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  • hey, hope you get well soon :)

    after some reflecting i might've said few things out of line considering your condition (if you didn't read it, don't worry about. it's nothing bad imo anyway) but i want to apologize anyways, so here's my apology. i'm sorry. and i hope for your fast recovery from whatever this infection is (it actually sounds scary too x.x)
  • xd
  • No one will ever know what was written here.
  • I need help! I stayed up for a long time grinding my SP3 quest and just when I finished the last quest and was about to receive my SP, and I CLICKED CANCEL! I WANT TO KILL MYSELF! IS THERE ANY WAY TO REVERT THE QUEST PLEASE I DONT WANNA GO THROUGH THAT HELL AGAIN ;(
  • Hello Kitcalie :D
    [s]Make me a crown, I'll be the queen of spam soon <3![/s]
    I like your avatar ^^
  • Hello kitty :D