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    1 month is enough to let 90% of my friends know i changed my nickname,10% being the inactive ones that would prob need their gold anyways and wotn give anything to the fake me

    idk,if people wont steal other people names then there will be no problem with adding this 1 month limit,right?then why not adding lul

    it was a suggestion for anti-scamming,ofc i wont change my name,i am me,but if someone from the top players does it then there might be people to steal their name and act like they would be the "real one",did we all forget the old scam method where u jsut put a different letter in name?tons of people got tricked (not me,but lets not forget the idea)

    2 years of US...that's enough time...1 month should be enough to make about 4 alts from 80 to 99 i'd say,let's say u do 3 lods/day,as far as i remember my exp at level 89 was about 10%/lod?not sure,a 6 man lod with somewhat 11 min timing per rotation gk area->rebs and back

    i can solo lod faster than that and it would be just me + my 2 alts,the only difference being that u need 1 alt to damage the lure for full xp too(which isnt that hard,i was already doing that on the reb lure with any alt since lv 55 to 80,put aegir S buff to tank and you have enough time for 3 skills from each of your 2 alts,a lv 80+ alt which is going to 90 should have atleast a light sp i'd say and some fresh eq?you can get lv80 eq from arena rep shop and lv83 eq should be pretty common in US,lod also drops res so u can sell them and buy dark res for ur alt or even craft the res urself

    oh,gotta mention,i'm a swordy and i can solo lod while still having to wait a bit for spawning sometimes,using rene doesnt allow me to auto drakes so i relly on aoes,an wk or AM should literally just wait for respawn every lure which means you can actually spend as much time as you want with moving ur alt and damaging

    be real already,2 years is A LOT OF TIME,i hate this thing about everyone on US,"Us is still pretty new",bro you all have more +50 than the UK server atleast,ok,ur server has been new for 2 years,our server for example has been on stand-by for 2 years,we didnt do anything,we can hardly raid,you can't compare all the people and raids from US with 1 periodical host on UK/1 team of fernon vs all of you guys doing fernon,your server IS ALREADY SOMEWHAT ON THE SAME LEVEL,this sh*t is just an excuse,"US is still new",even the "uk has too much gold" is pathetic,you all had erenia/zenas/yerti/fernon raids which drop tons of gold,eveyrbody spamed yerti when the US serv came,y'all droped tons of gold from these raids while uk was on stand-by and had to use tons of gold on upgrading eq/sps/overpriced nosmall items and the people with gold either quit/sold accounts-gold for real money and got banned or whatever,we LOST a lot from our total server gold while you all had SO MANY WAYS of geting money,i've seen someone selling a +100 DG months ago on US,do you realise UK only had 2 people with a zerk/dg/sin on +100 as far as i know?this being fancy that collected a lot of gems during many years and bought tons of boxes when the perfection system was added and chamik with his darkgunner,he spamed TONS of erenia with fatte using 13 alts(fatte might have a +100 sin too,so let's say 3 people),took us so damn much time and only the richest people managed to get them,a "new server" has one in "only 2 years",pls,stop crying,i'm sick of that :) it's the pure truth

    sorry for the off-topic but i couldnt ignore the "us server is still new"

    ON-TOPIC: the event is just a trash trap,that's all you need to know guys :) "wow,top items from boxes got double chance!!!",so are u that blind to realise "wow,silk has a double chance to appear in my fernon boxes..." "wow,i'm gonna get more silver necklaces from my erenia boxes","hahahaha more blazing red piece from kertos box and left/right grenigas seal piece hahaha",that kind of event exist just to make people play,that's all,no hate but everyone has to start thinking more and different about those events they're adding

    lower levels raids are useless anyway and i was jsut talking with my fellow uk survivors that half of nostale is useless and i could just make a whole thread about that but there's no point,they won't change anything and i'll jsut waste my time

    conclussion : that event is just a trap supposed to increase the activity atleast for a short time

    EDIT:ignore the timing of lod,i didnt explain myself properly and i can't find a way to explain it since i'd just have to record or do a lod myself and write down the lures and timers,been too long since i did a lod but basically a champ level eq user or anything above 95 eq/92 eq with enhanced and s-dmg can do that

    i think you're quoting the wrong post / replying in the wrong thread fire.

