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    With alts so widespread across all servers now, its gonna be hard to implement, especially if they gonna suddenly say "oh it was allowed, but now its ban-able" If that is going to be the case, then there might be a lot of bans, because there will be people who are aware coming back NosTale all the time and breaking the rules unsuspectingly. Can they really efficiently implement that rule anytime soon across all server? Honestly, i doubt so. They would have to go through a lot of trouble to review case by case to ban someone because they messed up. Also, its just something ridiculous to do. Contradicting themselves by saying its allowed because ...... and now they say its not allowed because of ..... its just silly in my point of view (they already made a big decision, by allowing other servers to multi too, so its kind of "no turning back" if you know what i mean) it would only show how incompetent they are in defining their line of "Gameplay Fairness". I don't ever think gameforge always make good decisions, but they do care about making decisions that is "fair" just that we may not agree to it sometimes, so i highly doubt they will make this huge move that will make a complete fool of themselves.

    Well, if nostale is a active game, i would not say the same thing. But you gotta keep in mind nostale is population isnt even big enough. That's why I don't mind much about the current alt situation. And nope I don't think it will help nostale to be more active with alts reduced. Population would still be the same. Your idea would be probably to force people to come together and work hard together therefore having more things to do. However, I think that It may seem like its possible, but i feel once its implemented, people would just quit/ become inactive on playing the content. (They have already farmed it so easily for so long, why would they suddenly spend x20 more effort now on the same content? More likely they would say "Ok, the good time has ended, time to afk all day".

    I think it would be more logical if its implemented from the start of the server.

    Actually right now, besides people "abusing" alts doing tons of SPs raids / putting em in IC to get rewards/ farming rep in FC, I don't really see other content that got affected badly by mass amount of alts? Personally, I dont't see any big problem.

    If it is about RCB, AoT, minigame raids (really? I dont see people putting like 10 alts for these and even if they do, It doesnt rlly affect much)

    AOT is dead anyway, whats so fun about it, it became just a place that people level alts now. And the reason for it becoming inactive is not because of alts either. It is just a dead content that people don't find worth spending time on anymore.

    RCB, I've been there quite a few times, most people open like 2 or 3 characters at once from what I noticed, Which is why even if gameforge decides to limit client to be able to open only 2 alts, it won't change things much. People can open 2 virtual machine and they can send their usual 3 characters to RCB, I think for RCB at the moment, matching need to be more balanced so even if one day someone decides to put 100 alts of lvl50 into RCB, it would split half of the low lvls on each team, so alts won't affect the gameplay too much in rcb. (Then again to be honest, RCB is just fun to me, win or lose doesnt really matter so I have no problems on this personally).

    Minigame raids? I've never seen anyone making 20 alts to spam them alone now, but would love to see who actually does it now if you seen any. (Its dead content now because its not worth to us to spam it unless we can easily do it with alts) I think by far, minigame event is one good example of what i mean by people just stop bothering about doing it once it gets too hard / can't use alts for the raid.

    If NosTale had a healthy community with atleast 2 teams of raids around the clock (without the use of alts, eh actually is 2 teams even enough? I doubt so, especially for SP raids. Would be enough for tougher raids though cause currently most of the time around the clock, its impossible to form a team for any tough raids which require 15 people or more), I would totally support the idea of reducing client open-able to just 1 or 2. It would make a lot of sense. But I just don't see it happening. I see more people quitting the game if things gets harder to grind for. It's just not worth the time to grind so hard on in front of your PC everyday really.

    I would say its kinda too late for this suggestion, because gameforge allowed it for so long and then suddenly decides to take it back? That sounds silly and unlikely. They would have to try very hard to convince why the sudden change of decision after so many years of allowing multi accounts and people who made many alts already will be mad at gameforge most likely.

    Personally I don't mind much about this alt "issue" though cause it requires more effort to play the game with so many alts open at the same time (Although its faster to grind, but it makes ur gaming less chill having to perform more actions).

    Yes, it does make the game a bit silly, when people are trying to open more and more alts to grind for something. But there are actually good things about allowing alts, for example, it makes some people more committed to the game (if alts were not allowed or reduced, you will see more afkers in nosville because they will probably think theres nothing worth their time in the game). So of course having more things that will be worthy of the effort to more committed players is important in my opinion. Im not saying that there isnt anything other things in nostale that is worthy to do (there are raids, just not easy to get people at certain time), but alts is currently one of the most worthy things to do for more hardcore players.

