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  • You didn't failed to meet my expectations as a new CM.
    I must say Congratulations !
    So far you are my fave CM we ever had on our forum !
  • What happened to last CM :stick:

    ''And i will leave a song for our new coma <3 hope u like it;''

    you play with fire boy/girl
    • Lady moved on to new tasks :)
  • Hello Aureli!
    Enjoy your stay in the EN forums :D
  • Guten Tag und Viel Glück, frau ^^
  • Where are u from? And i saw in your introduction post that u learnt chinese. Soo ure asian? :O
  • Our coma has changed?
  • (just saying, i take full credit for aureil becoming our new official cm.​'re welcome everyone)

    congratulations on becoming a CM, we're expecting great things to come for you.

    alexa, play congratulations by pewdiepie
  • *Hugs*
  • Welcome Aureli! Hope you will bring fresh and new air to our community :3
  • Chinese huh.
    It's actually Mandarin.. Or well, Cantonese.
    Which one did you actually study?
    • I studied mandarin, but the course of studies was named "Chinastudien" which roughly translates to Chinese Studies / China Studies :D (same for "Scandinavian Studies")
    • I know, I'm just messing.
      Mandarin is so hard though, I always preferred Cantonese but that's just me.

      Also welcome o/
    • Thank you :)
  • Welcome Aureli
  • Aureliiii hellow <3 !
    • You are late to the party raco
    • that's fine, i have some yummy swiss chocolate and milk for aureli!
    • Yay! <3 Bring it to the party please!
    • I will (the chocolate not the milk xD)
  • Please wear grasses else you're not welcome here.
    • Don't mind him, he escaped from the dungeon we had him locked up.
    • Honestly, I am just wondering what "grasses" are supposed to be. Like.. grass in your garden? :D
    • Glasses Aureli,glasses on your prof pic !
    • Be sure to subscribe to Weed Striker while you're at it!

      Basically, the singer has a bad pronunciation so instead of "glasses" it's "grasses".

      Say -- Will you put your grasses on?
    • Is that a thing here? Well give me a few minutes!
  • Aureli~!!!!!❤
  • ah newbie <3