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  • :(
  • Hello!
    • Co pro Vás mohu udělat, Vážený Hráči?
    • Postavit ho čelem ke zdi a nechat ho tam stát za trest.. aspoň týden :D
  • Magrat ♥
  • Zase Team Manager :D Přeju pevný nervy.
    • Pro mě je to potěšení být zase TM :D
    • 😍😍😍 *sending hugs*
  • Welcome!
    • Thank you! It's a pleasure to be here :)
    • I have a feeling you will change your opinion on that soon -whistle-

      Just joking :p
  • hi chaos alt #6240
    • hello ^^
    • You must feel awkward now for calling a Czech GM Choas alt ehh ?
      Anyways Hello Magrat !
    • Hahaha :D Hello! :D
    • no, it is working as he planned. he infiltrated the gm ranks of the czech because their guard is weak, and from there he will keep on moving with his plans.

      you've already witnessed one of his attacks on morgoth wall. and more will come in future
    • Our guard is strong, we serve order. Chaos has no chance.