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  • gang
  • Hello, excuse me, since last night I have been giving problems to the UK server to connect and not only to me, my friend too
  • I say Could I
  • how are you
    I have ideas
    add in play
  • hi
  • <3
  • fite me
    • "FITE is an acronym for the Future Immersive Training Environment FITE is an acronym for 'Forum for IT Employees'"
    • well,that's gotta be a sign,i wanna work in IT
      now FITE ME
    • And I already work in IT!
    • being a non-paid GM isn't considered as working in IT,or working at all
    • 1. I'm a SGM
      2. I work in my payed RL job as IT Systemadministrator :P
  • >be me
    >sees dany boy in town
    >1v1 me bruh
    >loser gets banned
    >he too scared and keeps dodging me
    >he sees that i have no family
    >"hey gandi-sama come FAMILY arena"

    yet again dany boy runs away
    • as far as I know you can still join the family arena without a fam :x atleast this was possible some years ago :P
    • i was also in lod without a fam 'some' years ago.
    • =P You see everything is possible!
    • everything was* possible.

      if you really wanted a 1v1 you wouldn't go arena regardless of fam or indv one. but you were scared, that's why.
    • Sure believe whatever you want, I did many 1vs1 yesterday :P
  • Tanuki Racoon NOTICE ME SENPAI !
    • hi there
    • I wonder if that guy was a forum user. (We know of)
    • i literally told u its deep
    • I dont think it was Deep, how should deep be able to open two irc chat? he's using windows XP
    • u dont need to think, im telling u fax and logic.
  • you know the rules, and so do i
    you gave me up and let me down so i unfollow
    • If you say so :D
    • as expected from the great raco-sama. so indifferent to my insignificant and my nonexistent impact

      i went a bit insane in my anger and didn't think straight. you don't ever let me down no matter what happens. my apologizes raco-sama
    • I'll never let anyone down!
  • GZ for SGM ^^
  • What do you think about new character?
  • Thanks for all raids. :)
  • God ettermiddag o/
    • god dag :D, Why are we talking in norwegian
    • Because I'm learning and it sounds cool alt t
      How are you ouo
    • I'm fine hbu?
    • Am great ; D
  • Hello :)
  • <3
  • <3
  • <u< Did U See The Nintendo Mini
    • Yes i saw it! And I also saw the Dark Souls 1 Remastered *-*
    • Am So Ded Inside~
      Do U Have A Switch Perhaps?
    • Sure i have a switch *-* i played all "important" games yet. Mario Odysee, Zelda, Mario & rabiits :D
    • Omgggg B~~~~~ >X< We Have To Coop When It Comes Out!
    • 6 Player Coop AND PVP
    *lick the wall* °- °
    Hi!!! ♥