Steam Can't purchase nosdollars

  • Are you playing the turkish version by any chance?

    Payments for that one were entirely disabled after heavy currency abuse.

    it is not alone Turkish currency. It is about which currencies steam have and they are bad rate on Euro. Stop being racist.

    Other thing. if any players are abusing other currencies you should punish them. not that people use own currency.

    There is rule it says forbidden use VPN. that check person local ip and nosmall currency. If they are different. PUNISH that person.

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  • Until I have received my answer, I would kindly ask you to refrain from derailing the conversation.

    Calling me racist over trying to eliminate the possibility with the highest likelihood is not only ridiculous, but utterly unhelpful.

    You are of course correct that rules exist to prevent the usage of VPNs, enforcing those on Steam purchases comes with its own set of challenges and troubles however.

    Now then, tank please let us know.