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    All I know for now is that nerfing the gold was not intended by Gameforge although I do not know yet if they gonna keep it like this or change it back.

    Also seems like the quest reward was adjusted so there is that I guess.

    Unintended yet unfixed? if there was no quest for 500k gold tell me what would be the point of making this raid. and 500k in exchange for the box. what are you gonna do about foxy and maru. nerf gold to 5k too? raids that are % hp and eat partner and pet dolls left and right, and pots and snacks when the drops aren't even enough to pay them. what's 'event' about that

    Also, important note, is to also add what Kini said about banning use of pots,invis and losing all the buffs once you get frozen.

    Don't think it's wise to lsoe buff once frozen though because then the team that wins first battle will always have buff advantage and thus will mostly always win, at least until the enemy buffs are back, and in 7 minutes you only got time to buff twice on sps like wk dg. if they don't change the last 10 second point capture though doesn't matter if ppl lose buffs once frozen or not

    Although they said rework I don't really see how much different this is from last Rainbow Battle aside from the fact it's not just filled with alts and the prizes aren't useless. So far I went into 1 Battle and I'm already discouraged to join more because:

    - People come in full buffed and when frozen buffs dont' go away
    - People can still pot
    - Winning is a matter of who gets most flags by the last 10 seconds and everything you do until then is basicaly just slapping each other for nothing
    - it is possible to capture points being invisible, if you dont' have any aoe then you cannot stop a scout, even if you do have aoe, scout won't pop out of invis so he still takes the point

    What I think should be tweaked is losing buffs when entering, being unable to pot, unable to capture points while invisible, and make it so people get points for holding points for certain amount of time and not just for capturing the most points at the same time on last 10 seconds so that it's actualy a battle for the points and not just hitting each other to pass 7 minutes

    nice counter argument. i'm "crying" because i pointed out your solution is complicated. first of all what is a "very low" drop rate? is 5% low? 1%? 10%? it all differs from one person to another and there is no way to objectively measure what's low and what's not.

    another thing is how would combining "premium" res with "non-premium" res work?

    it's just unnecessarily complicated for no reason and doesn't help your precious "low lvls" in any way.

    you complain about somethinig and dont' accept any solution given. if there was a perfect solution then you'd prob have it no? there is, you see how many are dropped in a span of time and yo ucan easily see which ones are rarer, sure there's no objective way of categorizing what rare is or isn't, I couldnt' care less about losing a magma but I would get pissed off at losing fernon shoes or a6 res, and you know how you feel about each specific res if you've been high lvl enough to search for them

    the most pepega thing is actually using pepega outside of twitch unironically, but i digress. you know what's even more pepega tho? saying that rng upgrades are not comparable because they work in a different way. and even extra pepega is saying one rng upgrade having safety measures is fine, but others not.

    Retarded usualy doesn't fall well, but alright I'll rephrase it, that argument was retarded af. Everything in this game is rng aside from flat amounts like exp per mob. is it all comparable and can it all be considered the same? no. can all upgrades be comparable? no, they work different, you have to look at them different. just cause you want something doesn't mean it has to be that way

    @Gandalof You gotta stop being so stingy and trying to pick apart everything to suit yourself, let's consider high lvl is lvl 90++. from then on you can farm magma and fgb, ok. yo usee lvl 90+ ppl spending their time in fc farming that res? I personaly don't, and I know you don't play anymore (or can't rerally :D ) so you wouldn't know. Now you tell me what you can farm at lvl lower than 90, raid seals until lvl 85, ok. woa nope, minigames yes, lod/fc/ a5/rep res yes and ts for gillion. and that's it

    And I meant 'premium' in regards to very low drop rate, you cry that there is no protection for it and you cry when someone sugests anything. way to go

    that's like saying rarity gambling shouldn't have protection because you're not +ing.

