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    Paimon Raid I absolutely love. Doesn't entirely replace Belial, and its filled with chaos, while not being too hard. Maybe a few less % res like someone said? But wouldn't honestly lower too much. Feels great imo.

    Then there's tower... The most beautiful concept ever... that is a bit miserably balanced imo. So get ready for a long one, cause I love this concept.

    For those with less patience, the TL;DR of changes I want;

    • 1 + (Floor / 5) Coins on level completion
    • Tower buff for pets changed from 300+150*Floor atk to 25*Pet Level + 150*Floor atk & 1*Pet Level % Element
    • Larger pet AI aggro range
    • Pet move speed bonus
    • Coin to Perfection exchange added to tower
    • Squad buffs for partial squad matches
    • More choices of pets for getting squad buffs

    Coin Rewards

    This is my biggest gripe of it all. The daily quest gives 1 coin... 1... Each floor you complete? 1/5 chance for 5 coins (effectively ~1 coin per floor). Keys are limited. Reset tickets are limited. Time is limited. Doing my math, even if you had infinite reset tickets (which you don't), you're looking at over 50 hours for ONE pet... Having to buy reset tickets, you HAVE to be able to clear over 20 floors (to pay for a new reset ticket), and even if you could reach floor 40, that'd double that time to over 100 hours (yes over, because 50 hours was for the 3min early floors) for ONE PET. OF 6.

    I want to grind this tower... but currently, you can either reach floor 50, and then you're done for the month (provided the bonus rewards reset at the end of the month too - or else 0 reason to climb again), or you're wasting your time/reset tickets repeating floors. Only reason to reset atm is for the daily quests, and once we all run out of reset tickets, we're stuck only doing that 2-3 time a MONTH. Makes this amazing end game content rather short on content... sadly...

    Suggestion: Make each floor give 1 + (Floor / 5) bonus Coins guaranteed. This would still be rather slow, but would actually allow us to grind the tower and make progress to go up it while having fun with the new game mode. It would also reward being able to climb further in the tower, by allowing us to get all the way up to 10(!) coins for floors 45-50. In addition with some more coin dump suggestions I have later on, it would make tower an extremely fun, and infinite content sink. I'd even be willing to compromise, and see pet prices rise slightly with this change, as it'd at least feel like we could reasonably progress towards them.

    Pet/Tower Buff Balancing

    So from what I saw in the later floors... Pet damage seems amazing. But Early? They're lackluster body bags whose AI is questionable at best. Some changes to the buff I think could do wonders for fixing this. First though - lets clarify some terminology. Currently, the buff uses "Level" to reference what floor of the tower you're on. This is confusing to every other buff in the game, and really should be changed. Especially with my suggestions going forward... so from here on:

    Level = Pet Level

    Floor = Tower Level

    Currently the buff provides 300 + 150*Floor damage. This provides the 30k+ pet hits we saw in the streams at floor 46... but its basically a non factor in floors 1-20 where they're hitting 1-7k vs 100-200k HP mobs. It also makes all their base stats practically irrelevant beyond hit rate, HP, and % element. Making the stats scale a little better to the pets level would make training your pets also very important for later, and provide significant aid for the earlier levels.

    Suggestion: Change buff to provide 25*Level + 150*Floor damage, and 1*level % bonus element. This should make even low (or zero) element pets hit as hard on floor 1, as high element pets hit on level 20 if you spent the time/gold to level them all up. It makes your pets feel more rewarding/helpful through more of the tower, rather than being mostly just objects for buffs/stalling. It also doesn't remove the very nice scaling the pets see as they go through the tower, as floor 20's damage is still a long ways away from floor 50's even with the current buff.

    Additionally - small note on the AI - the map is huge. Please DRASTICALLY increase pet aggro range. I can't count the number of times my pets ignored an enemy that was 1/10th the map away from them. With them only helping for 20 seconds, its painful watching them do nothing for 15 of it. Also, technically part of the buff - but fits here. Please consider adding a movespeed bonus to the buff as well, so that pets can navigate the massive map more effectively.

    Coin Sinks

    These suggestions are basically null and void if we can't get more reliable ways to get coins as I mentioned in my first section... but lets continue.

