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  • Monastery monochrome
    Boom balloon machine and oh
    Diamond rings and gutter bones
    Marching up the mountain
    With our aching planning
    High and smiling
    Cheap drink
    Dark and violent
    Full of butterflies
    The violent tenderness
    The sweetest silence
    The clay you find is fortified
    We felt unfocused fade the line
    The sugar rush
    The constant hush
    The pushing of the water gush
    The marching band
    When April ran
    May June bugs fly in
    Push your gin Jacob
    With the tired wiry brandy look
    Here you go around Mary in your famous story book
  • Wait wait wait.. Is that Baal from Diablo II ?!
    • Nah. DP is Baal, Djinn of Wrath and Heroes, First Demon of Sinbad. On biblical account, I'm one of the demons sealed by King Solomon. I guess that's the basis of all "Baal" named in games or movies
  • ....
  • Bararaq Inqerad-Saiqa