    That's about the most pepega thing I've read here in quite a while. I said it's not comparable, just like gambling is not comparable with +ing OR with res

    You're not gathering sps and combining with each other and using scroll to save both, same with equipments. equipments / sps are not comparable with res. You're not +ing res, although wouldn't be bad idea to make it that way, would need another res to + it and some mats and with scroll protect the res and lose the other mats. That would make it equivalent

    Don't think it's a great idea for lower lvl, woa price got put to the ground, so farming woa is no more a viable source of income by grinding, what's left is minigames and I would say res farm? if you put those scrolls up then you gonna break another way of grinding for low lvls, what kinda future is there for the game if low level players can never make it anywhere. Also dont' forget when yo use sp scrolls and equipment scrolls, in case you fail, you lose all your mats ( aside from souls skin blood heart ) so what would that be in res case? lose res? well that's what happens now. I agree it's kinda demotivating to combine that kinda expensive res, and imo there should be res categories, and sure make a scroll that protects 'premium' res but that isn't applicable to lower lvl, otherwise you're just unbalancing market yet again

    well then hb would be broken and needs a nerf, so we're back to square one. and just to make things clear, for me the issue isn't about speed, i said it before.. i would be fine if the attack from wolf went to eagle, then wolf being group buff would be fine for me

    it wouldn't be broken, it's a support sp, supposed to support. atm gives some att some def and that's it, to the point I can put other buffs over it. give me more att on hb, to at least make up for wolf and throw wk's attack on eagle buff, could live with that

    it's really not. it's actually pretty abysmal. in terms of aoe damage, only the ult has good damage and covers a big area.. but since it's an ult it got long cd. the other 2 aoe skills have low damage a really bad target area, so against a big mob.. sader is useless by itself. as for single target dps, it's not that good either. yes it can do some damage with triple charge but that's because that buff is too op that it makes a bad dps into a decent one, point is, there is always a better sp to give triple charge to over the sader using it on himself.

    you're thinking pve is all about mobbing and hitting aoes, you're quite wrong, sader is very viable in raids, and if you think it got little damage then you had some bad xbow or you skilled your sp quite wrongly

    well, not really a contradiction. i said that im fine with either one.

    You said wk is dps and not support so shouldn't aoe buff, then you say light res is fine. in my eyes you're jsut against the attack wolf gives and I don't understand exactly why you'd want to nerf pve in nostale

    Kudos for going to check all those buffs and so if you can imagine what having all those buffs would be, we both can agree that would be busted, even with a buff number limit you could get quite op, so making those buffs self only and making more general buffs aoe would balance it out no? Because not every sp has hit rate concentration dodge attack speed defence, so the point of aoe buffs is to complement your sp no? So the fact that you can't stack all those buffs already makes it balanced no?

    also one thing i don't understand is why you're against this so much..

    Against? no, weren't you aiming for a discussion on balance? so we debating, I'm trying to understand why you'd want that, the buffs you use big majority are sp 1-4, game is what,10 years old? been same until now so why would you want to change it, where did the problem pop from, I could argue with new ma sp being just buff slave, and being the only new sp in years to really affect alt buffing, but you didn't even touch them

    because these 2 buffs are too strong to be given to other people imo. also, those are dps sps not support sps.

    I agree they are strong, but our support sp only gives lvl x2 attack and no speed. Upgrade my speed and buff hb and sure go make your wkb self only. Also you do realize sader is a quite decent dps right? but you still accept its buffs. and you contradicting yourself, if wk shouldn't be aoe buff cause it is dps then take light res out too

    ok let me flip that around, why not make every other buff a group buff too then? i would love to see what it looks like to have blade, scout, destroyer, rene, monk and the other dg buff all be group buffs too. according to you, it only makes sense right?

    Not counting self shield buffs, because that's their shield and would be busted to stack shields. but I wouldn't mind having more buffs, got plenty alts to use them, and I would. Make them all aoe and make a buff number limit so that we actualy chose, I'm in

    i was thinking of going all snarky on you and point out the obvious differences but i decided against that. anyway, i've already explained why i want this to be self only. the reason is because it overrides other buffs (which is a god awful game design choice).

    Neither of us is stupid, I know the difference. Both can be dps, both can be turned to support buffersone gives 30% hp mana the other gives 1 lvl def and 15(?)% hp and mana, it's essentialy same thing. bear has limit of 5k sader doesn't so for higher lvl sader is actualy better.

