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  • i haven't been able to keep up with all the crazy things that was going on with you lately so i only knew about it yesterday. anyway, i'm glad that you're back :)
  • ur like.. following every gm/mod (or ex ones) except cherish and raco. is that a statement that they are not worthy of your presence?
    • I followed randomly staff people when I started my account. Maybe they weren't here yet. To be honest I don't know the members of the team xD
    • so basically what you're saying is that they irrelevant LUL
    • What I'm saying is that since this week (that I'm trying to make this forum more active) I entered to the forum only to make a post when I reached the 1st 99 in US Cylloan. Moreover, I left the game for a long time and came back recently. So I only know a few members of the Team. On the other hand, i'm full PvE player so I don't need to talk with staff except if some1 try to troll me while I'm mobbing xD
    • so what you're saying is, you dont need to talk to staff because they are not important at all LUL (this is all jokes btw so dw about it. no need to take me seriously lol, im just poking fun at our lovely gms)