Forum Account Deletion

  • Based on the new laws and GDPR you are permitted to ask for your forum account to be deleted.

    How you can do that?

    • By sending us a ticket at any time that you wish for your account data to be deleted. [ Ticket Support System ]
    • Pick the 'Forum' category instead of 'Game' so the ticket is sent to the forum team.
    • Provide a brief explanation of the situation.

    Few important details you should know about:

    • The Account deletion is permanent, you cannot ask us to restore it again as it is completely gone from our system.
    • You are allowed to return to the forum with a new account at any point. If you had any prior warnings or temp bans you will have to contact the Forum Team with another ticket first. (Yes, that means if you had no prior warnings or temp bans you can skip this step)
    • Your deleted account's warnings and temp bans will carry over to your new account. (If any)

    If you are not completely sure you wish for your forum account to be deleted then do not send us a ticket asking for it. After you send us your ticket we will ask for confirmation on the Forum, to validate your intent and identity. If the answer is yes we will proceed with the deletion and if you change your mind later we won't be able to undo it.