    And that thing, bear overbuffing sader buff, that's not the players fault that the game has that bad mechanic so why would you take bear away jsut so it doesn't bother you when you want sader buff. why not jsut fix that issue in game

    @Gandalof Was part in reply to you, why hawk and wolf specificaly. in pvp I get it in pve terms it would make no sense to make it self buff, cause then would be logical to make other buffs also only self. there is simply no reason to make that change. Even more, leave light res? what's the logic there? because it's not as useful/ doesn't have as much impact? is that really a reason to nerf something? what even makes bear buff different from sader hp buff

    Just to clear the confusion and apologies for the side off-topic.What I said on that part was I want the SP cards to be self-supporting and not to need an alt-buff army to have certain buffs.
    In short aside from the unique buffs such as morale and whatever else the simple ones such as speed/some basic hit rate/small attack boosts can be added to a buff skill in every SP card in every class and not need to have an alt army to have those.

    So when we talk about SP balance/changes we can't really think like "oh you know what people have alts just have WK give speed aoe buff, then have gladiatior give attack aoe buff, have warrior give morale, have dark gunner give elemental buff" etc etc. (If we are to make some buffs self-based of course we will be buffing the buffs in other SP cards to cover the gap)
    As I said I want them to be more self-supporting and less RNG involved, that would make PvP and PvE far more fair and enjoying in my opinion.
    I hope it clears up how I meant it above.

    yes I understand that, but like I said if you get an sp with all the buffs you would use just so you can cancel alt usage, first would be busted, second as long as there are aoe buffs they will be used, and if wkb morale and etc is not needed anymore then in their place we gonna get other buffs, as long as there are aoe buffs. just no way around alts, that kinda change would have been good before they supported and facilitated alt usage. would be less troublesome than logging idk how many clients so my a6 mobbing isn't a complete struggle

    Yall write too much but let's see. Not saying or supporting alt use but no one can deny game is alt based. you can all say ' but you can do whatever you want without buff, yes it's harder but you can do it' well ye, but no. why would I waste twice the time on boring grind that is just lure and kill (and try not to die or you prob take 3x the time) for hours without end. Same thing why I use exp pots boa and tarot for exp, the faster I can go the better and if it takes too much then I demotivate. So although in a perfect world all sps would pack a kit of buffs, they don't, and if they would, more ppl would complain cause 'too op'. now you go try to mob without certain buffs, all of a sudden you'd see same as pvp now: ppl are one trick ponies and only play one sp because that sp has the buffs/ skills they need. Basicaly what I already do with Archmage because it is by far the easiest sp in the game to mob with (even above wk since am skills are very spammable) kit it with more buffs and I won't play anything else because there would just be no reason to

    Aside from that, how exactly is a mage lvl 88 supposed to do a6 without buffs? Suppsoed to lvl more before trying? then why does a6 unlock at lvl 88. first levels are faster and dying doesn't cost as much time? the first c lvl equiment, aside from accessories which are not that big of improvement, is at c25, without alts to buff that takes an eternity to get.

    if I wanna play nostale on hard mode then I do so and drop my alts. But I don't believe there's a need to balance sps to make pve harder. aren't we playing for fun? isn't this game for younger ages?

    Although I agree with most of your words I really wouldn't make hawk or wkb a self buff at all, because it is a great help in pve say for time gated stuff, like a6 raids. I think hawk/ sader buffs kinda ruin fair pvp but that should be fixed with preventing alt buffing on pvp areas and not by changing buff itself. Not yet a sword player, agree with archer changes and as mainly mage player I gotta say we miss decent pve dark sp, but we rewarded with 2 op pvp ones. and I think bm needs a water res reduce debuff instead of one that increases crit related stuff.

    Also you forgot ma :D curious what you would say

    They also intended it as a joke, it was the players who did not catch the joke and imagined rewards out of it.

    Don't blame the players again. If we complete something perfectly we want and expect a reward. You give us the honeymoon line and what do you expect from us. Can't blame us for thinking we're actually gonna get rewarded for hard work, or maybe you can looking at where gameforge is going lately. How do you even make a 'contest' that is not intended to be fully completed

    hatching 15 mysterious eggs is a bit too much i think xD, better lower it to 5 or something.

    A bit much but makes people go spam chicken queen for R6 eggs and growth fruits and maybe put more of the new pets around so ok move.