    Add perfection to the tower. Probably at a rate of ~ 5-10 coins = 1 perf with my top suggestions. By the time you're farming tower (especially at a rate effective enough to be spending coins on perfection), you should be 99+60 with end game equips. Why not let the fun new infinitely repeatable content be a great way to finish off our SPs too? Especially considering how hard/slow it is to perf SP7/8 atm (and probably 9 when it comes too...). It would also finally let us target the SPs we want to perf, instead of being able to perfect 50 SP6's before I get a SP2... And again, as I keep stressing - gives us a sense of progression with each level we complete.

    Add a new pet food into the tower. Probably at a rate of ~30-50 coins = 1 food. The gimick being - this food can bring pets TO YOUR LEVEL. With tower not giving any xp, it'd be nice if we had a way to get our army of 20+ pets all to lvl 99 with us. Not even gourmet can do that atm. And now... I get Entwell wouldn't want to remove the need to sink cash into gourmet - but that's why the extremely high price point. If we make it so expensive that its not reasonable to farm hundreds of it, gourmet would still be the ideal food for leveling before player Level - 5. It'd also once again add a new way that grinding tower make you feel like you're making progress - cause if you're stuck, you can just level your pets a few more times to get just a few more stats out of them (especially with my recommended buff changes).

    Squad Buffs

    I get it... Entwell wanted us to have to hunt down stupidly rare pets for these buffs... but frankly? Most of them aren't worth it. Simply having Spire pets provides stronger buffs than almost any one of the team buffs. And a lot of these teams we have 0 way to work towards getting. We just have to wait for MONTHS for them to either be in nosmall and spend absurd amounts for them, or wait MONTHS for them to appear in later events. And then once you do finally get even the easier ones to get like Jelly team? You find out they're either bugged, or so weak that the specific pets you had to use to get them are so much weaker than other choices, that it wasn't even worth using.

    Suggestion: Give partial buffs for partial matches for teams, or add more pets for each team so that you have choices of what pets that fit that squad theme you want. It makes hunting for stupidly rare pets less annoying, while giving us more actual choice in what we want to bring into the tower. Most of the other complaints I feel could be fixed by the buff changes I recommended above.

    There... My rants done.

    I love the concept for this tower, and want to see the day where I can grind it for hours on end - something I not only physically can't with the lack of coins/reset tickets, but have 0 incentive to do atm.

    3- pts 45-55 was ignored perfectly since long years ago when game changed sin invisble effect from 5min to 1min.

    PSA, instead of sin, a HP war with a 70+ armor and groovy beach can just AFK on his mount to run out timer. If you have at least 20k HP (easy for a tank war) you'll only die at most once, and you have 3 lives. At least 35k or so, and you shouldn't die at all. Just keep in mind if you only use your swordy, you may need to start killing a little earlier to kill in time lol.

    making ic only 10 ppl??are you friggin serious about it?i know it's fine to any other low lvl ic but 80+ ic 10 ppl you think can managed to win it?i was literally going to cry if this idea is going to be implemented..btw AP 1k is so hard to get man i know most of you are rich so you can afford good eqp PVE shell good perf/upgrade etc..but think of the position of the players who do not have them especially newbs who just joined and did not know anything about ic at all...even the tutorial did not even go through how to jooin any ic ib or raids until you played for so long and managed to realised it yourself..

    I'm assume you're referring to my suggestion? If so, that suggestion isn't meant to stand by itself!

    Lowering the mob count to account for the fewer people should make it quite easy! I'm a complete noob, and could easily do at least 1/3 a magmaro's HP in a combo with a lvl 83 sword and a 99+5+0 monk. 10 to 15 people? That's more than 300% the damage needed to kill them in a single combo! And that's not factoring in smart SP comps, like a sader+WK combo for uber debuffs. And that's the second to last wave! If you get even 1 lvl 92, 92 weps are OP and can solo magmaros with only 1 of the 10-15 players.

    The hardest part of IC is tanking/luring with all that damage (stupid damage floor...) and CC (rrrriiiiiigggggiiiittttyyyyy...). But less mobs would make that hard job MUUUUUCH easier. Meaning more lurers to carry you through IC, and a less dangerous time for all the squishy 80-87 archers that can die in 2 seconds when surrounded by so many mobs.

    And the best part of it all? Less people per IC = more loot without having to go to different channels. I think small IC's CAN be dangerous if implemented badly... so fair criticism. But I think in tandem with the less mobs, it'd make 80+ IC less of a jump from the other ICs, and much less dangerous for 80+s while being more rewarding for active play. But thats just imo.

