CursedSkulls Family

  • gLijLq.pngGreetings forum!

    Due to the new International server and server merge issues, we decided to reform our old family CursedSkulls which was active in TR, DE, US(Cylloan) servers. We are going to inform the players through this forum thread. If you want to join our adventure you can contact us through this forum thread or you can send direct messages to Athelas, Arvernia or haydutt in game.

    If you wish you can find our old forum thread which is in the closed TR Forum: CursedSkulls Ailesi.

    The common languages that you are going to see in our family will be English and sometimes Turkish. We are willing to recruit every player who can communicate us and have a respectful attitude.

    We wish you a well spent time!:altw:


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  • As you can easily guess from the screenshot below, we started to LoD yesterday. It was unexpectedly succesful and we understood that now we can recruit people to family to get experience together in LoD.

    We are looking forward to everyone who wants a great friendship and a good amount of experience!


  • Thank you SCANDALjr for your lovely wishes. :altq:

    As a new update:

    ✦We started to mob hell knights in the LoD.

    ✦We sucesfully finished our first Lord Morcos Raid.

    ✦Our family is composed of 21 people now.

    ✦Our family is quite close to level 2.

    Best wishes! :purplegum:

  • Greetings to the whole CursedSkulls family !

    Are you still looking for new members? I've been looking for a family for a long time to help me with the process. So if it's not a problem that I'm level 63, it's hard when most families where I've been never took me to LOD, I have all the exp only from quests.

    I'll be happy if there is a reaction.

    - Archer level 63

    - 23 y/o

    - I can speak English

    Just a friendly guy looking for a nice bunch of people