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  • Satiric, sarcastic, self-stigmatic. Keep away from me.
  • They dragged me out to multiply my results! Wow!
  • Glory to the Sin'dorei !
    Also they weren't racist or anything.
    They left the Alliance because it was absent during the scourge invasion of Quel'thalas.
    • Lol, it's never a reason if just not explained. Alliance everytime has a reason for her acts... Horde too, but Blizzard dirties it for the ''Fun'' of the ''Game''.
    • Ren'dorei, brotha. Ren'dorei.
  • Life isn't hard, you're a noob.
  • I love when sky is clear, only snowing
  • sir vekkus, what do you think about the really sad and unfortunate news of delox? im very unhappy with it. we lost a great man and it really saddens me :(
    • Why he?
    • It makes me sad too, see you going directly to my forum palace and spreading a message of something I know, for some reason. But why exactly you? Who knows.

      Now Delox is dead, why are you still in the forum? Who knows.

      It hiddens something. :ninja: Who knows what.
    • He died irl ?
    • Who cares? xDDDDD

      It's an idol, the god of NosTale, but not my god or my idol, it's not personal, just different. Maybe a friendly treatment with good humor in this sad epoques, mostly by overpopulation problems.
    • Suprised because I still can enter? Lol

      Seems people looks at icebergs like nothing...
    • a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one
    • Ye, a surprise
    • ;)
  • One die, three resurrections
  • are u ok chaos alt #222?

    dont worry the pain will end soon when the hammer strikes down
    • Your dreams never seen far away from your negative mentality.

      It's surpising to get a hater after that who knows the truth, maybe you're a person with a lot of insecurity who needs to get realization from offending others with that mentality?

      Men, what a loser trying to git gud bro, the pain will end soon at the start of ignoring you, because your self steem is unreal :D
    • I prefer to be a chaos alt better than a noone known by nothing trying to get some presence as a territorial animal in an inactive forum, anyway, thank you, I can create a lot of accounts so it's no problem to carry you out :D
    • But thanks for nothing most and only toxic player of the UK Forum :D
    • Actually just to point out, having multiple forum accounts is not allowed :whistling: So do not do that and if you do for whatever reason let us know ASAP.
    • This aggressiveness from Zhaank , poor Ganda.
  • Pat pat pat pat pat
  • Spain is toxic
  • Spain is different