    Action points ... no plz ... this ruined the fun of FC raids for me xD gaawd pliz no q.q

    To be fair... A point system isn't inherently bad lol. It's only bad when damage is overly evaluated as "participation".

    Plus, as hilarious as your lvl 88 adventurer is, you do 0 damage lol. Can't be helped given the class. Nothing personal, but that does also open a debate for whether you should reward a player for effectively being useless to the goal (whether malicious or not, as your case is clearly not).

    As for this yes mabye, but you cant complain about lack of money methods if you refuse to do the current ones.

    No offense, but I don't really consider this an actual method of making money. It doesn't actually generate gold. It only shifts who has it. For a reseller to make gold, he has to screw over someone else and make them pay more for something. By its nature, not everyone can make money that way. If everyone resold, reselling wouldn't work. There HAS to be someone at the end getting screwed over for them to make gold off it. Hence, I don't consider it an actual method.

    If I am to insert my own humble ideas/opinions here...

    1. As stated by others, we do need to be REALLY careful not to over inflate the economy. Preventing hyper inflation in MMO's is an ungodly difficult thing, and Nostale's system basically does nothing to prevent it. Every server's economy is basically doomed to eventually collapse... but no reason to make it come sooner than it has to.

    2. PLEASE DO NOT RESELL. It speeds up the inflation rate of key goods. Reselling nos$ items is ESPECIALLY bad. Sure, it'll make you a little gold in the short run, but it'll make you pay more for those goods when you need them later. Unless you are creating the supply for the good you're reselling, you WILL hurt yourself, and all of us in the long run.

    EDIT: Felt I should clarify that I think there is more than availability for gold in the system, the following points just a nit picks about HOW we earn them.

    As far as making gold... I have always hated that you kinda have to game the system a lot to make gold (and is why multi accounts are basically mandatory). While its 10 years too late to expect a change, if we could get one, I think it'd be awesome to see more gold shifted away from time spaces and raids (things you can get full rewards for basically just AFKing with 10x alts), and more towards general killing by either increasing gold drops, or more ideally making NPC's buy items for more. In act 1, the gold drops are still decent relative to your costs. In act 5.2, diamonds galore make up for the low gold drops comparatively. Everywhere else? You're relying on things like WoA's that you have to sell to other PLAYERS, which ties you're ability to make money to the health of the economy and whether those items sell. And the gold you're getting, someone ELSE had to make some other way. Making things like souls, WoA, and the "trash" items sell for decent values to NPCs puts more value into raw killing, something 1 account does almost as well as 10 in the hands of a single person. Giving people more reason to kill in general fields, and less reason to spam raids with 10x alts.

    Since killing in the fields would REPLACE abusing alts, not sure if we'd need increased gold sinks to help balance the economy back with that change? Not sure where to put them even if it does need them...

    About IC though... Since it keeps getting brought up... A few ideas off top of my head:

    • REMOVE MINIMUM PLAYER LIMIT. Don't kick a solo player out just because he doesn't use multi accounts to grantee he can IC outside of C1.
    • Make IC Smaller (Important for next point)

      • Separate people into much smaller groups. Like 9-15. Makes each individuals contributions worth more. Means easier for a strong player to solo carry, but also makes it much harder to AFK without dieing. Would also be vital to making a meaningful point system (see next section).
      • Less mobs to make it manageable with less players. Especially in 80+ where the CC spam is so dangerous and tanking/luring is often more risk than reward.
      • Reset cool-downs as soon as IC starts (so no card CD), and give players more time before monsters spawn, so they can change SPs and plan SPs with the smaller groups.
    • Change to a point system

      • Points given for every second in combat. Doubles as both an anti-AFK counter for participation, and a measure of how long you survived. Makes IC rewarding even if you fail.
      • Points given based on % of damage done to each mob that dies (balance with the in-combat points so that damage is not the main source of points, but is a nice bonus)

        • Cap at something like 30% for similar reasons to LoD
      • Points given for amount of healing done. Should be on-par with points from highest DPSers, to encourage the all important white mage player.
      • All points earned in a party are SPLIT between party members. Meaning total points will be exact same between 3 solo players and 3 in a party. Party just averages out points, helping with the healer vs DPS point fights.
      • Point multiplier based on IC tier. Higher tier = more points. Much more.
    • Trade points for items, instead of looting off ground mid IC

      • Points accumulate over time (like old FC points)
      • Add a shop somewhere that lets you trade these points for the items that WOULD have normally dropped in IC.

