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    I can be sure that the actual occurrence of the same IP Only less than 5% of players (in the event of a situation that requires simultaneous raids or IC) does not just include online games. The other is fake.

    you can share your network from your mobile phone. To be able to rock the IP in case they are in the same location. (Which nobody plays duo all the same time anyway) and in the end, the tradeoff is the balance of the game, (Affects everyone). Including new friends that you will know more I think it makes sense.

    In the end, I should rather let GM tell you. What can be done.

    I’m not entirely sure what you are saying here...

    Seems like you are saying only approximately 5% of players actually share IPs with other ppl(not sure why this would be important), and that if the only time an IP is “shared” is for games there isn’t really a 2nd person?? Like, how are GMs supposed to know what activity on the IP belong to which ppl to begin with. And why would they have access to a players activity outside of the game??

    It is true that a 2nd person could use a mobile hotspot for internet if they have a data plan that allows that(pretty big assumption to make). Why should that be a requirement exactly? Also ppl using alts have that same option as long as they use multiple computers so... why make it a hassle for siblings/friends etc to play at the same location exactly?

    I thought you can register for IP sharing and check that it is fake registration. Easy to check as well. From online history and activities.

    Not really sure what you mean by that.... are you saying that the GMs would have to constantly be on the look out for ppl using more than the allowed IPs per raid, because if it weren’t automatic talk about impractical.

    And if it were automatic how are you going to make an exception for it exactly? As for checking if they are fake IP share requests.... you realize you are supposed to make the request before you start playing right? So how exactly are they supposed to check that...

    I’m against limiting by IP address, and no it’s not because I use a ton of alts(don’t really play atm since don’t have a computer capable of it).

    I’m against it simply because in the past I’ve had up to 3 ppl playing at the same time at my place(one of which did use 2 alts). That’s just me personally, I can see more social ppl having the possibility of more than that, or ppl with siblings etc.

    So if you decide to limit it to say 3 per IP because you don’t want 1 person doing an entire raid solo, ppl who don’t share an IP can have 3 in the raid but ppl with siblings are stuck with potentially only 1 character allowed to them(possibly not even being able to raid and having to wait their turn instead).

    You are not speaking about a game cuz what you are describing is just Gameforge's business model. 🤣 There was once private server called V....a which did more for its player than GF for the whole time. Can't say that they made the game easier they just lowered the need for additional payments which supported a lot of players but in the end the server population was larger. Also, they did one important thing which is essential to every game support. They listened to their community!

    So no, it's not about different game it's about approach. We got SPs we did not want. We got some weird items we did not want. We got some stupid nosmall items we did not want and in the end what we wanted (e.g. balance patch, skill bars for more than 2 SPs) is something what has not been delivered for years.

    The only reason where I can see the problem of private servers is that they are ignoring the IPRs and developers are not rewarded for their effort (To be honest they are developing ehm "weird stuff" anyway).

    You say this.... and yet the private servers could just take the concept and make it their own instead.

    They could even essentially have the same SPs and junk, just change the name on everything and make it look different(like how BM and RM have a lot of moves that are basically the same). Then run it as a private server, and it at least doesn’t seem like straight theft since they put real work in adjusting everything. Like changing Catsy into bunnies, and Koaren into foxes or something.

    I only know the mobile version... on mobile you change your name before entering a room whenever. I’d expect it to be similar on pc, especially since it is cross platform but idk

    That doesn't sound legal :/

    I think he meant a mobile emulator, since the phone version is free. Can play the mobile version on pc with phone emulator, or can play the pc version which costs money

    or you know, could just play on your phone for free no emulator involved. The ads at the end of each game can get annoying though