Spamboard Rules

  • To clarify the rules below are but an extension to the Forum Rules.

    • You can double post or bump a thread after 24 hours pass.
    • No flaming, insulting, vulgarity, sexist or racist remarks.
      * This includes pictures/gifs/videos as well.
    • If you wish to have more than 5 pictures in a single post then put any extra picture inside spoilers.
    • If pictures exceed the following restrictions then put them inside spoilers:

      Height: 500 px

      Width: 500 px

      File size: 200 kb


    - The Forum Staff can censor threads if they deem it necessary. The reason will be given inside the thread or through a PM.
    - If you wish to participate in a forum game thread try to remain on topic, otherwise you will be warned for spam.
    - The Forum Staff reserves the right to change or add rules when they deem it necessary.

    * This also includes in threads that may need extra rules. (ex: a forum game)