        • Shops MUST have WoA, FM, VBE, and ATK/DEF pots minimum, or the economy might break lol.
        • Likely include options to trade for rep medallions, chunks of gold, or maybe even perfection stones?
        • Include pots/snacks for all IC tiers at costs appropriate for those tiers.
        • Don't tell a lvl 20 IC go-er he can't buy WoA with his points, just make the points more than you should expect to get til 70+ ICs and rely on the point multiplier.
      • Since the points would require activity over 10x alts, no need for limited status.
      • No more people ONLY coming for drops.

    Welcome criticism for any of the ideas. Personally think IC is relatively fine, but everything can be improved~.

    Hello, I have a problem with the fps limit, in the options I put the fps meter to the maximum but the game is still running at 34/35 ... does anyone know how to unlock them?

    It's an old game with a unique art style. Because of the art style, I don't think there is anything in this game that has an animation with more than 30 fps, even if you ran the game at 600. Most of the player animations (your main focus) look like they run somewhere around 15 fps, even when the game itself is at 30. So unless I'm wrong, running this game at anything above 30fps would just be a waste of processing power (hence the cap).

    Personally I don't overly like how everything new is put into the wheel but well....

    I'd go so far as to say I vehemently hate it... Why do I have to pray for a daily or noswheel change for a suit for kliff when it use to be like 20 nos$...

    Do you know when will i agree with that? when ever buffs get removed from who pvp, now days nobody can enter arena without getting his holy,morale,wk,sader buff, and same case for fc.if pvp was fair in this game i would took it, but since a lot of headache i ignore it totally.
    pvp will be amazing if buffs just work on self character.

    Even if we fixed the buff problem... We still have people that abuse pets, partners, safe, and ganks. Somehow the arena community got super toxic over the years...

    I remember being really disappointed when I learned AoT was 3v3 only. If we could have something like AoT for 1v1s where we could setup matches and spectate... A lot of the problems in arena could at least be worked around I feel.

    That's the point! They move however they want and still attack with combos.Trust me, I'm not an idiot and I know how it works when I'm hitting someone in invisible mode.

    @ArcAngel explain this then?

    The statement in no way implied anyone was an idiot, let alone specifically you. It was, however, based on a lack of details being provided for the situations in which it was occurring. That is why it started with a very important preface, stating that it may not be relevant to the case you were mentioning, and providing as accurate a description as possible, so you could decide whether or not it applied to the situation. The post was simply to share a possible explanation that I see sometimes mistaken in arena.

    As the explain what Ruff said? He explained it already. The bug I'm referring to isn't involved. Judging from his later comment, its a different FC specific one. I'm not a fan of FC, so I've never experienced it myself, and know nothing about it.

    Yeah, explain me how they do it intentionally? I saw far too many players that use this bug whenever they want, which is bug using and, according to rules, they should get a punishment for this. You can't defend someone "oh but he doesn't know it's a bug, not his fault" when he clearly abuses it any time he wants.

    Was this rhetorical? In case it wasn't... You answered yourself immediately after. Someone who is doing it mistakenly, can not, and will not do it whenever they want. But you're conflating what I said about a bug that (given the lack of details) I thought might be an explanation, with whatever is the cause of what you're actually experiencing. Not the same things friend.

    Just as an FYI for those that don't know (it may not be the case in this situation - but just in case).

    If a player goes invisible while you're targeting them, you can use any skills freely so long as you don't give a new movement command. It doesn't update your target for some reason until you move, even though that target is invisible. They're completely incapable of complex movement (the AI has to use out-of-range pathing to follow you), but they can use skills and attacks freely.

    Pets do it too. Set them to target a player, and they'll stalk and attack them even if they're invisible.

    Whether or not that's bug abuse is hard to say since some people just instinctively fight that way without realizing what they're doing... and if you stealth and immediately stand still almost anyone will do it by accident. But since I've seen people accuse others of hacking cause of bad programming, thought I'd bring it up.

    I imagine somewhere out there you can probably find hacks to see stealth, but I've yet to see a situation personally where it didn't look like it was 95% likely it was just this bug (it's pretty easy to recognize once you know to look for it).

    The LoD-times can be found in the event-calendar:

    The time there is CEST, so it should be the local time in france.