    I wouldn't be against it though, because i personally prefer more chill gaming (especially with my busy schedules nowadays) It would be nice to make everyone unable to progress too quickly just by making tons of alts so i won't come back and suddenly some newcomer is x10 richer than me? Just a thought, I dont mind though to be honest xD You do you. What people does or achieve really doesnt matter. Just have fun :)

    I see many people tallking here is PvP inclined. Since archer is broken, then why i don't see archers with similar equips as a mage and swordy fully dominating all PvPs? And why do you guys want to try so hard to win a certain job then u'll be happy? Focus on being the best version of your own job and be happy. If archer is really so broken that you cant beat a certain SP no matter how hard you try, then others shouldnt be able to too right? (honestly I've seen otherwise) Then what is there to be salty about? If you are really so into fairness, fight the same SP and job. Its not going to be easy to satisfy PvP-ers as theres literally always a reason to be salty about. It could be "Oh i got stunned too much", "Oh his damage boost worked more", "Oh i was lagging", and a ton of other reasons. It never ends, just stop being salty and stop feeling the need to win to prove you're better.

    A lot of things in this game goes by % chance, if you're seeking fairness, nostale will probably have to scrap the entire % chance system. Only then it will be "fair". (but i can tell you people will always find a reason to complain about anyways, it never ends). Has been like that even from the time when nostale didnt had any SPs.

    Honestly, balancing all 3 jobs is not an easy task. The current mechanics is good enough in my point of view. This is because theres still something unique about each class which will make you play that class. Theres no class that can do everything making the other class irrelevant. If theres a class that needs some balancing, it would be Martial Artist.

    Do not forget as archers, at c45 we dont get healing. If theres gonna be "balancing" they will have to make a lot of changes. Bow should give healing too instead of dagger. Healing on equips are broken as well. % dmg inc is broken, yes but why do people only talk about archers, mage have it too. I wouldnt mind if they remove rotating arrow, remove 7k crit buff and replace with shield with increased crit chance and crit damage, down res debuff, remove buffs and a way to stun the enemy. In my opinion thats more broken, just that they dont play the role of having the BURST damage. in a short moment (provided u dont miss at all). If u have played a scout u would know rotating arrow without hawk eye, rarely ever works on someone decent or raids. Because people/bosses have high dodge and its not easy to land 5 hits in a row without missing.

    if scout is nerfed, dg deserve a nerf too. period

    the powerup is pretty bugged atm anyway and there were lots of people that asked to fix this when swordmans were 1shoting them with ballista :) people didn't cry that much about scout tho,no idea why,i mean why would somebody cry about archers that hit 1.5k base damage then 15k crit powerup,that's normal,right? finally a good update that's supposed to happen,sad about raids but it had to be done bruh

    Trust me people will always cry, until it favours themselves so unfairly then they stop crying. Then other group of people will cry and the cycle repeats. Sometimes it isnt even a big problem but people just love to complain

    Lets say DG for example, even with DG being so op now (high hp at clvl, tanky shield, remove buff, reduce res, insane criticals, nice debuffs) , some people are still complaining how weak dg are, scouts are still way above them etc. What they want to see is basically scout nerfed hard enough so everyone will quit archer, I wonder how is it fair for the archers? Who invested their time on archers, and why did they choose mage if they think mage is weak? Whos fault is it? No one forced them to choose mage. In fact many people know mage is OP theres just people who love to complain so that their job will rule in the game. And people will be made to switch over to that just because their job got nerfed so hard.

    And i don't understand how is swordy weak either, i mean have you even tried pvping a swordy as a archer? They can make u hit so low u're literally just scratching them, with % chance dmg inc nerfed, goodluck killing one alone, It will be much effort to do so. You can't also stand still and win a swordy, you have to run around a lot, kite him and hit him it isnt exactly easy or brainless to kill a swordy. Especially with all the costumes nowadays, swordy can be really fast it doesnt take long for them to catch you and take a hit. If you can't maintain a 2-1 hit count ratio, its unlikely u will win a swordy who is as strong as you.

