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    hello. That international server make uk half dead again. I think we should start want merge again from now. Because some things going crazy on price.

    Before merge cellas each was 1-2k ----after merge 200-300 each----after international server 1.1k (current)

    Before merge gillions each was 10-15k ----after merge 1.1k-1.3k each----after international server 9k (current)

    these 2 which i check for i need. %900 price increase in nearly 1 week.

    Thanks for whoever ruined everything. thanks for every single cells who think about this new server.

    they changed their mind. now they dont split players just kicking out them all :D "go away, dont come to game, leave game, we dont want yours"

    bir süreliğine steam girişi kapatmışlar. normal clientten gireceksin. eğer hesabını steamden açtıysan ilk açılış onu normale çevirmek için supporta yazman gerekiyor

    öyle bir şeyler yazmışlardı başka bir başlıkta bu konu hakkında

    it is too late. probably they dont care first 10 person make x achievements you lost . other people do these things while you are trying to log in. also they level up too. you cant catch other "first" including rewards too.

    i heard that only many different person. thats what i hear and write it here. btw it is not merge. just move. means you want your character go to other server and PAY for it. the support system makes it. many games has these things. anyway i dont have proof. you are in official team. there is no trustable thing on my writings. Just i mentioned i heard from other players which they said they are moved.

    The old global nostale server was actually not owned by Gameforge so the statement is not inaccurate.

    hmm , in game i heard many time people moved their account from there(global server) to uk.(very long time ago, also after that server closed ) Than how can it be ?

    Actually, on the 9th of February, they replaced the old hardware.

    you missing the point.

    replaced :D not renewed :D

    btw i log in game one time from steam but later log out. because i dont think i will waste time on a server will die again. i will just wait my nosbazaar listings and give up game again

    they using 5 dollar worth servers thats why that problem happens :D also not increasing investment on servers because they know people give up game more and no new players too. just they are thinking spending money on there is totaly waste :D i am %90 sure of this ...

    lool now they send me a mail

    starting first time at nostale history international server bla bla bla

    there was global server before? dont you close it ? is global not same with international ? on which server ufo's etc playing than ? :D that new one they can play or old one they were playing and now dont let them play :D

    they are sum(ming) people later splitting them. they dont have any idea about what they do.

    there is no new ads for game.

    Server1-30 person

    server2-20 person

    server3-22 person

    merge all them on server1- 72 person

    some days later they do

    new server

    and they expect like this

    server 1-72 person

    new server - 100 person

    but reality

    server1- 33 person (lost other 39)

    new server- 39 person + some old players who give up game.

    in total NO NEW players. splitting same people to servers.

    you can cry as you wish, everything lives and dies.. I can't wait to play in the new server!

    there is no cry. just their bad plans. you are think only yourself. i look at total. here a example maybe you can understand. you are a company owner and releasing a new phone model 1 after little time you release model 2 and both same price same options etc more . people only will look for model 2 , because it is lastest. dont care other ones. With this way that model 1 is wrong movement and make bad profit to company.

    this is same. They merged but now opening new server. that merge looks like a totaly waste.

    i wrongly take that quest but can not give up it. I already have that sp. i dont need do it second time. even i am first step cant give up quest. There is no exp reward etc ay any step why we can not give up it ? at other second quests i have progress and cant decline too. i also save them for double exp etc.

    hello all

    after merge there is people moved to uk server, welcome all. but that speaker spams etc it is ruin game chat. You always see that speakers. it can not skip any filter. There is one thing blocking them but maybe you can see a good thing at there for buy or sell means using that option is not good at all.

    can chat filters can change like this ?

    All-> see everything
    General-> see only local chats (white one i mean) and whispers

    Party-> see party, local chat and whispers
    Family-> see family, local, party and whisper

    whisper -> only whispers

    System -> speakers, drops , warning things etc.

    Are you playing the turkish version by any chance?

    Payments for that one were entirely disabled after heavy currency abuse.

    it is not alone Turkish currency. It is about which currencies steam have and they are bad rate on Euro. Stop being racist.

    Other thing. if any players are abusing other currencies you should punish them. not that people use own currency.

    There is rule it says forbidden use VPN. that check person local ip and nosmall currency. If they are different. PUNISH that person.