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  • ur a little late on the pony trend
    • this is truly a feelsbadman
    • naaa ths is a old set i've alreadys used on DE Board a long time ago - i just feel sick of the black-grey one i used before and i needet some color <3 XD
    • Pony Trend though.
      I think we need the Pony Trend again right Gandalof?
    • hold your horses (literally). need to meme something else for now. i think u know what it is
  • It's a Poro!
    • It iiiiis ♡
    • Feed it with poro snacks till it explodes ! (ARAM joke).
    • Nuuuuu ;-; don't do that! I don't wanna explode >. <
    • Anyone got some Poro snacks?
    • but... little poros :<
  • Is that Chara in your avatar? If so, could you tell me where you got it from? Thankuuu
    • idk this Charakter, a friend made this Set for me ._. Sry Q.Q
    • Okay, where can I get a friend like that then?
  • Oh I can mark this one as mine since I'm first! o: