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    of course! because we would slaughter everyone in the blink of an eye. you won't even get the chance to say "nani" before you're already dead.

    Pff , he would turn on you with the first occasion , shoving a silver fork on your hand in front of the town to prove you are the werewolf and yeet your ace out of the game.

    Then everyone would be like, hence Jekyll demasked him he can't be the werewolf right ?

    And such he will sneak all the way to the top till only one villager remains, and then , he will claim his thropy as winner.

    This begs the question.

    If in the final game 1 villager and 1 werewolf remains, who wins ?

    Tbh if Jekyll and Vendetta gets picked as the werewolfes then it would be a rather quick game.

    I'd prefer it if nobody said what their role is, but I'm definitely open for discussion and would love to see what other people think about it.

    What do you mean , isn't the whole point of the game to find out the werewolves and by extension everyone else roles ?

    I can see situations where some people might not give any reasoning at all. As long as it's not the norm and people won't just vote someone out for the sake of voting, I guess it's alright.

    I think the host stiring up some conflicts would do.:alte:

    And also, one thing I'd like to ask you guys ; let's say someone gets killed or whatever -- do you guys think they should still be able to chat and all? I think it would be fair to let them do everything except voting / killing. I think it's better for the thread too as more people in it talking = more activity :D

    Ussually in the mafia , the dead don't speak.:altp:

    I also agree with the wheel.

    that's not entirely true. pinky brought up the point in another thread of building an audience with more consistent event hosting rather than expecting to have big crowd right away and just giving up completely when it doesn't go as envisioned.

    Thank you ,someone gets it !

    And because changes weren't made which suited the EN player's perspective, you assume this to be the GM's fault for not arguing the point enough.

    Its not your fault, its their ,i already said that, imo they should either give you more power or simply put a developer of the game in each forum to receive feedback from the players.

    Because is tiring to use the old format of making a thread , gm send to it to its superior and the story ends.

    Even better, why not make a an ''Official Response'' corner , where every GM posts the GF/Ent response to whatever we suggested, we the players are often left in the air when we make a suggestion, ''like thx for the feedback,bye'' and that's it, no aftermath. I mean if this is the CoMa job , it can made more transparent.

    Lets have an example so you can get what im saying.

    Morgoth opens a feedback thread about ''Rainbow Battle'' saying ;

    Hey peeps we want to know if you like the new RCB ?

    We write our feedback about it ;

    We like the fact that is every 2 hours but we don't like the rewards/the map/ the brackets etc.

    After a while Morgoth sends the results to CoMa then CoMa to the developers or who are in charge with the game per se.

    Those in charge with the game take a decision and then send word back to CoMa which sends word to Morgoth and Morgoth posts a thread.

    ''RE ; Feedback ; Rainbow Battle ''

    Hello players,

    THE Developers agreed to do x because y.

    THE Developers disagreed to do x because y.

    You see ? We lack responses, and Foremost reasoning for these responses.

    Well , regardless i still don't feel represented and won't till some big change happens in this regard.

    So apparently my post was the ''icing on the cake'' that triggered so many teamlers to react, lul.

    Im kinda glad of this. Means there is some interest.

    But i must first say the post was directed to the ones who pulls the strings GF/Entwell , as the comment that Vendetta made that i enforced.

    So the things i listed are a product of these 2 alone and not the GM that are just trying to do the job.

    But anyways im happy to respond to your replys anyway.


    Need I say more? Organised events like those you listed need players to take part. No players interested? No event.

    Foremost, my complaint was the lack of events , the pvp tournaments were just the ones that i can remember.

    If the problem is the number of players ;

    but maybe we can find something that is not bound to a number of participants? :)

    Also if i can suggest , why not host the event anyway even if a low number of participants participate ?

    Odd, but the chances for others to join future teamlers events if they see the fact that those INDEED take place will rise.

    Like you only have 3 teams and cant do the tournament anyway,ok split the teams and do a battle royale thingy, make a special terrain where non-participants can't enter, summon all of them in individual arena arena while promoting it in the speaker chat, marketize them better , don't just throw the whole thing out to garbage when you meet a wall. Its what i'd like to see.

    Creativity and ingenuity.

    I fought tooth and nail to make ppl go to Caligor back on uk , it wasn't easy and wasn't succesfully from the first try, but for a time ppl were really going to Caligor to kill him and such many caligor raids were won.

    Out of curiosity, what would you expect a team member to do to fulfill your expectation on this?

    In order for a team member to fulfill my expectation on this, it must do more then just send a feedback to GF/Entwell , it also have to try to convince them and fight for our suggestion to be implemented.

    And in order to do that you must understand the perspective of the players.

    Things that didn't happen when Mad march gold theft happen or when yertiraid ''bugfix'' happened even tho no foul play was comming from the players on that one yet a change that that was against the players was made.

    Hopefully this was elaborated enough, as i see this was also what Morgoth is asking, and if Morgoth can't see the clear discrepancies beetwen the forum customizations then what more can i say ?

    An exemple.

    and if you think there isn't any discrimination or special treatments towards certain communities then you're just ignorant.

    Let me enforce this ;

    1. Forum customization, just compare EN to French, we don't even come close to them.

    2. Teamlers activity, in some servers, there are intriguing fun events like mandra football and what not, with pvp tournaments being a tradition by now.

    Teamlers activity here ? 2 PVP tournaments from 2014 till now that didn't even came to be.

    3. Up until recently we didn't had any feedback threads coming from teamlers, which means lack of initiative for players to create discussions and suggestions.

    Now this is not 100% confirmed but hence the first 2 points are valid, im pretty sure these communities had these feedback threads and more regarding debate initiative long before us.

    For me personally, i just hate how we don't have a GM that can't attach to the player perspective on different matters and ''speak for us''.

    Now im not saying that every GM should be like this but surely having one would be nice.