    you say "no joke" but what you just said HAS to be a joke right?.. right?

    it's 20% a joke and 80% the pure truth,thats why there are eq called "pvp eq" and "fc eq",don't compare a 2x def arm that does better in pvp with a overall res arm that does better in FC,FC IS NOT PURE PVP,it's just a team fight,admit it

    Points 1,2,3,4 can be summarized on: You can be a competent PVE & PVP player without nosmalling thanks to alters.

    all i want to say is that FC is NOT PVP,pvp means player vs player,FC is PVPVPVPVPVP ,no joke,people use overall res or are on a specific res,you can come and delete him with enough ele points on SP or a good reduce res weapon(yes,you mages),being a good pvp player means you 1v1,in arena...using buffs is for hunting/testing full power of your char in 1v15 situations in arena and in fc

    what do you mean with ''stronger'' why would you make stronger alts aren't they for just buffs

    there are some brothers,fatte and chamik,on UK,which made their alts level 92 and bought them decent eq and SPs so they coudl do 2 man with 15 accounts erenia/zenas raids,i've also wanted to get my alts to 90 and pve eq to do act 5.2 with them but yea,uk died,no point to level them

    more accounts you use = more gold you need to make them stronger=you need nosmall

    more accounts to use = more gold you can make = more gold ingame = bigger rates for nos$:gold = you get more gold from nosmalling = more nosmall

    guess i'm mediocre then.Btw,so ya say if swordmans are tanky their damage should be lowered,right?then if archers are meant to be damagers doesn't this mean you should have a trash def?doesn't this mean the advantage goes to the one that has more hp or the ones that lands more stuns?you should have the IQ to realise the fact that archers are supposed to use negatife effects armour for pvp and not 2x def,also if you have as much experience as you try to show then you know there are archers with moore than 1500 defence and can tank as much as a swordman,let's mention the act6.2 book with 6k hp which with about 70 hp mp stat or around taht can give you 100% more,so you will se an archer with 45k hp,cmon xD the only sp a swordman can fight properly an archer is monk because of the hitrate buff and its the best choice against scouts since we have dashes and stuns,if you are smart emough you can counter a scout IF YOU DOn'T GET FULL CCED BY RELOAD SKILL then you spammiss cause of the fog skill

    it's just whatever,i see no point in arguing anymore,i said what i had to say and what i believe in,feel free to comment as much as ya want(message for everyone)(btw,a 52% overall def with enhanced defences isn't a mediocre armour but k)

    i've tought about something that i forgot to mention in my previous post,which was scout nerfing that's so wanted by people,they mentioned some sp balance before,right?first of all,they should just come with the damage boost change first and wait for things to stabilize,if they change sps(im sure scout will get a nerf after all the complains made then our opinion was asked) and the boost dmg change comes too then scout is a dead SP 90% sure,just as sin is now,the old sin was played by like 3 players in the UK server but it was strong as hell for pvp and SO USEFULL IN RAIDS,now it's just a go arena and try to 1shot ur enemy then badmouth him 10 mins on speaker and log off

    it might take forever to kill a swordman but that's how it's supposed to be,swordmans are supposed to be tanks,the balance HAS TO COME AFTER THE DAMAGE BOOST CHANGE because it will be a total different game

    i dont want to put it all on archers and say they are too broken right now or something,but you can't deny the fact that boost is broken as hell right now,as i said,how can boost make your damage go from 1 to 400?how can it make your damage go from 1300 to 6000? wasn't critical hit supposed to be the strongest thing on a weapon?why is critical hit 2500 when you hit 6000 on a powerup? 210% critical vs "70%" damage boost...atleast if they would say "x % chance to increase your ATTACK POWER by %",this would mean the stats fron your profile are increased,let's say your 2k dmg with the 90% from being +9 get increased by x % because of the boost damage then it gets reduced by enemy's defence,yes,this will be pretty strong,but right now it sais INCREASE YOUR DAMAGE,it is supposed to increase the damage that has been already reduced by enemy's defence...what is written is not what happens,what happens is more likely the "attack power" version i've mentioned.Even so it doesn't change the fact that the boosts shouldn't be able to stack up