    That calendar actually seems to adjust to whatever your time is. Its part of why I find it so useful. Although LoD runs in a 3 hour, easy to remember pattern, so I usually just remember time/channel relative to the server reset personally.

    As far as leveling yourself without LoD... Main questing is probably the best way when available. If you're not 55 (the level requirement for LoD), just focus on doing your main quest and killing whatever is on your way. You should hit 55 with almost no grinding between quests.

    If you're in the 45-55 range and need EXP (or have a friend 45-55 that can host), PTS 45-55 gives tons of EXP. Around 50% an hour at lvl 45 without a boa. It's also quite profitable. It continues to be good EXP until the upper 50s.

    If you genuinely can't find a fam that'll help you level from 55-65 to get your WK (I almost promise you can if you look hard enough), then I suggest you get at least a lvl 20 assassin, 30%+ dark fairy, and +3 or higher dagger.

    With what I mentioned above, you should be able to mob Lion Wolves in East Krem, or Pigeons in Maple woods (depending on your armor or if you have res). It's not very fast... Like 10% an hour without boa if I remember right for pigeons at 55. But sadly, I don't think there's many better options without LoD. At the very least though, farming lion wolves and pigeons are at least quite profitable while you slowly level.

    My personally ideal situation would be no pets, partners, or potions (buffing or healing), no buffs from any SP but your own (strips buffs on entry like AoT, and prevent parties so they can't buff each other when they work together, and so they still friendly fire), and a "equalizer" buff.

    Basically the buff would be something like (probably with number tweaks):

    • (99-Lvl)*1% bonus HP
    • (99-Lvl)*1% armor penetration
    • (99-Lvl)*1% bonus armor

    The buff would basically give low levels a chance against the high levels without completely invalidating the SPs, gear, and levels people have worked hard to make.

    Might also be cool to break the "no pots/pets/outside buffs" rules with interact-ables on the event map that would give you those bonuses until that match ends.

    But a pvp event does sound fun in general.

    This may be a bit off topic of the original point of the thread... but since everyone keeps bringing IC up.

    The people you're talking about buying everything on bazar are what most of us call Resellers. You are correct in that they are responsible for raising the price of nosmall items, as well as the most traded items. They are a very large part of what destroyed the UK economy, and will likely eventually claim the US.

    As far as soloing IC... The only thing soloing IC has to do with resellers, is that most of the resellers also tend to solo IC, and tend to be the players that grief and intentionally kill other players.

    The biggest impact soloing IC has on the games economy, is that it quite considerably LOWERS the price of VBEs, WOA, and attack/defense potions. Things that pretty much all players benefit from being cheaper.

    As a person that solos IC every now and again to make my own FPs, I completely understand hating jerks that flame and grief you for doing IC on "their" channel, but as Morgoth and Ruff have pointed out, this a reportable action.

    If you don't want only a few players profiting from solo IC, join their IC's and get in on the loot. If they try to kill you, take screenshots/recordings and get them banned. The resources from IC are finite, and intended to be gathered from all 5 channels.

    If people didn't prefer to AFK in C1 IC for 3-9 woa, and instead spread out and partook in the alt channel ICs, the resource count would be the same, but more players would benefit more. Heck, alt ICs might even win more often then, rather than us just SURVIVING.

    Behold the power of google.…ns/0/3223871682628971177/

    The third section is what I believe you're after. You're trying to use your steam account through the standalone client, right? If so, the third section tells you how to make an actual Nostale account out of it to sign in with.

    P.S. Morg. That might be a dangerous thing to recommend as I understand it. If you unlink a steam account (that is steam only, without having created a stand alone client version), apparently there is a warning before you unlink that the account will be unrecoverable, as there won't be account data to sign in with anywhere anymore.

    Thank you for the clarification Morgoth!

    I agree with you. It's bannable for one raid but not others. I'm still looking for "concrete" answer.
    It just seems like gold was being exploited from Imp raids and they needed to stop this but IC is year round and it is legal.

    IC aside... Maybe I can clarify why Imp raid and not the others.

    Based on everything Morgoth and the GMs have said, what about the imp raid that is a bug is the situation in which the boss can be attacked, without being able to attack. This situation occurs in no other raid, and is why its specific to the imp raid. The trapping of the 2nd imp is perfectly fine, as you are not attacking it. Just like the phoenix and the dragon in their corresponding raids.

