Family map for hero experience

  • Dear NosTale players,

    I’m Lovvosa from Italy. Everyday, in my videos or during my live streaming, people from various community talk with me about their problems. The most frequent is: Hero experience. A lot of people from international server told me that they have abandoned the game because of low number of hero maps. I know that maps are free and people should learn how to share them but we’re in a game not in real life! It’s kinda boring waste exp items because a guild or a group of player decides to ruin your hour in the map. Players can’t stay online 24/24 because of work, school etc… Things (from me and my community opinion) are getting worse, I would like to propose something that would help players who wants to exp without being raided. Even if we have 16 maps for channel, there are less than 8 maps where the hero XP is good. I know this implementation has already been proposed but with an international server with a lot of people, we need to change something. You can’t ask people to share maps or exp less hours because we are in a game and not in real life. People don’t want to do those things and you can’t ask us to play more like a community, because no one wants to do it (even if a low number of players try to do it).

    I want suggest to create an hero LOD (obviously balanced for families with mobs/miniboss/boss) from Hero lv. 10. The international server is a big steep ahead for the future but now we need some changes to hero exp more than before. People during double xp event and not keep fighting each other and the staff have to do more work instead of focussing on more important stuff.

    I hope you’ll give another chance to this implementation and I look forward to receive a lot of feedbacks from you all.



  • Meh, I don't like this idea. It kills the aspect of "massively multiplayer" in MMO. If you simply can't stay on map long enough to make your opponent leave then you shouldn't play mmos lol

  • Yes, this is much needed.

    The scarcity of maps for champ exp creates a toxic environment which leads a big chunk of players to leave the game, the staff gets continuous complaints inherent to this issue, GF and EW ultimately only lose loads of money because of this.

    The only two reasons not to like this is gatekeeping and thriving in that anarchic toxicity, and both are short sighted since they are not really able to see the consequences on the game medium to long term.

    Meh, I don't like this idea. It kills the aspect of "massively multiplayer" in MMO. If you simply can't stay on map long enough to make your opponent leave then you shouldn't play mmos lol

    We are not talking about the FC though, this is not a PvP map and the only opponent should be the environment, not the other players. That's what I mean with toxic environment, and the frustration and stress that derives from this makes thousands of players quit the game (and thus shortens your life on this game too).

    Mind you, I'm not against any form of competition in the game, I'm just against forms of competition which are not part of the game because those are closer to griefing in my opinion than they are to actual competition. There is a reason for which people strive for competition in other instances (e.g. FC, or even completely different games) but hate and stress over it here, and it's that here it does not have a defined ruleset nor does it follow any design imposed by Entwell.

    Then again if you're not concerned about having 10 active people total on the server/Nostale closing and you are +60 on multiple accounts you can dislike this idea, but I don't think that's a good strategy to foster longevity.

  • Pretty good idea, that should be not so hard to implement, since we already have normal LoD.

    and also it would create new purpose for family, becasue after you hit champion lvl 60 you can basically solo any content thats provided via family (act4 raids, LoDs) unless youre aiming to be top ranking family for family skills, and lets be honest, you dont need this 20% exp buff anyway after that. And even draco and glacer raids were ran buy familys together, nowdays people just solo with their afk alts.

    As was mentioned before, it would kinda kill MMO aspect of the game, because without need of xp map farming, maps would die out pretty fast, as we have seen with act2 and beyond. Only purpose of act2-5 is to get to Act7 quest to get some champion XP. Not to mention questing before act6 people skip completely and just do some Timespaces to progress futher.

    Easiest and best solution would be to tweak XP gained in other act7 maps. And hopefully with adition of more specialist cards, usefull in PvM, (lets be honest we exp in polutted forest and path to forest, just because light SP is best to PvM with) we would get so much more places to level our characters instead of just 2 maps.

  • i agree, I really hate the toxic enviroment when a x2 xp event is on, they will go and claim a map for they own and if you are not even +25 what you gonna do, try to kill their mobs firts? you will not get even half of the experience you would get from a normal day while you get all the hate from them, so why even bother, if you aren´t in a big family double xp is the event in when you just don´t go to a7

    besto trapito de cylloan

  • I agree with Lovossa. Personally i'm an old player who quitted playing before act 7; thus, I haven't got many opportunities to test the Champion level division of the game. However, not only in Champion division but also, in the -90 level maps such problems have been observed and it extremely increased in INT server due to the extreme player amount. Such a nice idea shouldn't be wasted.