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    why has it reached a point of no return? again, refer to the things i mentioned earlier in this post. none of them apparently reached this "point of no return", and i don't see how this (or anything at all) could reach that point.

    I think Steffie mostly meant there that considering other communities had a limit and Gameforge decided to remove the limit instead of putting a limit on the communities that did not have a limit kinda shows what direction they wanna walk on.

    Sure they could do a 180 turn, will they though?

    Just as Morgoth said, they decided to remove the limit instead of setting a limit for all communities, they also implemented a new launcher that can run several clients at the same time; we could say that they already took a decision. Also, in my opinion, even if they consider to change it in the future, now that unlimited alts are allowed in all/most communities, a change in this matter will negatively affect a huge amount of players and most of them won't really agree with that change (Because even if I don't have access to the exact numbers, I do know that those who are totally against this matter are a minority).

    Gameforge could decide to change it, but in the current circumstances, I find it highly improbable and I don't think it is the correct decision either. If NosTale was supposed to be an entirely cooperative game, it isn't anymore and that's normal: Everything changes in life, this game isn't the exception.

    Sadly, even if UK community has years with this issue, other communities had a limit for the amount of accounts that players were allowed to use at the same time. During the past year, before the first round of server merges, this rule was deleted and now they are allowed to play with unlimited accounts too.

    The change was done to have similar rules in all Gameforge communities. That said, once that the limit was removed from other communities you reached a point of no return: Can't be changed anymore.

    Ofc, that's only my personal opinion.

    Its like it is written in their constitution to speak only their native language,lul.

    Well, english isn't my native language either and I'd rather speak spanish than english, it doesn't mean that I don't know how. I have seen german, spanish and chinese families, for example, and they don't gather in the same family just for fun: Everyone feels more comfortable if they can speak their native language. And same applies to all countries and languages.

    You're talking like US is the only server in the world and all players would sell their souls to play there. You should take in count than Cylloan isn't the only option when it comes to have a fresh start in one active server with a decent economy. Choosing other servers instead of this one isn't a "mistake", just a decision between the things you like or not.

    And actually yeah they are smart because most of the people from Germany, Spain, etc. don’t know English so they will actually start or at least try playing in the new servers.

    Actually, most people can understand the language, especially the young people. But why would that change anything here?

    well if US server is anything to go by then that won't happen. because US server is still alive and well now after more than 2 years. however, i do acknowledge that this doesn't necessarily mean the same thing will happen with these server too. it's still a good indicator though.

    I can't really check the current situation of all servers, but I think US was the only server that survived from the ones that were created during the release in Steam. Most of them ended up empty or merged, so it depends on your point of view. I have to add that some servers received people from other servers that were empty and they thought they will never be able to play in their original server; once that Gameforge announced that they were planning to do a server merge, those player came back to their old server. US didn't lose too many players because UK was never merged.

    So yeah, this time it could be different or just the same. We won't know until it happens.

    i keep hearing this (here and from other communities threads too) but no one ever mentions what's the best decision to make in this case.

    The best decision, in my opinion, is gather more new players with other type of changes:

    - New marketing strategies: This matter improved in the last few months, but there's a long way to go.

    - Updates: Fix old bugs, improve IG events and features that are so "2009", make changes that were requested for players for a long time now. They are doing a good job in this matter and I can say that most changes were really positive for all communities. For example: The looting system in IC.

    - Making the game more attractive for new players: Old players won't be here forever and we already know that new players don't tend to stay in the game: It isn't visually attractive, it takes too much time to reach an enjoyable level and have a decent equipment. They already gave you a blessing that works like a permanent double exp event, but to be honest: This game doesn't start to be funny at level 80 anymore, I don't even think that you can actually enjoy the game at level 90, so the game should evolve a little bit and offer new, easier and faster ways to level up and get decent equipments in certain levels.

    Regarding the last point, I know that old players would probably say: "But that's not fair, I had to spend several weeks, months and maybe years improving my character, levelling until lvl 9X+3X. If I could other people can, they game shouldn't be that easy, what's the point", etc. But old players should take in count that new players won't stay in a game where they have to stay 2-3 days killing sheeps and dogs to get to level 55, levelling up in a map that only opens in certain hours (Though EN has one of the best schedules for LOD, I have to add) and spending that much time of their lives farming and levelling to barely enjoy the game at level 90, without getting kicked from SP 5-6 raids just because you don't have that much damage, like other players with level 92-96 or champion level.

    A game needs to be funny. I could keep talking about the whole matter, but that's the main issue here.

    When this was announced, some of you made comments about UK in their official Nostale page and they gave these replies:


    No, only the bigger communities will get a new server. The smaller communities are still in line for a merge. This will still take some time though!

    UK was not forgotten. Since we know the activity in UK and other smaller communities is low, having an international merge for certain communities is still on our agenda.

    NosTale There is a limit of channels we can add at the moment. An international servermerge for smaller communities is still on our agenda! We´ll inform you as soon, as there is more news regarding this. :)


    So you can be sure that we won't have a new server for UK. Also, they are aware of the current situation in UK and merges or international merges are in their plans.

    Now, talking about the communities that will have a new server, I don't really agree with it for the same reasons that you probably know: Not enough players to fill the current servers, it will affect the old server and new ones will probably end up empty again. However, I do see the positive points on it: New servers where new players can actually grow and get to know the game without being crashed by the high levels and the server economy (Especially if we talk about ES servers and any other server with those prices).

    Not the most accurate decision, but not the worst either.

    I hate when they change something that dosent need a change just for the sake of it or some silly reason.

    I'll explain to you the same thing that I had to explain in other forums. Though I will reply in this thread because the other one isn't about the forum.

    The developer of our forum is Woltlab. Woltlab is, of course, is improving and creating new services and that means that the old services/softwares/systems will be considered obsolete after a time, just like it happens everytime Windows creates a new OS, for example. And when that happens, though it isn't done immediately, the developers decide that they won't continue updating the previous versions of their product. In our case, Woltlab decided that we (WBB4 users) would only receive limited support due to security reasons. (This is of course, public information that is available in their official forum)

    It may sound funny, because there's a lot of people using Windows XP without a single problem and they don't get hacked just like that, but when you stop receiving updates to solve security issues or fix any possibility of getting hacked in a new way or with a new virus, you have a problem, same happens if you stop receiving updates to solve bugs. Also, you have to take in count that EVENTUALLY an old system/software will be considered obsolete for other things too and it might lead to compatibility problems. For example, Nostale, that is pretty much an old game, doesn't support certain versions of Windows or at least, the company doesn't guarantee the game will work in those OS anymore.

    "Normal" persons can play with their security as much as they want, because "normal" persons USUALLY are not considered targets and if they have a problem, it will only affect that single person and that person will deal with the consequences of those decisions. But we're talking about a company with hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of players and that means that it will always be a target and has sensitive information that shouldn't be available for third parties, because the company is responsible for your information, in all the meanings of the word. Does that mean that your information was vulnerable in the previous version? No, it wasn't, as I stated, WBB4 version still has support due to security reasons, but a company can't just say "Well, it is safe now, lets stay like this until something happens". They have to prevent these things from happening, if it is in their hands.

    I do agree with the fact that this style, the colours, everything about it is horrible or doesn't show as it should, and I'm sure they will try to fix it asap. But if you ask me, was it really necessary? Yes, it was. Security > Style. Always. *Severus Snape intesifies*