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    so atm this how basar work u type name of stuff your looking for lets take for example full moon so you type the name and then you buy and that it

    so my idea is adding a request item to nosbasar for example you check for full moon and you dont wana buy for that price then u going to request for cheaper and once u make the request the amount of gold needed to purchase would be reduced as long as the request is up and once some 1 sell u the moon inside nosbasar they get payed and u get the items via basar or parcel could use some help from the community to improve the idea :) coz it would be rly usfull instead of spam speakers all day long

    could even add a new section here by name of requested item or something like that so player dont get confused so they dont lose there items

    it would be rly nice to add this coz for example if u have a +9 tatto and u wana test new tatto only way is to remove it and that is a big wast and it would be nice too since its gona be tradable by players

    other than changing back triple / hawk to global for the pve player Demon Warrior buff duration should be increased from 120 sec to 300 sec also ... and maybe increase the dmg and def from 5% to 10% (Demonic Powers Skill ) coz now dmg feel kinda low on pve ...

    and Just make Arena and Fc self buff only since ppl complain about buffs ... coz right now raids or mobing is kinda difficult unless they planning to increase the exp rate then i have no comment on that

    so we all been there betting ur eqs n then boom is gone and some time this happen coz u cant even see the amulet buff in to ur caracter and it would be kinda nice to make amulet stack up or the game would ask u ur amulet ran out would u like to use another 1 instead of just giving u a warning ....

    some time ur late to go fc on cali time so fernon open and ur team start waiting for u to get in the boat and walk to the portal in ul (wast arround 5-7+min) so why not make a npc or portal that would show up in port alveus or nosvile so ppl could come to fernon map quicker that way ( npc or portal would only work when cali is defeated ofc )

    You could also add res and mask since there's kirolla and carno too, right...? That would only kill those raids, so big NO from me. Drop from paimon box is fine as it is.

    i mean entwell always made it like that for most of cases new raid content kills the old 1 have a look to fernon when ppl keept spamming it even after act7 was out they just killed it and made it impossible for low clv players and ya i only said belial broken sword coz that the only good item u get from belial now since ppl would still spam kiro and carno to get res ...

    yah that a nice idea too as long as u dont have to drag and move the boxs manually would be nice if there was another option that would have a commend like "would u like to move all ur boxs to the auto open area or something like that "

    RIP MA and close range sps, this activity wasn't planned for us, and it shows. BTW, can they give us res reduction? In Kirollas and Paimon we do 1 dmg unless there's a res debuff of our same element, kinda sad tbh.

    ma dont only need res reduction it also need life steal on c45 gear atleast its so annoying ...

    i would like to know if there gona be some special reward for each month rank 1 to 10 players clear celestial spire or it just the rewards from it itself ?

    also it would be kinda nice to see a pop up that show u how many waves u have left so far inside celestial spire

    and when ur far away from totem even with the zoom u cant rly see the hp of it so is it possible to add a way that would notify u about the totem hp