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  • this is so sad. best CM of the history is gone.

    only the good die young, all the evil seem to live forever.

    i knew this was coming, chaos has warned all of us but to no avail. people just wouldn't listen, and it was already too late.. the power of petition has finally run dry, and so operation Armageddon (aka operation Doomsday) has taken the next step. all the piece have come together for that operation now, the end is nigh my friends. brace yourselves in 2020 fellas, because that will be THE END.

  • hi, sorry to ask but are the servers going up anytime soon?
    • yes. soon tm
  • This week there will be no maintenance?
    • Hi sorry for the late reply, there was a public holiday in Germany yesterday .. No there was (and will not be) a maintenance this week. :)
    • Thanks :)
  • You didn't failed to meet my expectations as a new CM.
    I must say Congratulations !
    So far you are my fave CM we ever had on our forum !
    • you're welcome.
  • What happened to last CM :stick:

    ''And i will leave a song for our new coma <3 hope u like it;''

    you play with fire boy/girl
    • Lady moved on to new tasks :)
  • Hello Aureli!
    Enjoy your stay in the EN forums :D
  • Guten Tag und Viel Glück, frau ^^
  • Where are u from? And i saw in your introduction post that u learnt chinese. Soo ure asian? :O
  • Our coma has changed?
  • (just saying, i take full credit for aureil becoming our new official cm.​'re welcome everyone)

    congratulations on becoming a CM, we're expecting great things to come for you.

    alexa, play congratulations by pewdiepie
  • *Hugs*
  • Welcome Aureli! Hope you will bring fresh and new air to our community :3
  • Chinese huh.
    It's actually Mandarin.. Or well, Cantonese.
    Which one did you actually study?
    • I studied mandarin, but the course of studies was named "Chinastudien" which roughly translates to Chinese Studies / China Studies :D (same for "Scandinavian Studies")
    • I know, I'm just messing.
      Mandarin is so hard though, I always preferred Cantonese but that's just me.

      Also welcome o/
    • Thank you :)
  • Welcome Aureli
  • Aureliiii hellow <3 !
    • You are late to the party raco
    • that's fine, i have some yummy swiss chocolate and milk for aureli!
    • Yay! <3 Bring it to the party please!
    • I will (the chocolate not the milk xD)
  • Please wear grasses else you're not welcome here.
    • Don't mind him, he escaped from the dungeon we had him locked up.
    • Honestly, I am just wondering what "grasses" are supposed to be. Like.. grass in your garden? :D
    • Glasses Aureli,glasses on your prof pic !
    • Be sure to subscribe to Weed Striker while you're at it!

      Basically, the singer has a bad pronunciation so instead of "glasses" it's "grasses".

      Say -- Will you put your grasses on?
    • Is that a thing here? Well give me a few minutes!
  • Aureli~!!!!!❤
  • ah newbie <3