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    your circles around the weapon effects and skill descriptions make no sense. using a skill with [100 ranged attack] 3 times will yield the same total damage as a skill with [300 ranged attack] one time. simple maths really 3x1=1x3.

    Sure, I cant argue anymore. Maybe someone else will have time to explain you maths.

    i was just trying to piss off jekyll bit more with some "quick maths"


    find yourself a job

    sometimes I'm just triggered by ridiculous phrases

    Pinkamena in case you are looking for examples...

    Each time i refresh this thread i see Jekyll post getting edited one more time.

    Things are surely getting heated here.

    Im just making it clearer, because if I dont, then gandalof will be like wHaT aRe YoU sAyInG gO LeArN rEaSoNiNG

    also im tired after work, i make typos and other mistakes

    i get what you're saying but the way you're saying it is wrong. you don't get "much bigger boost than what is in the skill description".. if you do then it would be a bug. it's more of a "the skill numbers isn't the only factor in damage calculation".

    (inb4 he doesn't get what im saying and goes with "U dOnT uNdErStAnD dAmAgE" again)


    r u blind?

    equipment gives much bigger boost than what is in skill description

    233.JPG1232.JPG1223333.JPG4334.JPG kertos boots give 100 elemental energy

    Division of the skill properties by 3 (into 3 different skills) with the result of an equal total damage would be possible only if equipment had NO effect on skills whatsoever.

    1 skill attack is never equal to 3 skill attacks in total damage. DPS is higher when you have combo skills.

    I understand how damage calculation works. you're the one who doesn't understand what i'm trying to say. maybe triple slash wasn't the best example to use in terms of clarity, but i do think it's the best example if it were to be understood perfectly, every other skill i can think of would greatly benefit the card and make it stronger overall.

    We were talking about how swordies dont have speedy combos like seers and scouts, only monk has 3 skills in his combos at MAX. You said that even if we divided triple slash into 3 skills it wouldnt make much difference,

    if you mean "multi-usage skill" (dunno what else to call it), then yeah. but is that feature really needed? i mean it's nice, but not the most broken thing in of itself, it depends on the skill. (example: if warrior triple slash had this, i don't think it would make much difference. but if shoulder charge did, now that would be really broken)

    although it's fundamentally wrong, because 1) skills make more dmg than normal hit and combos take less time than separate normal hits 2) a lot of attack power comes from equipment on higher level. If you counted how many seconds does it take for scout to perform a full combo attack, and then did normal attacks within the same period of time, total damage WOULDNT be equal.

    Same works with your triple slash if it was to be divided into a series of 3 combo attacks. Most likely it would be 3 combo attacks = 2 normal hits (timewise) and 3 combo attacks = 4 normal hits (damagewise)

    you don't seem to get what my point was. damage calculation for the skill wouldn't change

    lmao ok you dont understand how damage calculation works.

    with this logic, triple slash from warrior is calculated using TRIPLED basic atk value, which is not true.

    just meant as if triple slash worked like scout's reload or seer's blade changer where you would be able to use again after you've just used it.

    yes thats what I mean.

    How do you think you get so high damage from 300 or smthn atk/ele power skills in their combos? because equipment gives much bigger boost than what is in skill description.

    monk is a top tier pvp sp and just as op as seer and scout.

    sorry to burst your bubble. get to c50 on german server, get eq and we'll see how its as op as seer and scout is.

    It clearly isnt. Obviously, maybe at lv80 monk can tank pretty good, but after lv95 its just a punchbag unless you have an op armour.

    FireBow tell us how monk is good vs scout at c28 XD

    (example: if warrior triple slash had this, i don't think it would make much difference.

    Are you for real? xd there would be a lot of difference if you divide this skill's stats to 3 hits. Because now it still counts as one hit. If it was 3 consecutive skills, damage would be calculated for each skill separately, thus more dmg, since elemental and phys dmg increases in skills are not that significant on c25+

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    goddamn are you watching fairy tail in 2k19?

    he will be coming to spell the E.N.D for you sooner or later.


    it's all going according to lord chaos plans, and i'm only telling you this because they are inevitable! you can't do anything about them anymore, all you can do is cower in fear while you're counting your days.

    This might shock you but for now morgoth is on the duty of counting someone's days in forum :rolleyes:

    The only thing this card is missing a shock or a stun

    it certainly doesnt, thanks & shut up.

    get yourself a shell with stun.

    alpha mage in matters of pvp.

    it already is with c45 staff

    Time Void , increasing the enemy skills cd, damm this must be so funny in pvp

    yes, extra funny if you actually hit the enemy with it, mostly only during stun, rest of times your opponent(s) is(are) constantly moving.

    Unfortunately swordies have nothing like seer or scout :O

    in conclusion both seer and scout shouldnt exist or other sp cards should have combo skills cuz its unfair when you consider dps at lv90+

    We are really not that bad... I mean.. are we?

    We're getting there no worries. This is a titanic, and history loves to repeat itself.

    Nice to meet you all.


    Play it while you like it. When you feel like its getting boring just find something else to play, because from there on it will be pretty annoying in every part of NosTale. like 80+ when you need to lvl 90 for hours and then make alts to buff yourself to lvl in act6.1/6.2 and spam act6 raids daily to git gut

    that's the game, you can also be lv80 and just talk to people and play only during the events since most of them dont have a specific level requirement.

    but it is behaving exactly how they are supposed to. just like any other monster.

    - scout attacks dragon, dragon aggros and attacks scout.  works as expected

    - scout moves around, dragon follows it.  works as expected

    - scout goes invisible, scout loses dragon aggro just like any other monster would.  works as expected

    so, tell me. what part of that process is not working as expected/intended?

    They wanted it to follow Yertirand cus it's his pet or smthn, but really its a pretty dumb thing to do, fight two bosses. One of them stuns movement and jumps like draco (as i remember), second causes thunderstorm circles. Like, there's only 15 lives to complete the raid and you have to rely completely on RNG to NOT get into a spot with several circles and be stunned. Unless everyone is a scout tho xd fernon raids ding ding ding ding

    Wanna lower the rewards, cause of everyone is using freaking alts. It is really insane to tell to new people that you need to multi account to be able to play the game. Those new players will just say what a dumb game no way i am gonna play that. Same for the rep system. I am hosting raids as crazy and i am not even standing in the highscore list, cause of these multi accounts. Gameforge made really bad decisions lately.

    Oh I agree 100%.
    Entwell: So they make multiaccounts huh? Well, making a balance patch nerfing the buff system together with mob hp and atk values and adding difficulty to getting a raidbox is a lil' too much to do. Instead lets lower the rewards so that we press BOTH alt abusers and normal players.pasted-from-clipboard.png

    Not sure what to call that feeling I got after watching the 8th season, but it definitely wasn't happiness.

    Well, when I reached season 8, after episode 4 I just stopped for a few days because i did not like it anymore. However, compared to season 2 - still better

    I just finished watching all 8 seasons of GoT (finally)

    Everything that I will say is...

    ...I would die waiting for every episode thus Im happy I hadn't watched it earlier.