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  • Greetings Morgoth 2.0!!
  • found morgoth alt
    • it's sad but almost true :)
    • I'm your dream, make you real
      I'm your eyes when you must steal
      I'm your pain when you can't feel
      Sad but (almost) true
      I'm your dream, mind astray
      I'm your eyes while you're away
      I'm your pain while you repay
      You know it's sad but (almost) true
      Sad but (almost) true

      what do u mean by "almost" tho? are u like his lost twin or clone or something?
    • something like coleague from a bit other side of the world :)
    • but i appreciate your knowledge of metallica
    • hmm ok. well enjoy your stay. btw and im expecting melkor vs morgoth to decide once and for all which one of is the real one, there is enough space for only one melkor/morgoth here.