Event: Tough Time-Space Challenge

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    Listen up, brave hero! Princess Sakura has been kidnapped, and you’re the only one who has what it takes to be able to rescue her!

    But be on your guard, as sneaky Ninjas will be lurking in the shadows to stop you in your tracks. They are competent fighters, and love to lay an ambush so they can catch their opponents off guard. They’re not shy of killing their hostages either, so you’ll need to move very carefully. The Ninjas’ fortress is a deathly labyrinth, with a sinister trick waiting in every room.

    Do you have what it takes to rescue the princess from the Ninjas’ clutches and escape with both your lives intact?

    The Event

    The Ninja Time-Space opens on Port Alveus Square from 7th January (11 AM) to 13th January (9 AM CET) for all solo players from level 80. You’ll need the Jajamaru Specialist Card in order to beat the Time-Space.


    Every hero remembers the first princess they rescued. And for this first rescue, you’ll receive the new ‘Ninja’ title which allows you to fight like a shadow warrior, giving you the Sharp Vision buff (revealing hidden characters for a short time) and briefly increasing hit rate and concentration.

    Plus you’ll get 10 Small Completion Gemstone Random Boxes in reward.

    Additional rewards:

    Think you’ve got both the brains and the brawn and want to get your hands on even more rewards? Then be among the 5 top players to leave the fortress safely in the fastest time!

    The 5 players with the best times per server can look forward to the following juicy rewards:

    • Ninja Bushtail
    • Pumpkin Witch/Pumpkin Knight Costume
    • Pumpkin Witch/Pumpkin Knight Costume Wings (Permanent)

    Please note that the rewards will only be given out at the end of the event. Rescue missions conducted in ‘Loser Mode’ do not count.

    Best of luck!

    The NosTale Team

  • With the event ending earlier today, we are now happy to present the best times players achieved (on UK and US).

    Please note that this list is not quite final yet - we reserve the right to check these stats for irregularities and use of exploits, adjusting the list accordingly, before prizes are sent out.

    Rewards are planned to be sent out later this week, for the moment we congratulate all successful participants.

    EN1 - UK:

    Elvina - 631 Seconds

    F!R3B0W - 638 Seconds

    >BlazingArrow< - 645 Seconds

    >BurningSword< - 646 Seconds

    Lawkett<3 - 647 Seconds

    EN2 - US:

    Bruh - 650 Seconds

    Kaito - 656 Seconds

    ShootingStar - 709 Seconds

    VoidSmash - 726 Seconds

    StvnX - 729 Seconds