    Shoutout Kollol50 with his fake sword and ballista

    Im positive that they want to do it before implementing Act 7. Act 7 equipment should be better than c25 and c45, but that means only better bonuses/ base dmg of the weapons. So they 'nerf' this op 'bug' (I dont see how its a bug though) before adding new equipment. To be honest, I'm more of a pve person, it will certainly affect raiding speed, but at the same time pvp gets a lil more balanced; archers wont suddenly pull lucky 120% dmg enhancement anymore.

    I am also expecting that they are going to nerf defense/hp of monsters in act 6 with the following patches. There is a chance of that happening if players provide enough feedback.

    no point to nerf act 6,it's good as it is,keep in mind that they already buffed the xp in act 6.1 by 1.7x ...that's almost double,you won't know the struggle of getting 10%/hour at lv 25 now that you get about 18% and there is venus with dracula set too...nerf act 6.1 mobs hp and def?and make them...weaker than magmas in 5.2? i mobed in act 6.1 using an r6 fake sword,r6 90 armour/r7 93 with random shells that i kept changing,monk,no buffs from alts and a 1ghz dual core 749MB Ram laptop with integrated GPU,having screen freezes each 5 seconds.If i managed to get to +30 there's no damn point to nerf anything there,yes,it costed me hell a lot of pots/dolls,but assuming people got decent pcs to not lag with 1 nos and can mob with a friend(yes,i didn't have partners to mob with because of my problems,only in 2x xp since i had a map and they wanted to mob) there is NO REASON to make 6.1 mobs weaker

    6.2 in my opinion is already pretty weak lol,don't you know how archers mob there 1 by 1 and get almost same xp as you do in 6.1?do you want them to 1shot the monsters using a lv 90 bow?a 5.1 eq that 1shot 6.2 mobs?

    don't take is as hate,i'm just telling you the truth here

    c45 eq were not better than 25 in my opinion,they were just mixed 25...heaven had more crit and hitrate,hellord had more dmg and crit dmg=>45 was at middle and they just added a buff and 5% more powerup damage,if you wanted raw damage then 25 hellord was still better so yea,let's not mention 48 armours which are not even worth to look at.

    and yes,it is a bug when you have to items with "5% boost 10% dmg" and "10% boost 30%" dmg and they both apply in same time,i mean ok,1000 base damage,you get hte firs boost,you do 1100 dmg,you get the 2nd,you do 1300,to me that's how it was supposed to be when i read the eq stats,nut why everytime you powerup you do about 1700?

    i've had a friend with r7+10 hellord armour,swordman,with 2x defence and 3x enhanced def,he made monk 100 defence,if you were not wearing a GOOD act 6 eq you were not gonna hit more than 2.So,for example a lv90 swordman with a lv90 sword comes and hits him,he hits 1,then on his next hit he gets the boost effect,he hits 200?so the boost is 20000%? the boost pretty much ignores the defence at this moment,every archer is crying about swordmans that "have so much hp and def and still do a lot of damage" but why doesn't anyone cry about the boost damage that ignores your def?why doesn't anyone cry about archers that are supposed to have the biggest damage ingame and also have the biggest boost stats on weapons AND ALSO IGNORE YOUR DEFENCE? all we swordmans have in advantage atm is HP,or atleast we had,now act 6 gives you 6k hp and with good sl stats you can have 100% more together with 100 attack sl stat,you will see archers with 45k+ hp

    did you ever get killed in 5 sec by an archer,as a swordman,in a pvp?while you were wearing an act6 armour?did you ever get hit by 3 consecutive crit powerups with atleast 1 of them being onyx?if yes,can you ever say that swordmans are too strong? it's jsut the fact that 80% of the nostale population is made of archer abusers,everybody will start complaining when this supposed update comes because they quit their mains so they could main the no brained scout

    if this gets implemented, raids will take x2 longer to finish. Rip nostale? Not sure who will be willing to play raids with x2 more time needed. Maybe people who are die hard nostale supporter :lol:

    the powerup is pretty bugged atm anyway and there were lots of people that asked to fix this when swordmans were 1shoting them with ballista :) people didn't cry that much about scout tho,no idea why,i mean why would somebody cry about archers that hit 1.5k base damage then 15k crit powerup,that's normal,right? finally a good update that's supposed to happen,sad about raids but it had to be done bruh

