Weekly Maintenance - 05.05.21

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    Hey NosPlayers,

    tomorrow we will have a scheduled maintenance.

    When exactly?

    Wednesday, May 5th 2021 from 9:00 until approximately 11:00 CEST. Our gameservers, as well as some of our services, will be unavailable during that time.

    What will be changed?

    • Chef specialist skill Secret Spice no longer extends the duration of buff Flower Reflector from skill Umbrella Shield
    • Chef specialist skin and the Angler skin are now tradable via the Bazaar
    • Portals should no longer visually disappear after you’ve finished cooking
    • The smoke no longer remains indefinitely when cooking is cancelled by monster attack
    • You can now change fairies while transformed as Chef SP
    • Monsters will now interrupt harvesting if you’re mounted
    • Fixed an issue where equipping Zephyr Wings allows the effects to apply to auto-attack
    • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to know with 100% certainty when a fish is biting the line
    • The following dishes can no longer be used in Act4 maps due to its healing effects - Grub Steak, Salmon Filet, Roast Lamb and Pollock, Sockeye and Salmon Filet, Double Steak Burger, BBQ King Chicken, Turtle Noodles, Blowfish Stew, Detox Moss Porridge, Cold Desert Stew, Tropical Tuna Stew, Terrapin Noodles, Spider King's Eye and Tuna Stew, King Chicken Stew, Double Apple Omelette, Spicy Fried Carp

    The NosTale Team