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  • Hi, how about the maintenance, its been a while
    • Just updated the thread, will likely be a while longer.
  • Hi, may I ask how long does the CNY event last ?
    • Planned for the 9th of February, depending on when Maintenance happens that week it might be a day later or earlier.
    • Noted. Thank you :D
  • i appreciate your good activity phandar
  • Please change the MP effect of the magic gun to increase the attack
    • There's no reason for that. Just buy a shell or upgrade the rarity.
  • What is the criteria to get the Stay Healthy gift? My friend is lvl 18 and he doesn't have it in nosmall!
    • You'll have to be lvl 30, same limitation as for some other Mall Things!
  • You looks so angry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • It's because there's something in my eye but I have no hands to get it out with.
  • :)
  • you're not even bothering in hiding it well are you? i mean.. with the whole evil thing creature on your avatar, the name, the post you made. it should all pretty obvious to everyone that you're morgoth. so, you've finally decided to finalize your plan and moved on to become a CM huh? well, i can tell you this: as the last member of faithful chaos followers i will fight back with all i've got. i might not be able hold back on own, but i will not go down without a fight. and i will go on until F is pressed. F FOR FREEDOM!
    • Alas you have caught me. Morgoth has been pulling my strings the whole time! And now that you've found out, you'll have to disappear I'm afraid. Jokes aside, I totally wanted a pony avatar but he didn't give me permission :c
    • here's your pony

      you're welcome.
    • ''He didn't give me permission''
      - What.
    • that's what im saying. phae is nothing but yet another morgoth minion
    • Yh,imagine being a Coma and asking an admin for permision, hilarious.