    Vendetta i wanted to mention the link not working in my text-post then i realised i've got answered and continued my post -> forgot anything about the link,sorreh,kisses

    Kemal when you start the game you are supposed to have a quest...the arrow that shows the left-down side of the nosville,they didn't get the quest which results in them not geting ANY exp from quests,quests that give 80%/lv usually

    P.S.Let me flex my views ok?my potato laptop did a good job in the past

    well all i can say is a video i did of lod in sp8 has more views lol and a video showing r8 upgrade cost lol

    a total laggy video with me showing how you can make an erenia fairy also has wayyy more

    if they want to make the game more "famous" then i'd just spend some of my "GM life" "gameforge guy life " "entwell guy" or whatever to "cheat" an account where i can show to everyone the best parts of nostale,like:
    "in this game you start as an adventurer,you have to go on quests where you can be accompanied by other players a pet which you can capture or receinve from specific raids or the ingame shop*10 seconds of showing time space stones together with pets and partners*.Once you reach level 15 and job 20 *video skips to lv15 job 20* you can evolve yourself to one of the 3 classes:archer,magician or a swordsman.Until now everything seems normal,specific to a MMORPG.What is that special to this game?EACH of those 3 specific classes have their own transformations!Like an upgraded class which you can equip or disequip whenever you want *show some SPs with awesome skills and different wings for showoff*. etc etc The equipmanet has 7 different rarities and can be upgraded up to level 10.Until now the maximum level was 99 and people weren't really focused on leveling as they were on getting strong enough for pvp which really important in MMORPGS because yeah,we all want to beat every single damn other person and show them how strong we are",coming with the act 6,which is like chapter 6 of the Nostale Story besides main level there is also a secondary level called champion level which allows you to wear the strongest equipment in the game and gives you a lot of bonuses such as damage,defence,hp and mp aand it can even increase you resistance to the 4 major elements of the monsters in the game.Coming back to equipment rarities,the champion level eq have an extra rarity,r8,called phenomenal,which is pretty much just ...the truth,those eq are f***ing broken.From a newbie player which joins a 15 man raid and hardly finishes it in 5 minutes you can become one of the strongest players and solo win the specific raid in LESS than 5 minutes,so basically you are as strong as 15 people or even stronger.There is a lot of grind to do and it takes a long time to get in the top but that's what mmos are about,beating everyone no matter who they are and knowing how many things there are in this game i cant wait the day where i can call myself the best in the nosville-world."

    and sh*t like that,that's just something i wrote in 5 minutes and with 1 hour of review with 2-3 more people to assist you this little text will be enough for a video of 15 mins(or 10,people don't like to watch long as fk videos).All that's left is the "cheat" i've been talking about where you just get leveled up and the eq you need to make people actually interested,the power you need,the acces to the map you want to be in and whatever.For real entwell,use ur 1 IQ for once.I'll do a job 10x better than this guy did even if you paid me only 10$.Why the hell would you try to make your game more "famous" by sponsoring a guy to play ur game 10 mins and never play it again?all he did was download the game,create an account,play for 15 min and then post his video.My little sister can do the same sh*t.He has tons of subs?just freaking watch all his video's views,1.5k-3k on all videos when he has 200k subs?pls,1 week and i will get more than 200k subs by botting.Call me when you think you're worthy of my ideas you stupid losers.

    Aureli you are the main way for us to communicate with gameforge,right?then please show them this post,copy paste it,screenshoot and email it,whatever,just do it.I'd even be a game tester for them for free if that would mean they'll actually stop being some airheads,atleast i can see that my screen doesn't show "the game screen" compared to them.