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  • hai :3
  • enjoy permaban.
  • Sire we are waiting for your arrival !
  • the beast will soon break the chains.

    pls dun get chained again after you get unchained, next one might be permanent. pm me when you see this
  • Dear Chaos, I wrote you but still ain't callin'
    I left my cell, my pager, and my home phone at the bottom
    I sent two letters back in autumn, you must not-a got 'em
    There probably was a problem at the post office or somethin'
    Sometimes I scribble addresses too sloppy when I jot 'em
    But anyways, what's been up?
  • hi
  • Demanding plea for unity between us all
    United stand
    Death before divided fall
    In mock military order
    Because time is shorter
  • I know I won't change, I have tried
    Was feeling so caged, hands tied
    I can't find anything feeling so right,
    it's blinding hope
  • When you think that we've used all our chances
    And the chance to make everything right
    Keep on making the same old mistakes
    Makes untipping the balance so easy
    When we're living our lives on the edge
    Say a prayer on the book of the dead
  • Revenge is so strong
    I taste it on my tongue
    My gun will be
    Your angel of mercy
  • I've been looking so long for you now you won't get away from my grasp.
    You've been living so long in hiding in hiding behind that false mask.
    And you know and I know that you ain't got long now to last.
    Your looks and your feelings are just the remains of your past.
  • Look at this signature. :D
  • Sirens are a variety of monsters that lure sailors to their deaths by tempting them with their beautiful Siren's Song and their deceptive appearance - that of a beautiful naked young woman.
    I've heard they're dead sexy. Sexier than the sexiest human woman ever! I wish I could see one! I'd ogle it 'til the cows came home! Yowza! However, they're so dead sexy that they make you dead by being sexy. GET IT?! BWAHAHAH! ...It made ME laugh!
  • no plz no
  • There is a ChaosBringer in game :O
  • Chaos Beckons
  • Kaitou Jeanne
  • Even the most powerful kingdoms in fact are not what they seem, are always sincere and trusted party disproved them..
    (Stolen from Jeanne d'Arc and King Arthur's Life..)

    "I will never become anyone's property. Being a woman doesn't chance that I'm a KING!"
    (Stolen from Fate/Stay Night Episode 23 - Holy Grail "Gilgamesh lifted Saber up to sky Then.."* )

    "Bedivere.. This sleep..will be..little long...but.." (At the end, Arturia closed her eyes forevermore..)
    "Are you dreaming now..King Arthur?.. Are you still dreaming the same dream?" (Bedivere was looking his King's body, He promised that tell her life to everyone.)
    (Stolen from Fate/Stay Night Episode 24 - All Distant Is Utopia "Arturia's Last Moment")

    "I'm Saber, your servant. I have come forth your response to your summons.
    My sword will be at your side from here on forward. From now on, whatever fate awaits you, awaits me. Our accord has been instructed."
    (Stolen from Fate/Stay Night Episode 2 - The Fated Night "Summon Servant Saber")

    "So.. Saber, that is your sword?"
    "Yes, this is Caliburn. The sword in the stone that choses kings, lost for all eternity."
    "But it's nothing more an illusion created by that man stading next to you. A legendary sword that will never exist again. I'm impressed. Even the illusion is for mendable. I'm never what have thought a single blow from that blade could defeat me seven times."
    (Stolen from Fate/ Stay Night Episode 16 - The Sword That Brings the Promised Victory "Berserker's Last Moment")

    "I have absolutely no intention of staying here. Instead of I return in the Grail, then I would simple wish to return to my original life."
    "And you're going to redo the selection of the King? Without saving yourself when you were near death.."
    'King Arthur wouldn't know human emotions. How can a king who cannot understand his people's feelings govern them?'
    "It's a king's duty to protect the country. My strength was not equaled that test. At least, a more suitable king must be chosen."
    (Stolen from Fate/Stay Night Episode 19 - The Golden King "When Saber talks to Shirou and remember her original life")

    "It's over King Arthur, your kingdom is doomed. Why? Why did you refuse to pass the throne to me?"
    "For one simple reason. You don't possess the stature to be king." (Before King Arthur killed her homunculus child Mordred)
    "Father.." (When Modred's dying)
    (Stolen from Fate/Stay Night Episode 21 - Separation of Heaven and Earth and the Creation of a Star "At the Camlann Hills, King Arthur (Saber/Arturia) was dueling her homunculus child Mordred)

    "Living only to serve the people, riding into battle without fear of death. That's the kind of King it needs."
    "I am more than prepared to bear that burden. The king is a servant of the people. I will gladly offer this life! In order to save this kingdom!
    (Stolen from Fate/Stay Night Manga Chapter 30 '14 - 17' - Arturia "When Sir Ector speak Arturia and Arturia draw Caliburn from the stone)

    "Looks like the fun ends here, Saber. Because my Noble Phantasm is exceptional people will notice if I use it. But I don't need to worry about that up here. Die, SABER!!" (She was preparing her Noble Phantasm 'a Pegasus')
    " O' mighty wind.. Hear me!"
    "Bellerophone!!" (It is Rider's Noble Phantasm's name)
    "You know Rider, I too find being up this have to be adventages. You see up here, I don't have to worry about scorching the earth with my BLADE! (And she was calling her legendary sword.. Also, she was preparing herself 'means use all of her mana' to call it.)
    "A golden.. sword?!" (Shirou was taken aback.)
    "BEHOLD!! EX.. CALIBUR!!!!" (Then Saber hitted Rider and Rider was killed by Saber's own Noble Phantasm 'or called her legendary sword Excalibur.' *
    (Stolen from Fate/Stay Night Episode 12 - Tearing the Sky "Rider vs Saber" )

    "No matter what the outcome of this battle, Saber will disappear. She'll vanish from this world and return the epoch to which she belongs."
    (Stolen from Fate/Stay Night Episode 23 - Holy Grail "When Saber and Shirou prepared last Holy Grail battle.")

    "Come now Lancer.. If you won't come to me, then I'll come to you."
    "Let me ask you a question first. Your Noble Phantasm.. it's a sword, right?"
    "Maybe or maybe not. And could be an axe or not. Maybe I have something completely different like a bow."
    "Get real, Saber! This is just our first encounter.."
    "Sorry, I always finish what I've started."
    (Stolen from Fate/Stay Night Episode 3 - Raising The Curtain "Saber and Lancer's First Encounter")

    "That utopia the one she saw her dreams.."
    "Its name is AVALON!!!" (Shirou and Saber was screaming at the same time.)
    (Stolen from Fate/Stay Night Episode 24 - All is a Distant Utopia "When Saber and Shirou was about going down")

    "Enuma Elish-"
    "Avalon.. The utopia the king has set to go after he dies. Untouchable even to the five true magi. The ultimate defends that nothing can penetrate. So this is it, this is your real Noble Phantasm. That's the legendary power of the secret sword.. You're truly awaked women. You defeat me right up until the very end but I forgive you. The things you cannot poses most beautiful of all. Farewell, King of Knights."
    (Stolen from Fate/Stay Night Episode 24 - All is a Distant Utopia "Before Gilgamesh disappeared")

    "I will destroy the Holy Grail. Master, give the order. Without your command I cannot destroy it. You'll have to use your last Command Seal."
    "Fulfill your duty."
    (Stolen from Fate/Stay Night Episode 24 - All is a Distant Utopia "When Saber was preparing to destroy Holy Grail")

    "As your sword, I have slained your enemies and protected you every turn. I'm glad I was able to carry out that out."
    "And as my sword. You're amazing."
    (Stolen from Fate/Stay Night Episode 24 - All is a Distant Utopia "When Saber was about returning her original life")
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