Multiaccount and bots

  • Hello, i want to talk about the 2 problems that in my opinion are ruining the whole economy of the game.

    I'm talking about the multiaccount abuser and the botters.

    If I'm not wrong now we can have 16 account online at the same time, and who can do this take an extremely advantage, they can do 5-6kk every day simply doing nothing, items like the huge, attack and defence pots are really depreciate (neither buy them on Nosmall worth), then come the botters (usually who abuse of the multiaccount uses bot too), a simply character around lv 30-40 can easly farm around 500-600k just killing mobs all day (and I'm speaking fom experiece, I've already been banned, thanks Morgoth :rolleyes:), and many "general" items are worthless beacause of the huge amount of bot.

    I can understand why people use multiaccount, i do it too like everyone, but probably 5-6 accounts are enough for the buffs and other things, for the bots i think the GM teams should be improve, more check by Gms are needed, especially at pii, comet meadow and in general act 1 and 2 maps.