Increased Chance in the Perfection Event

  • Previously, in NosTale…

    During our massive Raid Marathon between 13th November and 19th November, players were able to earn points for the community by completing raids. Every 100,000 points earned together by the community increased the perfection chance in the upcoming event by 1%, up to a maximum of 50%.

    Just Rewards

    Did you do all you could to help the community in the Raid Marathon? Excellent! Then enough suspense, it’s time to reveal the results <drum roll>:

    For all your hard work, you can look forward to a 50% higher perfection chance!

    The Perfection Event

    During the Perfection Event between 20th November (4 PM) and 23rd November (10 AM CET), you can enjoy this increased chance when perfecting your specialist cards with gemstones (up to +100), making your cards stronger.

    Have fun!

    The NosTale Team