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    I don't think entwell will bring such a retroactive update, why would they do that honestly?

    Most of the players has already reached the max level. If someone just started the game, she/he can do lod as we all did.

    I agree with your thoughts and wish this happened long before time, not anymore.

    Btw, she/he will get enough experience from levelling, there is 159 level waiting to be reach lol

    I'm sorry to say that I feel like game doesn't want me to play. If we look at the general age group of the game most age group +20 years old. This means everyone has a life where they have priority and responsibilities. But if you are someone who really enjoys improving in this game and goaling for success, you have to sacrifice a lot of your life. As if this wasn't enough You have to follow a lot of screen momentarily like an office worker and I won't even tell you how stressful this is.

    People who have less priorities and responsibilities in their life than others they are clearly growing faster and can achieve the success they want.

    Note :  I have no right to comment on anyone's life, everyone can spend time in the game as they want

    Note 2: To be top-up player a different situation from the subject

    The reason that the majority of my posts are negative is not because I am a pessimist. If you want something to improve, you have to approach it objectively and I'm doing this.

    To be honestly, I was always a person that against to private servers because it's untrustable, has no right to publish, not official and more but these days I'm thinking different. You don't need to spend too much time on private servers because you do not need to use alts. so I can give some time to play to have fun in my tiring and busy life.

    5. SP4: Demon Warrior

    - the undeniably best Martial Artist's SP, the only thing I would add is that its basic attack (Claw Strike) should have AoE (For example, Enemy in 0 cell) instead of single target (Draconic Fist's claw attacks are also AoE) just think there should be consistent claw attacks in general

    I don't think sp4 needs basic AoE because all skill cooldowns is already short and you can spam it like forever.

    This class has existed for 3 years and still has many shortcomings, I don't think such matters make any sense for the company. If so, what were they thinking for 3 years?

    Defense of admins on this issue is; "Nostale started a lot of years ago and Entwell is a very very small company"

    so, I think it's ridiculous and unnecessary to try to claim your right because it doesn't help anything and won't solve. Try to accept it :thumbup:

    You need a lot of nosmall items to develop tattoos and I don't think the company will take a step to reduce its own income but yeah, I agree with you.

    Is it really whenever you do that or it's one particular case that isn't even clear without the context and happened 1,5 months ago? :altn:

    If you are curious, you can check it yourself, the messages remain in channel ( I think It was us-server )

    My gut tells me that; Whenever I want to raise a complaint for the game to improve, teamlers gets me wrong as if I had nothing to do better than deal with them


    my gut tells me that is the only thing GMs are supposed to do in forum aside from giving occasional advice... not like they are board moderators

    my gut tells me that here is a board of a game and board moderators can not deal with game threads. Nobody expects them to do moderator's job anyway

    Hello, I want to touch on a subject about the use of alt accounts. As we all know, this usage is completely free but I think this definition of freedom is a bit wrong.

    As we all know in the Frozen Crown we can't recognize our enemies and that's what makes it special but if some people thinking that they are very smart and if they get their accounts on both sides using their alt accounts, There is no point in keeping our identity secret. Also, what are the benefits of having accounts on both sides?

    I don't think it's anything but spying and my suggestion is; Having accounts on both sides should be forbidden