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    That's perfect for me. Since leveling up in NosTale is very boring. So I can save 50 hours better, and as said, you have to prepare for the new act.

    After all, the other events are not so good either.

    The best are the optimization of SP and equipment.

    If you really knew how optimization works, it would be nothing, and for me the others are important because I am already high level and I should not forget that we are here

    To that I come to refer we have already 2 x2 xp in a row could add another type of events for players who already have a good level of hero

    I personally don't find anything wrong with how often these events come into rotation, if you want to suffer grinding so much then you can train when double exp event ends and everyone is happy.

    I do not say that bothers me, I mean that if we already had so many x2 xp we could put other things like the double fall already mentioned that was the one that was affected

    The double experience event was something special because nostale only add 3 times a year or at most 4 for some error we now put 99 x2 experience and it is your way of fixing everything when you can add many other fun events.

    My question is simple because to extend a x2 forced when you added one 2 weeks ago and then extend it in order to add a double drop that is the one that you really ruined or a double gold that is more passable

    Me refiero a que podemos hacer una arena falsa donde nos hacemos cosplay y nos lanzamos juguetes.

    O podemos hacer un verdadero escenario en la vida real con pistolas irl para destructores / artilleros oscuros / cazadores de demonios, con arcos irl y arcos x para guardabosques / cruzados / exploradores, lanzas reales y espadas para monjes / guerreros, etc.

    El único problema será, ¿qué pasa con los magos?

    Pero si hacemos esto, todo el mundo sabrá sobre Nostale de la BBC, Sky News, etc. : pulgar arriba:

    dg gun op

    well forget about if they know how to speak english or not. can we all agree that generally speaking, a person prefers their native language over secondary languages.

    so there might be people who wanted to have fresh start but didn't join US server because they dont like speaking in english (even though they are capable), or didn't like to have a different community.. stuff like that.

    and regardless of whether they are majority or minority, some people of those regions indeed do not speak english, so the point is still valid imo.

    But all these servers had a new server and they didn't work and they had to merge it with the others, what makes GF think this will work?

    I wouldnt make such statement.

    Especially for french and spaniards players.

    Its like it is written in their constitution to speak only their native language,lul.

    This is really true I am from Spain and almost nobody speaks English or because he does not want or because he does not know (which is the great majority) and recently I was in France and the same thing happened