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    You can change your nickname one time during 3 months.

    Please, when you choose your new nickname, be sure that its not in use and it is with forum rules. To get a name change please post here with the proper forum

    to request a name change use this form:

    Old nickname:

    New nickname:

    Please remember this is for FORUM accounts only!

    a few other notes: No editing your post here it will result in you being banned from name changes!

    do not pm anyone to get the name change, it will only result in the change not happening.

    Only requests with the proper form in this thread will be allowed

    You will get a warning that will not count against you when your nick is changed.

    ulgh so hard to read on this skin x.x

    I use chrome and the 'page top" button seems to be fine for me. the down arrow seems to be missing. Which browser do you use?

    First part it doesn't force me to the bottom of the screen sometimes but other times it does. I can't seem to replicate it properly.

    The whole post it seems to not show it in the post its self after you post but you can read it by "display more"

    I also am having issues edited in the quotes. ALl i have found is to edit the quote then requote.

    All of these are my complaints as well x.x

    Ima go continue dieing to this sinus infection now. x.x

    for now if people want to do this do so in the general area. Just make sure you put which server in the thread title. If there becomes enough activity/enough people wanting to do things then we will make the areas.

    this is de's signature restrictions

    want something like that?

    we can just say to put images that are not signatures in spoilers or put a limit on how many can be in a post like spam has 5?

    Just wanted to go over the parts in your first post even though Morgoth I think covered most of it pretty well.

    A bit about the rules: we had very detailed rules that were extremely long and one of our COMAs (not lady) told us it was to long and we had to condense them. Partly due to this some things were not explains or omitted and some things were doubled.

    This is one of the redundant parts of the old rules that stayed. It is mostly there because people will make new accounts to complain about a ban instead of use the ticket system. I guess I should add if it isn't already there that you need to use the ticket system for bans.


    when is this thread opening again? there is like 100 mods now. and all requests been fulfilled.

    as Morgoth said due to some technical issues we can not change names till the forum "upgrade" to wbb5. I have no word on when this upgrade will be. Also only smod and above can actually change names so it would still fall onto myself and Luxx.



    if this includes text in images posted, please state that. also is a phrase or few words in other languages allowed or not?

    will add (when approved) the phrase Pictures and Videos for this rule as well.

    technically we are suppose to remove anything that is not in English on these forums even if it is a phrase. I have tried to be lenient about this as I know there are meme's with other language phrases that most people understand or that sometimes it is easier to just use the user's native language. We've also allowed Spanish and German before as long as translations are provided as our team has people who can speak both of those languages (though I think the majority of the Spanish ones are gone now).

    this is a rule that is the same on most GF forums where you can only type in he language that they use in that version. Same with ingame chats.


    i personally feel like censoring or abbreviating a "bad word" should be allowed.

    this is not allowed ingame or on forums as a GF wide rule. Nothing I can really do about this.


    i don't understand why bumping is absolutely not allowed. in all other forums i've been to, it is allowed within certain conditions. (e.g can't bump threads older than X days, can't bump a thread unless X amount have passed.. etc)

    this is one of those rules that was shortened. Generally we do not allow bumping because it really serves no purpose but to increase one's post count. When we were remaking the rules a few years ago we had an issue with users purposefully bumping posts to keep it as the top for no reason but they wanted their thread at the top (as in they were still on the first page). We also had an issue with people constantly bumping sale threads not that it is an issue now.

    This is also used in DE rules as well except they use "Pushing" instead of Bumping.


    again, i dont really understand this rule. never seen this in other forums. and i'm not sure what this accomplishes. if it's to stop spam then the rule should be changed to something different imo. as there are legitimate reason for a user to make 2 posts in a row that are not considered to be spam.

    this is mostly there due to people double posting galore instead of just editing a post even if they just made it.


    this is way too vague. how do you define what's distracting? and why would that be even an issue?

    basically what Morgoth mentions. I will not put examples in case we do have people with these issues but will try to describe it more.


