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    DAMN, Morgoth keeps getting more and more power :/

    That does not look good :/

    FINALLY! someone who understands

    p.s: our names now seem to be green. looks like operation code: doomsday has been already set into motion.

    we the players are often left in the air when we make a suggestion, ''like thx for the feedback,bye'' and that's it

    in most cases, we dont even get that lol

    but yeah, i agree with everything else you said. made thread about it long time ago and pretty sure said the same thing in several posts. (and of course it didn't amount to anything cus u know.. they don't really care about us)

    As far as I can remember (Morgoth will probably correct me, given how long he's been part of the team for!), the most highly participated events have been the ones with the rarest prizes.

    which supports what i just said. better reward = more perceived "fun" = more participants

    But the reward is something that we have limited control over. We cannot give away whatever we wish.

    yeah, that's a major issue here.

    If players are only willing to participate if the event gives away rare prizes, it can't really be complained if events are hosted rarely too.

    Again: an event needs participants. No participants? No event

    that's not entirely true. pinky brought up the point in another thread of building an audience with more consistent event hosting rather than expecting to have big crowd right away and just giving up completely when it doesn't go as envisioned.

    I applied to become a GM fully aware of the time I would need to dedicate to the role. It was my choice to apply and I haven't once regretted it. Unfortunately though, whilst I dislike reminding people, it is sometimes necessary to point out voluntary circumstances of the role. Player expectations are rightly high, but can sometimes be unrealistic; the expectation to receive instant responses to tickets, for example, or for GMs to be able 'to do or fix anything'.

    In the case of events, despite our past attempts, events which were very successful in other NosTale communities were poorly received here, with few to no entries. Changes we may make to please one group of players, will lose the interest of another group; It can often be a no-win situation, unless the prizes are something exceptionally rare, which undermines the point of the event. In that case, players are competing for the prize only, not just for the sake of enjoying the event.

    Ultimately, completing our base GM roles to the best of our abilities are our priority

    all of this is fine and dandy for a gm to say. but i don't understand why you -a fellow player- saying all of that

    unless the prizes are something exceptionally rare, which undermines the point of the event. In that case, players are competing for the prize only, not just for the sake of enjoying the event.

    that's debatable. i mean there is a whole lot of psychology involved in this. but a big part of enjoying a "fun" activity is the "reward" you get from it. eating is a "fun" activity in a lot of situations for many reasons, and often not because of the act of eating itself. one reason is for example you body rewarding you for eating by releasing some dopamine which is what makes you "feel good" rather than the consumed food itself. other times it is because you get to socialise and spend some time with people you love (friends and family) so you're enjoying that part of eating a meal rather than the act of consuming food itself.

    tl;dr: a reward is an integral part of the fun and cannot be separated.

    Well sometimes it is needed as people actually forget that part quite often (I don't mean you, just people in general)

    it's mostly people not knowing rather than forgetting. i think it's pretty normal to assume someone is being compensated for their time and skill (a.k.a get paid). i was like "really? so why do they even bother doing it?" when i first learned it was voluntarily, i mean.. it isn't like other voluntary work where it's for a good cause like charity or community service. so it really boggled my mind.

    but don't worry, i know the answer now.

    there is no such thing as "took pity" she is part of the EN team you cannot remove her from that.

    If you volunteer for 2 teams that means you can support both of them equally.


    2. Planning and organising feasible events can take time and, as Morgoth already said, isn't currently included as a part of the GMs roles.

    Remember: the team are completing their roles voluntarily alongside their work and day-to-day tasks. As such, general GM support will take priority over organising events which may (as shown with a number of past events, including the PvP event) garner no entries/participants and never come to fruition.

    so.. are you saying that organising that particular event was part of her obligations as a gm on en? but.. that doesn't seem to be the case right? so.. what is it?

    let me tell you, she made a big and a great event despite being busy with so many other duties. a truly marvelous role model that every team member of any nostale community should strive to be.

    If you are active in one and inactive in the other then you are not gonna stay much in the one you are inactive on.


    It is not within her responsibilities for EN to do anything forum related though, that doesn't mean she isn't active here on her duties we expect of her.

    that's what im saying, even though she wasn't required to.. she still did it.

    and also, i'm not saying she isn't doing her duties as an en gm. what im saying is that is more involved with es community than en one, and that's just a fact. and that is completely fine as i explained in my previous post.

