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  • hi. you already know everything but i'm just putting this on the record. i had nothing to do with it, it was all morgoth's doing. he forced me to do it. i'm innocent. pls dun punish me.

    • Wth? you little snitch.
    • shhh it's not snitching. it's what's keeping you safe. dw about it and let's get back to business
    • Lelouch!
  • That profile picture is Chaosbringer fanservice
  • Sad pusheen is so cute !
  • Nobody will know what was here before ...
  • Hi Bittersweet, I have found you in conversation:D
  • <3
  • rip
  • my nostale account in Us server USTMECHDOG has just accidentially sell the 5s shining divine glove to a npc (malcolm mix). May I get it back please? I just got it today :( Sorry for causing your inconvenience. I really hope that I can get the equippment back :((
    • Please submit a ticket in such cases by clicking on Support in the menu above. There you to register a support account which is separate from your game account and write a game ticket.
  • hello bittersweet
  • Sry i want to report one player because he lied ...
  • Will you ever do another live quiz?
    • There will be further events sooner or later, but I don't know yet what kind of events
  • I need help! I stayed up for a long time grinding my SP3 quest and just when I finished the last quest and was about to receive my SP, and I CLICKED CANCEL! I WANT TO KILL MYSELF! IS THERE ANY WAY TO REVERT THE QUEST PLEASE I DONT WANNA GO THROUGH THAT HELL AGAIN ;(
  • hi i have a problem i do a mision kovolt general strike and i do what is tell me but wen i kill toxic danter and tell me to colect danter seed and i colect but dont put to misoin and i need 15 and i have 1/15 and dont put more danter seed what i colect to misoin pls help me i kent do noting ... mi id game is buje20 pls hellpp meee
  • Hello i'm having this random DC problem ever since the latest patch or recently come on and my country is at Malaysia and it's not only me that having this problem. Even my friend in same country also having this problem. Can you please find a solution?
  • please help me i just got scammed for my gladiator bushi i have screenshots but i dont know where to find them he had two accounts so he is running something that allowed him to have 2 accs on at once he said its called sandbox or something i dont know please help me i will send screenshots but i dont no how his 2 acc names are Red-Viper and Allexander please ban him or get my bushi back
  • Nach meiner Erfahrung sind die Diskussionen und Sharings in Foren <a href="">deitulch</a> qualifizierter als im social media. Ganz zu schweigen von der dcbersichtlichkeit.Leider finde ich in meinem Hauptarbeitsreich leider kaum gute Foren zu CoachingCoaching, Training, WeiterbildungWenn da mal einer nen Tipp hat, we4re nice.Auch die Forensuchmaschine hilft da nicht weiter, zumal die eh etwas nichtssagend ist.
  • ok 3 class are :1. Dancer like buffer in L2 with nice intteomrnsal wepon2. Gunner if u check out B&S u will see same class there. he use 2 pistols or one shotgun3. Kamel -Will be like L2 cuz i saw small trailer with him , he suck souls from falle enemy and rise wings/balaur stuff and make power blast (wep maby GS sword and blunt)all of my prodiction ar on base of what i saw in clips and what NC soft do in new 3 games in last 1 eyar *(B&S ,Lineage 2 ,Aion) [url=]niakuqxnu[/url] [link=]jtubpbgd[/link]
  • Bonjour,Meame si l'ide9e n'est pas mauvaise, je pense avoir re9pondu en<a href=""> gnrdae</a> partie e0 cette suggestion, voir ci-dessus.Surtout que nous n'avons malheureusement plus la joie d'avoir plusieurs admins Ce qui nous permet pas de faire des folies J'espe8re que la situation s'ame9liorera et que nous pourrons de nouveau vous pre9senter plus de nouveaute9s
  • I do think we should give Tera more of a try than just 3 motnhs. Most MMO's just don't build in the first few motnhs. And the content is not what I think they lack most. I still believe that it is just too easy to play, with a much too steep curve on the crafting/enchanting. The balance is just a bit off. Although I would be interested in your findings of GW2. So leave a comment on what you think about that game. 0 likes
  • i like to ask you about a concern i have about a super game master that works with nostale both maturely
  • [font='Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif'][size=12]my account has been hack by ppl [/size][/font]
    [font='Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif'][size=12]its profile name is jiunan a swordsman lvl 39[/size][/font]
    [font='Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif'][size=12]its has a santa bushtail EX and young rudolph bushtail[/size][/font]
    [font='Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif'][size=12]plz help me [/size][/font]
    [font='Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif'][size=12]i you find it plz send to my email address[/size][/font]
    [font='Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif'][size=12][/size][/font] :))
  • Bist du nicht [GM]~Bittersweet~ vom deutschen NosTale? oô
  • ich war auch hier! :cookie: :lol:
  • :thumbup:

    HI bittersweet i was told to message you to unbanned my account (KisssMyDagger) my brother scammed a cc on his account we used the same ip but i didint do anything i told my brother to give back the cc and then from my account i gave 10million gold for the dammage my brother has done so unbanned KisssMyDagger and keep my brother accounts banned
  • [url='']Bittersweet Romance[/url] :3
  • [quote='TerraLuna','index.php?page=UserGuestbook&userID=17911&entryID=23#entry23']Ich auch! <3[/quote]

    Hmmmm... Ich auch? :'o
  • [color=#9999ff][size=8]Now I was here :3 ![/size][/color]
  • Kuroshitsuji ftw :O hi 5!
  • Hello,

    My son just had a card carrier stolen from him about 30 minutes ago by the character named Edzis-Lv at the spawn point on Mount Krem.

    It took him along time to make and save the gold for it.It is unfair that the person get away with it.

    Please do something about it.

    Thank You
  • Hi my account was stolen idk how i woke up this morning and i couldnt get on. My account is [color=#ff00ff]**censored**[/color] i went to my email and it said that some1 had change the contact email address. i made another account to see if some1 was using my account and yes they were they had set up shop in market place under the name NoTe OfFeRs and sellin my stuff. On my account i had a lvl 76 sword name kuroryuuji and in HistugayaSaint Fam with a war+8 Blade+5 sader+5 zerk+5 and jaja+5 Also on the account is a lv 21 archer named Kyudo with a +5 ranger, and another archer lvl 22 named NasaNoYouchi. the name on my other account is dougrich with character name kuro**** i would be happy if u just banned the account so he does have a free ride on my hard work and time i spent on it. i have witness to the theft u can ask Izaac, LeoSlash, PrincessYuna, ThuThu.