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    Hello Rototom, you can delete these items. Note that if you want to help someone someday, some of them are buyable at Malcolm Mix (you can't buy it to complete the quests, but you need the ambers to teleport in the maze for example).

    Sakura's headband is used to start the quest series to obtain Sakura's partner, so it's up to you.

    Thank you for your feedback, no problem!

    1. Concerning the screens, I was contacted for the house area, it was not really mandatory, a screen like the one where you can see the mini game part was also accepted.

    The screenshot on which we see a large black rectangle is due to the anonymization of the screenshot, indeed, the person had not hidden his nickname and the team members who could vote did not have to know the characters to avoid any favouritism, the screenshot has therefore been retouched by Morgoth and this is the one I shared in the results post (because I don't own the originals).

    2. I understand the remark concerning the announcement of the winners, it's the first event that I organize, so I take all the good ideas for the future! (I'm kinda minimalistic)

    3. Concerning the "Short funny description" part, we have indeed truncated this part due to the lack of proposals on this side.

    4. Again, indeed, the idea is good and I note for future (possible) events. The post cannot be edited but I appreciate this very constructive feedback, thank you for your time!

    Hello everyone!

    Thank you for your participation in our event, discover the winners without further delay.

    Note that the merger does not affect the number of winners, so we will have two first, two second and two third.

    International-1 :

    1st: Fixplean



    2nd: MaayWasTaken



    3rd: Xetto



    International-2 :

    1st: astragor



    2nd: Ahita



    3rd: Katharina



    Regarding the first and second, you will soon be contacted in game by note to choose the nosmate of your choice. Simply reply to the note with the nosmate from the list quoted in the original post HERE.

    Reward will then be distributed later.

    Have fun playing!

    The use of third-party software is strictly prohibited.

    As stated in the game rules:

    • §5 Cheating
      • Manipulating the NosTale Game Client in any way is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban of your account.
      • The use/distribution of any software for NosTale that is not created by Gameforge / Gameforge4D or released by Gameforge / Gameforge4D will result in a permanent ban of your account.
      • Using bots, keyboard simulators or any third party programs are also forbidden and will result in a permanent ban of your account. Using any program/script that plays the game in any automatic configuration while you are away from the computer is prohibited and will result in a permanent account ban.

    Welcome to Master Miniland!

    Do you feel like an interior designer?

    Share your talent with us and try to win an exclusive reward!

    We know it's summer but take the opportunity to prepare your Christmas holidays by participating in our event and win a winter house and other great prizes!

    How to participate?

    • Send screenshots of your miniland by email to by following these instructions:
      • 2 Screenshots per player (1 for the main zone, 1 for the house zone) + 1 screenshot without CTRL+Z
        so we can confirm it’s your miniland
      • Please hide the names of your pets / partners, to make the rest of the operations easier (see the
        vote system below): key V on your keyboard.
      • Specify these information:
        • Character name
        • Server
        • Short (funny) description of your miniland
      • If you change your nickname, reply to your first email with your new nickname.


    • This event takes place on the International 1 and 2 servers. The rewards can only be given to the registered character.
    • The rules of the Game and T&C will be applied at all times.
    • Screenshots must not be edited, modified, cut in any way whatsoever, the miniland must be yours, in case of
      doubt, a verification will be made by a team member.
    • 1 entry only per player and per server.

    Registrations are open until July 31, 2022

    You cannot modify your proposal, so be sure before sending your creation!

    The game team reserves the right to disqualify any player suspected of breaking any rules.

    Once registrations are complete, the Nostale team will vote and announce the winners for each server.
    The results will be announced on August 22, 2022.


    • Team members will vote for the most beautiful minilands.
    • The team members will not know the names of the participants, the screenshots will be anonymized to
      avoid any bias in the votes (that’s why you have to hide your pets / partners names)
    • Each member of the team will have 3 points to distribute among all the candidates, with a limit of 2 points
      for a single participant. Example: he can give 1 point to 3 different participants, or 2 points to one participant
      and 1 point to another, he cannot give 3 points to the same player.


    • 1st prize: Artist Title + 1 pet from the list below + 1 Tree House
    • 2nd prize: Artist Title + 1 pet from the list below
    • 3rd prize: Artist Title