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  • you did this right but WhY
    • what did i do?
    • so you admit of guilt huh? very bold of you.. moric is a remnant of chaos, so he got some of that chaotic powers, so beware.
    • i've no idea what you guys are talking about....
    • xd
  • /me hugs
  • Congratz on being in the team for 7 years luxxie <3
  • ❥ LUXX ❥
  • Bwahahahaha >:D *whacks with whale*
  • Hey Luxx from you're profile pic i can say you really enjoyed Christmas ^^
    sorry for my rude comments on that post ummm...... yeah .-.(kinda emmbrasing)
    • Don't worry, rude honestly is a gift many people lack, but i really do appreciate.

      Maybe time to start photoshopping and make myself a new avatar/signature in springtime theme... My current avatar is old, and my sig... I'm actually not sure, do you like it?
    • xd
  • "[i]Ausgezeichnet[/i]" :P
    Sorry, but it was too funny xD

  • Oficially stalking you! :borg:
  • You're my new victim :)

    • [quote='-Cowboy.','index.php?page=UserGuestbook&userID=5403&entryID=289#entry289']You're my new victim :)


      Lekker, ty.
    • xd
  • Aww, really? I'm at school at that time ._.

    [b]It's a male D:'<[/b]
  • Hey, hey Wicky <- or w/e.
    • hi female-pj-wearing cowboy?!?

      btw, Wicky's daily on Nickelodeon around 10am!
  • First entry!

    Lost Prophet saw your birthdate and would like to say "12 more days!" I also tag you so chase me to my personal page and wright in my guest book to tag me back!

    ~Super Friendly~
    Lost Prophet!