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  • hey plz ask your e-thot friend to come online and give me likes
  • Your dog is rude, consider getting a cat if he keep telling you to kys.
    • O.O
    • @TheRealDeepStriker wall Apollo entry ! ^^
    • your rude is dog, cat getting a consider
    • i see, well he is lying. dogs aren't rude. and never want their owner to kill themselves. but on the other hand.. cats might actually do that. so dogs > cats
    • I wouldn't be so sure,i know a family which owns a Caucasian shepherd who simply won't let any of them , including his owner touch or pet him, he gets aggressive in a wrong way, looking in his eyes also triggers that, if the owner does it he backs off silently. From a distance tho he looks happy and seems social but he really isn't . I don't even why they still keep him, they didn't abuse him, they also raised him but still acts like this, i wouldn't want a dog like that for sure...
      Anyways glad your cat is getting a consider ! ^^
  • t1alphamale
  • I'm gonna be your 420th.
  • Cute.