    Remember: the team are completing their roles voluntarily

    gms are like the atheist vegans of nostale, they have a compulsive disorder of reminding you of reminding everyone they're doing voluntarily work at every chance they get.

    you're not even a gm cherish, you're a fellow player. so idk what you on about anyway

    There is no such thing as "mainly" involved, she is a part of EN team. Being also part of ORG team doesn't mean anything.

    ah yes, when you have 2 different activities you can't be mainly focused on either one.. there is no such thing after all! you can't be mainly a league of legends player who plays nostale a little bit from time to time, no! if you engage in 2 things your time must be and always is equally distributed between them!

    yeah.. no. she is clearly more active in ES community than on this one. which is completely fine.. not just "fine" actually, it's fantastic that with all the amount of work she does there.. she still organised a big event on here too. makes you wonder what's everyone else doing. oh, i know! they're too busy abusing their powers.

    Need I say more? Organised events like those you listed need players to take part. No players interested? No event.

    or maybe, just maybe.. no one was interested because it was terribly organised? not gonna go into details as to why, but if you want me to i'll be happy to rip a new one.

    Steffie had the explorer challenge event bout a year ago

    so.. is that all you could come up with? steffie who's mainly involved in spanish community (and doing great work there btw) took pity on the horrible state EN servers are in so she did something cus no one else would. and what about before and after that? nothing? if i were you, i wouldn't have brought this up.. this just shows how lacking EN team is and another example of EN being discriminated against.

    Not a GM's job normally. That's why we have the forum team. (If you mean on the forum part anyway but considering we do not really chit chat in game there is no other place you could mean)

    i love the level of confidence that makes you go like "there is no other place you could mean". he never even mentioned anything about forum mods lmao. but hey, i'll leave it up to him to clarify his point if he wants to.

    Forum Features: This is a topic that can always be discussed (like with the added event times drop down menu). Which features are you missing exactly, that you have seen in other communities?

    yeah, about that.. we've already did that many and many times again and again. it can always be discussed but it can never lead to an actual change being made.


    let's talk about the forum rules

    The flaws of forum WBB5 "upgrade"

    and those are just the thread that i made, feel free to read them if you can be bothered with that.

    If you have an idea and would like to organize an event yourself, you can also always contact the team or me and we can discuss, if we can support you on that with rewards/ setting that up!

    interesting. depending on how much freedom i'll be getting, i'm willing to take up on that offer. i could show you how to properly organise an event. (although i doubt i will be given enough freedom, im still open to see if that's the case or not).

    so.. who do i exactly contact to go about this? you directly or someone from the team?

    I'm not sure I'd agree with the raids themselves changing. Change them too much and it won't be 'nostalgia' - just a new raid.

    disregarding all the fluff text i wrote, the idea is to essentially just scale stats of the monsters to make it a late-game raid. nothing else would change.

    recycling older raids/dungeons/monsters/whatever is actually pretty common in many other mmos. maybe if nostale did that too we'd have "new" content at a more frequent rate than once per 6 years.

    The time that they take to complete isn't too long. Spider/Slade raids, in particular, can often take far longer than they actually need to, only because they're so rarely hosted that they're somewhat 'unknown' to many players.

    sure, but even with the most optimal way to clear them.. slade especially still take too long to bother. usually family raid runs for fxp go from cuby to dc or spider. no one ever touches slade for a good reason. that (fxp farm) and valhalla quest is the only reason anyone does those raids at all. so i don't think it would be a bad idea to bring em back instead of having them being obsolete.

    As far as i know you don't need 92 weapon to craft any of 95 weapons.

    that is correct.

    i think what op is trying to say is that MA 92 weapons are not readily available because uk was ded before MA was a thing, so now they can't get those weapons because no one sells them and no one does greni anymore. so they want MA have the same system as other classes where u craft c25 with 95 weapon, because (i assume) mats for making 95 wep are available.

    this just my interpretation, it could be wrong.

    There is no conspiracy or discrimination is what I'm trying to say, they don't have a reason to add 2 more channels in general.

    there is very clear discrimination case against EN and few others (like TR for example) and it's not because of numbers of channels. this is just one of a many long list. and if you think there isn't any discrimination or special treatments towards certain communities then you're just ignorant. it is real, it's happening and always has been for a long time, it's not a conspiracy.

    Sure, then in the future when it's needed they just add them/work on it.

    not now, and not in future will we ever get extra channels anyway. and you can quote me on that. not unless we fight to stop this clear discrimination.

    and also as i said, it it's requested when it would be needed.. by the time they could implement it (ignore the fact they would not want to), it would be too late and the game is already dead.