    But to be honest instead of overlapping 2 events/ working on 2 events at the same time I would much rather game team focus on either making one decent event (aka make sure content is balanced and playable) or fix game breaking stuff, more than new mounts or pets I think the game needs some optimization

    1) Are you stupid? I ended with 30m less cause I invested on the raid and gameforge knows how to take away profit but not how to give back investment.

    2) I don't care what you and your friends do or don't do or why you don't do it. If something is officially released then it's supposed to be playable content for players. Be balanced or not no one can blame players who play what is intended yo be played.

    3) I am the highest mage on US, doesn't mean I have to set example for anyone just like when you were the highest mage on US you set example for no one. And you call defending my hours grinding as bad image for community? Community can't complain about unfairness? Isn't that what you all are doing? Because it's unfair people with alts get so much profit and you can't so you cry it's unfair. What difference is there on my post from the complains about the raid. Not everyone thinks only about themselves like you. I wasn't the only one investing and if it makes it easier for your low comprehension skills I rephrase that: Players invested gold to do a raid that was officially launched and they ended up with less gold than they started with.

    I suggest you think before you open your mouth. I know the raid was busted, everyone knew it. Is taking the gold back the solution? I don't think so. There are other ways to fix mistakes than to punish their player base.

    Because they don't care about players. They officially launched the raid meaning they should have tested and made it at least not as stupid as it was, yet they didn't. I know of people who went IRC to ask gms if it was okay to do raid with alts because it took players 1 minute to figure out raid was easily farmed with alts. No gm said we shouldn't do it because, if it was officially launched, alts are freely allowed and no bug is being used why wouldn't the players be able to do it? But after realizing Gameforge's 'mistake' and people crying that raid is too easy and too much reward (which yes it was even though I did spam with alts too) they decided they should patch the raid. Ok. Expected them to either make raid harder or less reward like snowman, nope, they made raid utterly useless when boxes dont' even have perfections or anything to make them worth. Ok. But since that wasn't enough to ruin event for players they went ahead and took away the effort we made, when IT WAS THEIR MISTAKE to not test the raid for 5 minutes and see how busted it was.

    I get it event would have ruined economy, not everyone had time to spam raid on that specific day. But why should the players who made efforts have to pay for that when it is totally unrelated to them. Players unsuspectingly did raid because they wanted to play the game and get rewarded, like every other event. And people who invested on alts what do they get back? I spent hours spamming raid and I ended with 30m less than I had before event started. so I grinded to lose gold? Why would you do that to players..

    We did not exploit any bug, bombs did hit entrance but game mechanics were so weak and I can see game devs didn't think much about the raid, just throw a few already used things together and make something 'new'. Unless someone was very very unlucky, there wouldn't be 3 bombs hitting entrance (that was loss condition when using alts) but you can't call that a bug and blame it on players. For once admit your mistakes and stop screwing server population because you have too much pride to admit it

    Anyways I think I just concluded that Venus doesn't increase Champion Experience, because A new partner specialist came out "Yuna" where in her description it indicates that she increases both Combat and Champion Experience from her buff.

    Venus does increase Champion Experience. Yuna just has a more clear text since it points to 10% combat and c exp (not job) and venus says 'Experience gain is increased by x%' so just like BoA it affects all experience gain. I grabbed 2 lvl 88 clvl 1 and tested a lot of stuff, venus included so I know it does work

    Explain me how the prices are ridiculously high right now? They've added 20 amulets worth of 60 fails in betting of a6 equipment as a jackpot into noswheel. You can also get equipment from zenas/erenia raids and fernon raids.

    Didn't say they are, you threw amusement park in the equation, if prices aren't appealing then ppl won't buy it, which is a6, sure 20 amulets as jackpot but it's a gamble item, can tell you from experience you won't get very far with those, so you gotta cash in, be lucky to get jackpot 20 amulets and be lucky that you get anything done wit that. does that make anyone want to spin the wheel? I don't think so, very sure they do it for other reasons. exact same for a6 boxes, you gotta be lucky for high rare, lucky for equip, luckier for decent shell. Not complaining, but not very viable to get equipments is it?

    Also gotta say pvp is pretty dead exactly because this game is heavy p2w. why would I ever step arena when ppl who cash their whole life savings got op stuff, while I'm f2p, don't have op stuff and I can't even compete on price when someone drops decent equip from fernon. so unless you're very high level and very op, no point even trying