[Cylloan US Server Event] PvP Tournament - Tralalalita's organization [2021]

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    Hi NosPlayers,

    It is time for you to show who's the strongest player in the server!

    Come and join the PvP tournament organized by Tralalalita, with the support of the Nostale ES team.

    If you wish to participate, you will have to follow the next rules:

    General rules - 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 tournament

    • The tournament will be available for all players from the following servers: Infinity (ES) and US-Cylloan (EN).
    • Everything regarding the event will be announced and handled with the CEST timezone.
    • You can only put off the combat one single time within a 5 days lapse, so combats don't get overlapped. If both participants can't agree about the date of the combat, it will be considered a tie in the group phase and will continue with the knockout phase.
    • You are not allowed to participate without a previous inscription in the event.
    • League matches will be best of 4.
    • Knockout matches will be as follow:
      - Rounds of 16 and 8: Best of 15.
      - Semifinal, 3rd, 4th place and final: Best of 21.
    • In case there's a nickname change, you need to notify about it so it gets changed in the tournament.
    • The opponents will be selected at random. Nicknames and lapses will be announced once the event starts.
    • Participants will have to use the Specialist Cards selected in their registry/inscription. You won't be allowed to use any other SP, even if both players agree with it.
    • You can only participate with one character per player in the same category (But you can participate in both 1vs1 and 2vs2 categories). The Nostale team will make sure all participants stick to the tournament rules.
    • All participants will have to equip one of the following amulets: Hero's Amulet of Fire, Mystical Glacier Stone or Phantom's Amulet.
    • Combats will be celebrated in the Individual Arena.
    • All combats need to be recorded, unless the event organizer or someone from the Nostale ES staff is present during the PvP. You will have more information about a possible livestream during the last stage of the event once the time arrives.

    Boosts that are not allowed:

    • Potions in general are not allowed (HP, MP, defence, attack, energy, etc)
    • Food and snacks are not allowed (Not even the new ones from the Chef specialist)
    • Fairy boosters are not allowed.
    • Tarot cards are not allowed.
    • Runes are not allowed.
    • Mounts are not allowed.
    • Amulets that increase attack or defence are not allowed.
    • You can't have pets or partners with you during the combat (You have to send them to miniland).
    • Heat resistance potion/Ice flower oil isn't allowed.
    • You can't have any kind of blessings or effects that don't belong to your SP. However, your own tattoos are allowed.
    • The constant use of invisibility only to make the match last longer isn't allowed.
    • You can't use any element in the environment to gain some kind of advantage during the PvP.


    • All players who break one of the previous rules or the game rules in general will be disqualified.
    • All players who try to disrupt other participants during their combats will be disqualified.
    • All players who try to participate with different SPs than the ones registered for the event, will be disqualified. You can only participate with the SPs included in your inscription.
    • In order to avoid people being inactive during the tournament, if you didn't participate or didn't do at least 20% of the corresponding PvPs after the first two weeks of the tournament, you will be disqualified.


    The tournament will have the following categories:

    1 VS 1 Category.

    • Champion level -59
    • Champion level +60

    2 VS 2 Category

    Without level division.

    We will have the same rewards for both categories and level divisions.

    [1st place]

    • Title PvP Legend
    • One of the following pets: Long-Legged Spider, Dark Scorpion or Flame Butterfly

    [2nd place]

    • Title PvP Legend

    [3rd place]

    • Title PvP Angel of Death

    And for all participants:

    • Event box

    Regarding prizes: You are allowed to participate in both categories (1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2), but if you win in both categories, you can only receive the best prize between both positions. The other prize will change to coupons: 1st place will receive a 30€ coupon, 2nd place will receive a 20€ coupon and 3rd place will receive a 10€ coupon. For example, if you get to the first place in the 1 vs 1 category and second place in the 2 vs 2 category, you will receive the first place prize and a 20€ coupon.

    This is an official event organized by the player Tralalalita, under the supervision of the Nostale team.

    The event is available for all players from the following servers: US Cylloan, EU Infinity.

    I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

  • Inscription

    You can register in the tournament by posting in the inscription thread that will be open until May 23rd 2021 at 23:59 CEST. Inscriptions for each server and category witll be available at the end of this post, you only need to post with the following information, depending on the category where you want to participate:

    1 vs 1 Tournament 2 vs 2 Tournament
    1. Nickname:
    2. Combat and Champion level:
    3. Two (02) specialist cards that you will use during the event (You won't be able to use any other SP, so pick carefully):
    4. One SP banned per job (Your opponent won't be allowed to use it during your encounter):
    Team name (Example: Tralala's fans):
    1. Nickname, job, combat and champion level:
    2. Nickname, job, combat and champion level:

    *During the tournament, both players can't use the same SP. Example: If both players are mages, both players can't use Dark Gunner.

    Note: Posts shouldn't be edited, so please check all the information before sending and make sure everything is ok. The Nostale team will check all posts to make sure no one is trying to manipulate or save spots for other people.

    Important information about registry/inscription:
    Posts that lack information or were posted after the proper time, won't be included in the tournament.

    • Tournament inscriptions can't be modified.
    • The player who posts is supposed to be the owner of the forum and game account. You can't register your friends.
    • Inscriptions without all the requirements: Nick, combat level, champion level, job, server or specialist will be ignored.
    • You can't participate in a category that doesn't match with your level. Players who are CLvl 60 can only participate in the +60 category.
    • Players that share IP with another player who wants to participate, will have to notify about IP sharing via ticket system to the game team before the tournament starts.
    • If you want to change something regarding your inscription, you can't edit your post. Instead, create a new post by quoting the previous one.
    • If you wish to participate and your forum account is banned, you can send a note to the character DonTralalalita (Same character for both servers) or a direct message via discord to Tralalalita#4891 with the proper information and he will post your inscription in the thread.

    You can register in the tournament here ->
    [Inscripciones] Torneo PvP Fundación Tralalalita - 1 vs 1 (Infinity)
    [Inscripciones] Torneo PvP Fundación Tralalalita - 2 vs 2 (Infinity)
    [EN/ES] [Inscriptions] PvP Tournament - 1 vs 1 (Cylloan)
    [EN/ES] [Inscriptions] PvP Tournament - 2 vs 2 (Cylloan)

    I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

    We will apply the following phases to the event, but only regarding the 1 vs 1 category. The 2 vs 2 category will go directly to eliminations, so pick your teammate carefully.

    First Stage (Only 1 vs 1 Category)

    League stage will start on May 29th and will end on July 4th, 2021.

    So please don't put off combats until the last minute!

    In the first stage, we'll have the group stage. What's about? Simple, as every sport, players and teams can be qualified based on victories, defeats or draws. So in this part of the tournament, participants will fight in fast Bo4 matches (best of 4), where we can earn from 3 points, to take the lead of the standings, earn 1 point or leave empty-handed.


    Second stage (Categories 1v1 and 2v2)

    Once the group phase ends, the best 16 players will continue to the next round of eliminations:

    1 VS 1


    2 VS 2


    I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

  • Additional information:

    Matches, rounds, changes and important announcements related with the PvP tournament will be posted in the following thread: [EN/ES] PvP Tournament organization thread

    We advise you to subscribe to the thread, so you always receive notifications in the forum if there is a new post.


    Doubts and questions about the event can be asked in the following thread: [EN/ES] [Doubt thread] PvP Tournament - Tralalalita's organization

    You can write in Spanish and English in both threads!

    I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

  • We updated the first post of the thread to finally reveal the event prizes!

    If you wish to participate, you can register in the PvP tournament until May 23rd, 2021. We will be waiting for you!

    I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.