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    Hello Q-Arch . I moved your thread and renamed it due to the fact that it ended up becoming a feedback thread about the upcoming patch :)

    Dear Lord I seem to have missed this! You have my apologies, Pinkamena.

    Well, I have not kept up with the lore at all for months now really, so I don't know if any of the stuff I'm going to say has happened or not.

    Sylvanas 7D Chess and new possible Warchief if I had to guess..

    That is really sad! I myself have not started playing it yet too though.. I was hoping I could get into it a few days after launch but unfortunately I had gotten rather busy with life!

    I hope you would be able to find some other people to play with!

    Besides this, how have you been?


    There are some people that start doing Champion EXP leveling as soon as they hit 88, but often times they have multiple characters that they can use to buff themselves which makes the content easier.

    Most people though, usually start after they hit level 93 and got a few decent equipment. You can farm either Act 6.1 (The Demon side) or 6.2 (Ancelloan's Will 3) ; the main difference is that 6.1 yields more experience but at the same time it also requires you to use up more consumables (health pots and pet / partner dolls, specifically), while 6.2 is slower but much much safer.

    As for specialists, for 6.1 the Archmage is commonly used, and for 6.2 it's either Tide lord or the Ice Mage.

    This is a nice video which should help you out though! :)