    So Trapping of any kind is perfectly fine. But trapping means disengage a mob, leaving them in a certain place. If you do not disengage, but instead continue to kill the mob, if that mob is physically unable to retaliate, it is a bug. So the defining trait is that IF it can be attacked, it MUST be able to attack back.

    This is why this ruling applies to NO OTHER RAIDS. Greni, Yerti, and others TRAP mobs, and disengage them. Raids like SP8 pull the aggro to one person, but still allow the mob to attack. So this rule is 100% unique and singularly applied to the imp raid for this specific reason.

    Y'all are making this emphasis about the gold and the rewards, but by "unfair advantage" it doesn't mean monetarily, it means efficiently. It makes the raid easy to the point of "unfair" as qualified by GF (it is vague so that GF themselves can decide where that point is), since 1 person can AFK it. If y'all are concerned about people making too much money off this raid, that's an issue with alts, and a different conversation. When it comes to IC making too much money for people, no one can stop you from doing the same. If they do, it is called griefing, and is bannable, as explained by Ruff and Morgoth.

    Sorry if that seemed redundant, was trying to cover as many viewpoints as possible.

    Question for Morgoth regarding the bug...

    So if I use the safe spot for alts that I don't want to micro, but keep at least one character tanking the boss, is it still bannable under the bug clause? Seeing as this thread has generally emphasized that the boss being unable to attack is the issue, I thought I'd ask about this specific clarification. While I personally don't hold a grudge against those that use this to make gold, rules are rules, and I don't care to get banned personally lol.

    10 years without a forum account and literally made an account JUST for this...

    It's my least played class so have very little to say on it.

    • SP4

      • That ghost guard buff crit damage bonus seems a little high to me... At least for all the other amazing stats that thing gives.
    • SP8

      • It's heal is awesome. But its CD is way too absurd. Maybe like a 2min CD, with a 1min buff for like 5%/2s? Basically an end game aura.


    • CD on armor skin is too short for effective luring. Even if I had to deal with a 90s CD, 60s duration minimum would be amazingly useful for PVE.

    • Maybe make fear also slow by like 30-50% for pvp? Help with the extreme kiting issues. Would take a morale dodge reduction if it meant I could actually stay on archers.


    • The dash skill has too much lag at the end of the skill. Gap closing means nothing if they run 10 spaces away before I can move. Make this more like zerk's dash skill please. Otherwise a beautiful SP imo.


    • Make it's non-ulti AOE's more consistant. It's practically single target outside of its lvl 20 skill, which usually relegates it to slave buffing duties.
    • Make buffs last 5min. It throws off buff rotations painfully so.
    • Rework the shield thing. Maybe make it like an artillery effect. Once it's turned on, you gain increased range, damage, and defense, but you're unable to move until you toggle it off. Decent cast time for both toggling on AND off.
    • Make HP buff stack with bear please, or make it a higher level buff.


    • Make berserk buff a % damage increase, and a % damage taken increase (not a armor reduction). Makes it more useful later in the game, and makes the defense loss not almost always outweigh the damage buff.
    • Maybe this is too crazy... But can life or death get a BIGGER HP drain per second, and gain the ability to recover a % of the damage delt while its active? Would be a cool unique thing that I think would be awesome and fitting to zerk's kit, and make them more dynamic in PVP.
    • Frenzied strikes could probably use a range buff. For that cast time, it does too small an AOE imo.
    • Change the ultimates debuff to a lvl 5 please. It's one of the best debuffs in the game, but is almost always negated.
    • Change the SP4 dash to work like SP8 dash please. Fits thematically, and is just cooler to control imo.
    • Too much to ask for 2 range AOE on auto? It is a pretty massive axe afterall.


    • Increase chance for knockdown effect on first skill (for reasons later in suggestion)
    • CD's are too long for most skills. But rather than change them, why not double down on knockdown? Whatever attack you use after a knockdown gets a 40% CD reduction. Its a great SP, and CD's are about the only thing that makes it a bit weak imo.
    • Mana reduction on the reflect skill. It's a good skill, just not good enough to cost 15% the average swordies mana pool.


    • Fix the HP buff bug, where it removes other HP buffs even after you go to the damage buff. Or make it stack with other HP buffs please.