    World of spam Rules:

    this makes sense for some threads. but imo this shouldn't a rule that applies to the whole world of spam section, see my argument above.if a game thread needs this rule for it to function better, then that rule could be added in that thread itself.

    as Morgoth said if a thread needs a different rule then we can add it in for that thread. Reason this is here is basically the same issue we saw with the two brothers who spammed for 10+ pages of one then the other talking. We had users every 10mins or so playing the counting games solo because others were not around.


    maybe this was needed in 2008 when these rules are made? idk. but what i do know that it definitely shouldn't be a rule now in 2019. it isn't even enforced at all (aside from using it as an excuse to target ban) so i feel like this rule should be removed.

    have to remember people also have data limits and slower internet. Not everyone has a ton of data/fast net and we would like them to be able to see the forum without a signature or two slowing down the whole page. Infact we had a ton of people complaing when we updated it to 100 kb (though I guess we should increase this nowdays lol).


    and if i may add, i would like a clear statement written in the forum rules about what a mod can and can't do. because it seems like they are allowed to take action against things outside of the rules. i do not mind this, as it allows mods to handle things such as loopholes or just things that by common sense shouldn't be allowed, but the rules have missed it. but please make it clear if a mod can take any action at their own discretion or not.

    thank you for reading. and i would like to hear everyone's opinion about this, and from @kitcalie specifically.

    I will see if I can do something towards this. I know we had a thread for a while.

    oh here is the thread: https://board.en.nostale.gamef…is-Who-in-the-Forum-Team/

    something like this?


    also want to point out what Morgoth as basically being the same as my ideas on most of that lol said let's talk about the forum rules

    the dyslexic is allowed to type wrong!! Specially when she is used to it saying 3.27.2019 not 27.3.2019 XD
    Also I use the number pad for numbers and 7 is right above 4 ^.^'
    This is also why Lady always does announcements about that :love:

    I seriously find ridiculous the 400x400 image rule,like 4 real now,we do that daily and nobody bats an eye.
    But creating a second account is perma-bannable.The very first rule of the forum says ;

    Soo,More Goth did nothing wrong ! Bring him back !

    whoops! emm I clicked the wrong person and he got banned. He will be back LOL

    hm , i think i can try do something good for the forum , i just need some free time and mite try do some icons for each of the forum rep or something like that , but i would like to know what u mainly wanna from them ,+ resolution ,texts,etc.

    I do not see the Icon requirements changing with the new forum but even if you finish them and they get approved before the new forum comes I doubt they will be used till it comes about just as a warning.

    Size: 150 x 50 px
    file size limit 25kb
    jpg or png
    no made by or copyright symbols.
    ^ basicly the same as was used awhile back for the team member rank icon contest.

    will ask lady about the first. Having it on the dashboard is what was weird for me on the de forum. I know how to do the other and will ask Lady about it when she is around. Found out the Highlighting post thing and again will ask Lady to activate it when she is able to do so. ;)

    ty for the info :love:

    soo.. just let me ask one thing.. why does it have to be a contest? open a thread, ask for stuff you can implement and let users who are interested to do it. we dont do art for some reward, we do it for the art.

    also this isn't only about custom art. what about other features like this.. launcher i guess?

    I am not sure what that is but I know for a long time they were doing stuff like this via their team making the images. I know nostale Spanish does something like this but theirs is not shown on the dashboard just the forums.


    what about team members having a colored border around their post?

    those are the only 2 i noticed immediately, maybe there are even more features.

    I have no idea tbh. Spanish forum has it as well but I have no idea how they do it o.o'


    also dark theme as an idea.

    we've asked for this a few times. Had it in a past forum version but as far as I've seen and heard there is no dark skin for any of the nostale forums.

    as far as make things not a contest is mostly because no one really seemed interested so I never really thought to do so. For a long time I had ghosty to make images for us but since she quit I was not really sure what to do. I take responsibility for that and will try to correct it once the upgrade is ready. TBH I want the upgrade now but I know GF had some issues with trying to upgrade .de so it is postponed.

    last Icon contest we had i think 5 entries and most were people that no longer played or play on other regions. Got 6 entries for the Halloween art contest, 3 entries for a screen shot contest for Christmas. If we do not get 3+ entries I am supposed to invalidate the contest due to not enough entries but I have been trying not to do that. The Halloween contest took around 3 weeks to create due to various time zones and we got 6 entries and complaints about the same people wining all the time. The screen shot one was done in about a week and we got 3 entries. Its very demotivating when you put in all that work and get almost no responses.

    when we were doing art contests every few months people complained it was the same people who always won so we stopped doing so. When we tried signature contests we got 2-3 people always the same people who would enter.

    This all being said, we do have a few events we are working on if we ever get the forum upgrade. If you have a suggestion for them please feel free to post them.

    most of the "customization" that you see is the team making the images that are being used. Unfortunately I have no artistic ability so I have to rely on events and others to do the work.

    The forum banners we have now (winter theme) Sky gave us permission to use before they left the team.