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    I agree that the forum should be changed and become more active here in EN, with the new forum Admin, changes are coming!
    I believe that people weren't interested in PvP events even in the past (In UK).
    Vendetta boi, don't mix up this topic with other things (discrimination and conspiracies), facts are facts, this is a post about the "7 CHANNELS", which has been debunked ( NOT BEING A PART OF CONSPIRACY OR DISCRIMINATION).

    Now if you wanna be a SJW everywhere you can, go ahead.... ^^


    as i said before, what harm would it cause to have the 2 extra channels there? why are you against it if it doesn't inconvenience or disrupts you in any way? it could only benefit you and never harm you, so why are you against it? because it may not benefit you? that makes no sense to me.

    also the fact that effort should be made to disable the channels when there isn't an exp event makes no sense either. should we also disable ch2 to 5 when there isn't exp event cus no one uses them either? if they were to add channels for the sake of exp event, might as well just keep them in there the whole time.

    and one more thing to add, sure it may not be needed now but it likely will be when the new act comes out as there would be more activity and the most popular lvling map would be full in all channels even without exp event. so should we wait until that happens and then ask for extra channels? if we wait till then, by the time they could add the extra channels the game would be already dead again.

    There is no conspiracy or discrimination is what I'm trying to say, they don't have a reason to add 2 more channels in general.
    Sure, then in the future when it's needed they just add them/work on it.

    Usually, GF doesn't care about a lot of things they should.

    However, this is rather insignificant in my opinion and therefore it does not deserve so much attention.

    Facts are facts. We really don't need 7 channels on the EN servers (with the exception of double xp events).

    And why did they add 7 channels on the new servers? Who knows. Maybe they assumed those servers will have a lot of players, like the previous ones did.

    Sure, you could say "just take down 2 channels when they stop being as populated", but does it really matter at the end of the day? No, not really. Just like it doesn't matter here whether they add 2 more or not.

    In conclusion, I think that 2 channels should be added for double xp events, but NOT in general.

    Also, I don't know if the comments about this topic and Morgoth are just sarcastic or meant as a joke....

    If not, I'm sorry to say but you are over-exaggerating.

    Because it isn't, that's why I said above it would just take some decent amount of work probably.

    The only thing that would be a point of no return is limiting the alts, since we would need to get rid of all the extra alt accounts people made, but considering this is not what you are suggesting then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    (Even limiting the alts isn't an actual "point of no return", but the amount of work would really be insane in that case)

    He also said something like

    "you would be able to play as many characters as you want, just not more than 1 (or 2) at the same time."

    But sure, then you just create a new Server, a fresh start, with the new rules and adjustments...
    I am pretty sure people would start over if the game was worth playing. O:)

    This is a nice suggestion in my opinion, it can make the official Nos server(s) more active again.. 😄

    Heh, if the players cry about how it would be unfair, start (ANOTHER ONE) a new server. And fix/add a few things while we're at it. Gg wp. Even without the creation of Nostale EU (such an original name, I know), it would actually pay off in the long term, like you (Vendetta) said. I'm aware that it is hard to implement such things BUT..... nah, I'll leave it for now as I want to make this as short as possible.

    Let's just create a GoFundme, Patreon account or something else (you get the idea) and gather some money, buy the rights of the damn game and make NosTale great. (It might be a dumb idea, but o well.)

    Just make it every 4 hours again, it already became alt farming thing, it's not fun because people either bring a lot of alts, or the balancing system (if it even exists) is ridiculous/ or quite random then... :D
    Or just let the people abuse it and have tons of PIRATE pet trainers, idm, free trainers..