    Unlike some people views, I feel that most of the jobs are balanced right now because all have atleast 1 or 2 SP which is considered OP, what is not so "balanced" are the different SPs, you always play a certain SP because its more OP than the other SPs for that job, especially in raids. In PvP, theres actually more underrated SPs than underpowered SPs.

    Would like to see though, how many people will bother spending time to quit archer and play mage or swordy instead if archer gets nerfed, or will they quit from the game for good :pillepalle:

    if this gets implemented, raids will take x2 longer to finish. Rip nostale? Not sure who will be willing to play raids with x2 more time needed. Maybe people who are die hard nostale supporter :lol:

    I don't suggest rewarding highest damage, as I prefer chill gaming not fighting to be top in every raid. I won't request too much on how the DPS chart should be to be honest, because having one is better than having none in my point of view. We may not know the struggles of getting these stats tabulated and displayed to us, so I would only suggest some form of DPS chart shown to us individually or to the group in the raid. I just hope gameforge consider this implementation for us right now :) it would be really nice

    Not necessarily something wrong but sometimes its just bad luck for "soft crits" (% dmg increase with % chance from equipment)

    for example, my onyx wings almost dont work in draco raid (very bad luck) - every day same bs. Although elsewhere it works quite often.

    Bound to have some luck related factors. Many other games with DPS chart have crits in their game too, can't be perfect in displaying every detail but definitely useful to have a DPS chart than having none at all.

    - New marketing strategies: This matter improved in the last few months, but there's a long way to go.

    I'm lazy to read everything here but i saw this so, I suggest a nostale irl event to gain presence for the game :thumbsup: IRL arena would be nice too let the players fight it out in the irl arena :minigun::missilelauncher::missilelauncher::rofl:

    How else am I suppose to know if i'm doing good damage or not unless I compare it with someone else?

    after sometime u will know your average damage. So it will definitely be useful. Improvement can start from yourself, you don't really have to compare with everyone. Lets say raid time is 5 minutes and u did 1,000,000 damage this time but another time raid time is still 5 minutes yet you only did 500,000 damage with the same role as a DPSer in the raid. Then you know u're doing something wrong. However, it does give another type of insight when u compare with someone else. You will see what is possible that you may not have achieved.

    2k19: chipy used 100 nd and got me onyx in wheel ;D

    id prefer the following be added for raids: total damage dealth and who pulled buttons

    might be a tangent to the thread: but I actually think the stats for all players should be accessible by the host. hosts take time to get seals, host and organize - it allows them to better understand who is leeching in raid.

    i understand toxicity/raid exclusiveness exists in the game but I don't think the implementation of this idea would increase them. Those that continue to solo raid, raid with fam or friends, etc. will continue to do that

    Personally i feel if toxicity is not the a problem, this idea is no doubt good to have. And actually I feel most people already know who are the main DPSer in raids usually. They just dont know the exact figures, and besides they cant have full team of the top DPS players, so i actually feel it will more likely help the players to become better than bring much toxicity. Also I'm sure if someone were to care about damage, he can just pick on the one he see hitting the lowest dmg, dont have to be from the dps chart itself.

    +1 for lighter blue, this blue is abit too dark for the eye. With this blue, I wouldnt want to type in red as its one of the worse combination for example. Not a personal colour preference but in general most people eye actually strain more on certain colour combinations. White is boring yeah but the pros is almost all font colour work with white background and doesnt strain the eye. (but i guess white got boring for many people) Lighter blue however, would be less strain I feel.

    Well there could be a box to tick or button to push to allow others see your total damage. DPS itself isnt too informative as % damage increase in weapons is pure random. Statistically it would be better to see the total output per raid to notice a pattern, which is more reliable compared to dps at the time and maybe easier for system to count?The suggestion is very nice, although considering how much time it took to change the visible damage limit... really really low hopes on it getting implemented.

    Yeah, individual only would be good to prevent toxicity.

    And I didn't make it very clear but yeah it should include values like “Max damage dealt", " overall damage", "contribution % in that raid", "Time to complete raid" and "Dps". Anyway with that being said, will we get this suggestion forwarded to gameforge? :beer:

    Yea it does create toxicity sometimes, i thought about that too but didnt want to go too deep on the topic, anyway yea, if toxicity is the main concern then making it view-able only to the individuals would solve the problem.