    • Rework suggestion for ultimate. Make the player go untargatable like monk ultimate during cast time and semi-dissapear (just cause thematically cool). The ulti then hits 2 AOE around the player, and ALL enemies marked by his fear on the map. Reduce the bonus damage from fear accordingly. Makes his ulti cool and unique.

    • Make its fear lock enemies in place. Makes his combo better in pvp, and prevents him from being physically unable to mob since most skills cause them to run away.
    • Make the soul stealer buff RESTORE mana, not drain it.
    • Increase range of the drag skill by just a bit.
    • Reduce the CDR from the higher level soul siphon buff to 60% from 80%, but make it last longer, so it is maintainable.
    • Increase his dash attacks range by almost double, and increase re-cast time for 2nd half.
    • Make its defense buff have a lower CD.
    • Make his AOE siphon skill restore a % HP. Flat HP heal is basically useless for high HP swordies. Increase mana if needs be, but should be rewarding to land this since its damage is terrible


    • Maybe make debuffs last a little longer. Has amazing debuffs, but they're far too short to capatalize on for the cast times usually. Otherwise an amazing SP

    By far my most played and most loved class for its fun. ESPECIALLY SP2 and SP7.

    • SP1

      • Remove the damage bonus for hawk eye, make it a flat increase, or lock it to a self buff only. The % increase is way too strong for most other classes, especially the ones with 10+ range.
    • SP2

      • MAKE TUMBLE 100% CHANCE TO WORK. Why is there a 20% chance to stand there like an idiot... It is so tilting.
      • MAKE INVIS CONSISTANT. Personally, I'd like to see its mana cost down to 100, its CD down to 10-15 seconds (hear me out...), and its duration a consistant 20-30 seconds with either no move speed slow, or at most a -2. Give most of the assassin's skills a bonus ambush damage, and make assassins play around the stealth dash for maximum damage and mobility. It'd be cool to have this SP actually play around its stealth, rather than it just being a gimmick that's only used for sneaking through places, or to sneak up and cheap people in arena.
      • Chance the armor shred part of the crit buff skill last maybe 10 seconds after the cast. Its the only armor ignoring buff I know of, and cool unique traits are always a + to double down on imo.
      • Sin is by FAR my favorite SP in this game, and I actually loved the reworked crit buff (it's less noob friendly, but is more versatile and cool imo, plus old one is useless with the ulti debuff). The only thing I feel it suffers from is inconsistency from tumble and stealth. PLEASE if nothing else make those two more consistent.
    • SP3

      • Make claymore hit like a truck. It is so hard to land in both PVP AND PVE, and takes so long to cast, so I think its only fair it has absurd damage.
      • Improve fire mine AI. Maybe make them prioritize whatever you were targeting when you summoned them? At the very least, make them prioritize IN combat enemies over NON combat enemies, or the actual closest enemy.
      • Reduce knockbacks cooldown. Would be fun to use it to play around claymore if it got a damage buff.
    • SP4

      • Too strong to ask for buffs, but too much a staple to ask for nerfs lol. Please leave this beautifully OP wolf bear bird person alone.
    • SP5

      • Make the AOE bonus buff last longer than the skills CD. I feel like this is a staple to the CS, and should always be up.
      • Make auto attack AOE (maybe 0 range without buff, so its decent WITH buff). Specially fitting with its buff.
    • SP6

      • Please make it break stealth when it is attacked, or attacks. Why does this have better stealth than an assassin?
      • Please remove the crit damage cap from its buff. Reduction I can see. But this thing has way too many skills to kite and be safe to ALSO be safe when it's hit imo.
    • SP7

      • Honestly my most loved SP in the game. PVE is fun, PVP is fun, and it's actually decent at both. My ONLY request, is PLEASE make the first stage of its buff be the highest level buff. I know, it is logically backwards, but having to wait till all 3 stages of the buff are gone to rebuff is annoying for pacing.
    • SP8

      • Super fun SP but kinda weak if it doesn't crit. Maybe make it follow act 6's rules. Give it a buff that slightly reduces crit damage, but gives a HUGE crit CHANCE buff (like 40%+) and a hit rate buff.
      • The two bow skills kinda feel way too samey. Maybe replace one for the new buff above?
      • Its AOE's are really small, making them hard to consistently land. Archer is also the only class without a voke atm. Maybe on the skill the shocks enemies, make it also pull in all enemies around that target within 6-ish AOE? Would be different from TL and war, since it is enemy based spatially, and would make AA's kit even cooler and more fun to use imo.