the difference and attract people.

    I was not really discussing that part, though I agree (as to why it attracts people) just, you know... Just because I can (or think I can) handle a server of a game better than the companies that made it or publish it (developer, publisher) does not mean I should steal their work and then make money out of it.

    The 'right' way is to make my own game and support my community as I see fit.

    And it is not like you can't borrow elements from Nostale (stuff you liked) or any other game. Tbf most of them lately just 'steal' from each other's ideas. Just the complete copy pasta of the game is kind of an overkill.

    Anyway lets not continue this discussion here as it starts going a bit off-topic of what was initially intended.

    I know, and I agree with all that, just you did the mistake to mention a Private server and users in general love to side track that way so I had to answer to them.

    You are not speaking about a game cuz what you are describing is just Gameforge's business model.

    No, I think I was clear why I was talking generally, believe it or not this is not only a Nostale thing. I shared my belief about private servers as a whole.

    a which did more for its player than GF for the whole time. Can't say that they made the game easier they just lowered the need for additional payments which supported a lot of players but in the end the server population was larger. Also, they did one important thing which is essential to every game support. They listened to their community!

    Irrelevant, if they were that good they could group up and make their own game.

    The only reason where I can see the problem of private servers is that they are ignoring the IPRs and developers are not rewarded for their effort

    And that's the main problem. It is not any different from stealing.

    To be honestly, I was always a person that against to private servers because it's untrustable, has no right to publish, not official and more but these days I'm thinking different. You don't need to spend too much time on private servers because you do not need to use alts. so I can give some time to play to have fun in my tiring and busy life.

    I disagree, for any game a private server should not exist as it is illegal. If the private server makes things easier or whatever else it doesn't really matter. The official servers/game is how the game was/is meant to be.

    In short if you end up in a private server it means you are more than likely are looking for a different game, and that is better than supporting any private server. (Keep in mind I am talking about any game not just Nostale)

    If in a game you don't like the grind but a private server has "fixed" that then you don't go to the private server, you go find a game with less grind and so on.

    If the people who made the game want it like this then no one gets the right to rip off their code and ask money through "donations" for it. If the people who host private servers are so smart they can code their own game and not steal someone else's ideas and codes.

    We are now looking for Game Masters again! So we look forward to receive your applications.

    Few words before you proceed.

    1) Make sure to read all of the above post and understand it fully. (Especially the final notes in the bottom)

    2) If you are not mature enough and think the GMs just take shiny stuff and pew pew stuff then this job is not for you.

    3) If you are not an objective person then again not the job for you.

    In short words we are looking for responsible-'hard' working people that have their brain inside their head.

    Moreover if your application is too short or does not answer everything we ask as mentioned above it will be instantly rejected and most likely we won't even send you a rejection email. If you can't take some time to write a proper application then we also not gonna take the time to write the rejection email.

    Keep in mind that sometimes our emails are sent to the spam/junk folders so make sure to keep checking there as well.

    It may take a while for us to send you our decision so be patient.

    1. BELL OF SWEET Home shouldn't be able to work here. Seen People with red hp and they use Bell of sweet home and Come back with full health. This Will only make it easier for them to keep harrasing lower level players.

    You have time to stop them. Removing the Bell to go to your miniland will leave you without pet and partner. That is not a good thing in FC.

    2. Teleport should not be able to work as much as it does they Teleport to often.


    When you are getting hit by a enemy or monster you should be i stan dismounted. See People to often kill low level players and they tend to mount up and run when they are somone with big wings comming their way

    Does not solve the 'issue' really, regardless FC or massive PvP maps will always be content that move with players. So currently its a high-level content.

    I do not see why someone should be instantly dismounted when hit by a monster, maybe by a player is debatable. But not to protect any low levels that shouldn't be there anyway but to make it more fair.

    Make demon/angel Guardians stronger making it harder to enter Base to camp low levels from farming. level 99(60) dosent lose a singel health by Guardians. If ur in angel/devil Base farming penguins its understandable u dont want to take apart of pvp/getting killed all The time by People Who are bored. I was thinking of some kind of protection of People Who are lvl 60-88 cuz really? We have bo PvP gear at all u till level 88. Or just make it a PvP free zone at The camp becouse we at lower levels hate doing a full lure of penguins just to get 1 shotted by some no lifer.

    I do agree that the last line of guardians should be boosted just to make it more challenging and not be ignored by high levels. And protect in general since that's why they exist.

    I am sorry but the point of "I am low level please adjust the whole area so I survive" is not possible the only thing you need to do is progress and grow more powerful. If anything act 4 is not needed till you hit 90lv and I doubt is really hard to get some ice flowers for the Priestess's quest.

    Generally you are asking for the kindness of the high level players but personally I have yet to see a low level player not abusing the chance when a high level player of same faction is around to join the fight.

    The low levels will then use the most annoying stun-locking SP possible and spam all stun skills to the enemy faction person to have them killed and unable to react to fight fairly the other high lv person.

    And that happens even when the high level enemy did show kindness to the low level enemy player and ignored them, but when the chance comes the low level enemy will jump on the high level enemy and have them killed. Nice response to the kindness shown right?

    And while exceptions always exist what I am talking of is sadly the majority.

    If a high level decides to wipe out whole FC (if they can) or the whole arena (if they can) they are free to do so. You are in a pvp area and you accept the possibility that you will get spam killed if someone had a bad hair day and are moody about it.

    This has been happening since the Game was opened in 2007. It is how the game works.

    We have requested this to change however so the skill bar stores the SP skills but so far there has not been any change.

    Either it is not possible or quite more difficult than we are all expecting. All depends how the game reads the SP cards as.