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    could i just bump this post with a small update, gameforge have progressed from copyright striking nostale videos, to now copyright striking videos of games that are hosted by different companys such as ms2 videos, so could gameforge stop trying force down youtube ch's

    only reason the youtube copyright strikes has been brought up is, gameforge are doing themselves damage, by the strikes on videos affecting youtube ch's, these videos help promote the game to ppl who have not played it before, and to encourage ppl to play and try new things based on what videos show case, its free advertisement for gameforge, of which we dont make money from, but are now having are ch's affected by

    As far as I know the only youtubers that got strikes were the ones who had Nostale videos about non official servers.

    i had all mine from uk striked by gameforge, but just to add for any other youtubers, any strikes gameforge make, youtube is overturning as you can prove nostale is not propperty of gameforge, so it means gameforge are making false claims

    just to add a few things, to get lv99 has been made so simplified now, as to what it use to be before all the extra xp options, and leveling areas, you can make lv99 in 2days , making sp's +15 is easy on servers when they are populated and active due to ingame price of nosmall being low making scrolls highly affordable.

    Gameforge once asked for content creators..... they didnt mention tho how they have spam reported/copyright striked most ppl who have made videos of nostale in that same time, so thats 1 issue why the game is not promoted well, gameforge have set themselves back, maybe coma can shed some light on why gameforge spammed copyright strikes on content creators

    i am litteraly a promotion for nostale.The sec i post the fighting talk begins, so many videos linked to my chat name, gameforge should record arena drama themselves and post, ppl would join game to watch it happen themselves and be a part of it

    currently I am missing top 10 titles, and for top in class, the titles are not event exclusive to new server, its what gameforge are usign them for, so will I along with others who was 1st in top10 get our titles on original servers?

    so effectively the titles will not be used for what they are actually for? and gameforge wil not be implementing them on current servers, and will simply use title system as another money grab exercise

    titles such as hercules are for top10 rank players in level,which should be acive on all servers, also title for top5 of each class is still locked, from going through game data files, all these are still locked for unknown reasons, these titles are not 1's set out for new servers

    their is actually 4 titles which are for top10 on server, which are not part of server opening, which give 5 sp points per stat

    quick 1 basically, when will all titles be active? like thoose of us in top 10 and top 10 of class not having any for that, pvp titles not given out yet, raid titles not given out yet, many ppl like their char to be a bit unique, includign with titles, currently all got same titles.....

    going to make this brief, if gameforge want to know what is "ruining" the game simply ask players why they have stopped playing and work on feedback provided by that, as many who are posting on here are still playing, work out why ppl have stopped playing and then make a solution.
    To me this thread is basically gripes/suggestions by ppl who still play and alot of the alt chat appears to be and summing it up, they make more gold than me, make this balanced so i also make just as much

    2) On Lady Sky's post in first page it is mentioned that Entwell plans to focus more on our version now (Whatever that may mean I guess).

    by this they mean, is
    SE was nos v2, the content they make now will be more towards this version, SE was nearly a diff game entirely, most content we recieved was changed drastically to suit this version (equips,res,mobs,progression), it would also seem we are recieving some SE content such as on the patch we recieved on the 28/11/18 we got - A new Miniland item production window will be added to NPC Slugg. this has been on SE since its start