Four Brand New Specialists

  • The latest update is here – and with it comes a whole host of exciting content. Look forward to four brand new specialist cards, a thrilling quest series and a challenging raid! Read on to find out everything you need to know.

    Spirit Forest Raid

    Rally your fellow fighters and head to the Spirit Forest to talk to Datitus in order to start this new daily raid quest.

    A barrage of nasty monsters will be waiting in the wings to trip up you and your friends in each of the three raid areas, and you’ll find the boss Revenant Paimon waiting for you at the end. Be warned: He has three shadow clones of the new specialists at his side. Defeat them to win their support for your battle against Paimon!

    The raid is open for up to 15 players (champion levels 10–60) and there are, of course, lots of valuable rewards up for grabs in addition to a punishing challenge.

    The Ancient Orc Heroes

    Use the Time-Space Stone to travel back into the past and discover how the Ancient Orc Heroes managed to put a stop to the demon Paimon. Learn more about the backgrounds of the new specialists along the way, and discover their secret.

    New Specialist Cards

    Fight as a Flame Druid with the power of the fire element, a Waterfall Berserker with a terrifying axe, a Sunchaser side by side with your Sun Wolf, or as a Voodoo Priest to inflict debilitating curses on your enemies.

    The Flame Druid

    ‘With the power of the Bear Loa, I will incinerate evil!’

    The new Flame Druid specialist card turns a Martial Artist into a powerful fire element druid who can transform into a bear or leopard. As a bear, the Flame Druid has bear-strength skills at their disposal; as a leopard, they won’t be able to attack but will move with the speed of a big wild cat!

    Flame Druid Skill Highlights

    • Purifying Flames: The purifying flames burn away all your debuffs and make you highly resistant to enemy debuffs.
      • Removes all debuffs up to level 4.
      • You’ll have a chance of resisting debuffs for a certain amount of time, based on the number of buffs you have (up to 30%).
    • Absorbing Flames: A hot flame burns away all attacks.
      • Doesn’t consume HP.
      • It provides a 50% chance of triggering Fatal Burn.
    • Emberpunch: You deal a hefty uppercut with the flame energy crackling in your front legs.
      • There is a 100% chance of triggering Third-Degree Burns. The skill cooldown time is increased by 50%.
      • It provides a 100% chance of triggering Blackout.

    The Waterfall Berserker

    ‘Not even the coldest waterfall can cool my temper!’

    The Waterfall Berserker specialist card turns a Swordsman into a hardened warrior of the water element, wielding a fearsome axe and unleashing unlimited fury in battle. The Waterfall Berserker is not someone you’d want to have as an enemy, that’s for sure!

    Waterfall Berserker Skill Highlights

    • Clear Water: Heals you based on how much HP you’ve lost, and simultaneously increases your defence and elemental stats.
      • Restores 20% of lost HP.
      • Increases your defence by 15%.
      • Increases water element equivalent to the player’s level x4.
    • Under the Waterfall: The energy of the waterfall renders you immune to damage, and protects you from debuffs when enemies try to inflict damage on you.
      • Doesn’t consume HP.
      • Removes 1 debuff (up to level 4) each time you’re hit.
      • Provides a 40% chance of inflicting Serious Injury on an opponent. There’s a certain chance of the attacker’s skill cooldown time being reset when they attack.
    • Raging Waterfall: You jump into the air and beat your axes into the ground, inflicting damage to enemies over a large radius.
      • Reduces your opponent’s movement speed by 3.
      • Increases the damage of all water element attacks by 20%.
      • After the buff wears off, there’s a 100% chance of causing Serious Injury.

    The Sunchaser

    ‘No one can hide from the sun!’

    The Sunchaser specialist card enables Archers to assert themselves as hunters of the light element, who are always accompanied by a wolf. The Sun Wolf takes on its master’s level, has 5 of its own skills and can be revived. Your opponents had better not let themselves be dazzled by their refined appearance. Sunchasers fights with lethal precision!

    Sunchaser Skill Highlights

    • Solar Shower: Numerous blazing spears fall from the sky and attack your opponent.
      • Provides a 20% chance of triggering Blinding Light:
        • Reduces evasion by 50%.
        • Reveals vulnerabilities when the Sun Wolf attacks. Increases long-range damage and critical hit rate by 10%.
    • Solar Eruption: Teleports your glowing Sun Wolf to the target, where it attacks and blinds them.
      • Teleports to the target at a range of 9 spaces.
      • Pounces on opponents and causes AoE damage.
      • It provides an 80% chance of triggering Blackout.
    • Light Net: When thrown, the spear turns into a light net which traps your enemy.
      • Renders enemies unable to move.
      • When the Sun Wolf attacks, your damage increases by 50%.

    The Voodoo Priest

    ‘When you die, your soul belongs to me!’

    With the new Voodoo Priest specialist card, Mages become shadow element priests who use curses to drive pain and fear into their enemies’ midst. Voodoo Priests can inflict several powerful debuffs onto multiple enemies simultaneously, and they have absolutely no reservations about putting these devastating curses to use!

    Voodoo Priest Skill Highlights

    • Soulwalk: You transform into a soul for a short time, becoming immune to damage and nullifying debuffs.
      • Removes all debuffs up to buff level 4
      • Restores HP equivalent to the player’s level x10 every 2 seconds.
      • Cannot attack.
      • Doesn’t consume HP.
      • You become invisible.
    • Locust Swarm: You summon a swarm of greedy locusts who inflict damage on opponents across a large area while you regenerate HP.
      • Restores HP equivalent to the player’s level x15.
      • It provides a 25% chance of triggering Voodoo Priest Curse: Increases the efficiency of buffs which degrade HP and inflict damage over time by 15% per debuff.
    • Deathly Curse: You absorb your target’s soul energy and increase your power.
      • Only causes damage if the enemy is suffering from at least one debuff.
      • The damage increases proportional to the number of debuffs active on your enemies.
      • There is a 100% chance that the buff of the same name (Deathly Curse) will be triggered:
        • You lose HP equivalent to the player’s level x6 every 2 seconds.
        • Increases the damage of all shadow element attacks by 20%.

    Enjoy the new content!

    The NosTale Team