Game Rules

  • §1 Names

    • Player, Family and Shop names that are insulting, racist, drug related, radically right- or left-wing, and/or vulgar or evoke slander or other illegal activities, are prohibited and can be deleted without preliminary warning.
    • Players using names of the NosTale team or names just like them, will be banned without preliminary warning. Nickname additions like ''GM'', ''GA'', etc. are also prohibited. [ How to Identify NosTale staff members ]
    • Shop Names will only be allowed in the supported languages (EN, CZ, RU, TR, ES).
    • Characters or family names which contain Asian characters or blank spaces due to using ASCII code are prohibited and the characters will be deleted and the families will be asked to rename themselves.

    §2 Behavior

    • Please be kind to other players and to the staff and treat them respectively. Any rude, threatening, insulting, racist, drug-related, radical right- or left-wing and/or vulgar behavior is strictly forbidden and will be swiftly penalized.
    • You may contact a GM as soon as you have discovered a breach of the rules. The case has to be proven by one or more significant screenshot/s. The screenshot can not be edited, nor can it be older than 3 weeks.
      - Please note that there is a difference with what someone find offensive - felt insults are not always insults. Every player will react differently on certain things. The NosTale Staff and only the NosTale Staff will determine what is and what is not seen as offensive, this will be determined on a case by case basis.
    • Extorting players is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.

    §2a In-game Behavior

    • AFK-leveling is prohibited and will be punished with a temporary ban. (AFK = away from keyboard -> Placing your pet/partners in places where they will gather (free) experience while you're away/not playing NosTale is considered AFK-leveling).
    • While AFK-leveling you can't guarantee that monsters (f.i. Pii's) do not attack other players and might endanger them. This is considered a breach of rules as well.
    • Your attention has to be on the screen while playing, otherwise it is possible that you can't react to approaches from team members.
    • The entrance/exits of a portal must remain accessible at all times. By sitting on or near a portal you risk a kick from the server.

    §2b Trading Behavior

    • Scamming is prohibited and will be penalized with a game expulsion. [ How to Buy/Sell/Lend stuff safely ]
    • The sale/trade of items based on misinformation resulting in fraudulent acquisition of resources is prohibited.
    • To ask the NosTale staff for items, gold or other objects is prohibited and will be penalized.
    • The NosTale staff is not obligated to replace any items that were lost due to self-inflicted actions (f.i. Scam).

    §2c "Grief Play"

    • "Grief Play" - refers to play styles where a player intentionally disrupts the gaming experience of other players. Examples: drawing monsters to players with the intention to get that player killed, stealing kills from beginners to disturb them in their quest; the NosTale staff will penalize this behavior.

    §3 Supported Languages and Game Chat

    • For the Server 1 - EU Dragonveil the official languages are: English / Czech / Turkish / Spanish / Polish / Italian. This includes the ticket support system.
    • For the Server 2 - US Cylloan the official languages are: English / Spanish. This includes the ticket support system.
    • For the Server 3 - International-1 The official languages are: EN / DE / FR / ES / IT / TR / PL / CZ. However this does not include the ticket support system. You will have to send your tickets in English with the English flags.
    • For the Server 4 - International-2 The official languages are: EN / DE / FR / ES / IT / TR / PL / CZ. However this does not include the ticket support system. You will have to send your tickets in English with the English flags.
      - The rules also apply in: General Chat, Speaker Chat, Party/Raid Chat, Family Chat, Whispers, Personal Messages within their corresponding servers.
    • Consider your use of language. Do not use foul language; it will be penalized even if you did not intend to insult anyone.

    §3a Spam

    • Please do not spam. The repeated sending of the same or a similar message is not allowed.
    • Messages that include information about cheats, hacks, bots or similar programs are prohibited and will be penalized.
    • Advertising other websites or games, that are not part of Gameforge, is prohibited. The mere mentioning of them is not considered as advertisement though and is permitted.

    §3b Real Life Threats

    • Any Real Life threats made against either staff, players or Gameforge representative will result in a permanent exclusion from any of the Gameforge related services.

    §4 Bug Using

    • If you find a bug and use it to your advantage you risk a permanent ban of your account(s). Bugs have to be reported to the NosTale staff either by Mail, NosTale Discord Server, Board PM or Support Ticket.

    §5 Cheating

    • Manipulating the NosTale Game Client in any way is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban of your account.
    • The use/distribution of any software for NosTale that is not created by Gameforge / Gameforge4D or released by Gameforge / Gameforge4D will result in a permanent ban of your account.
    • Using bots, keyboard simulators or any third party programs are also forbidden and will result in a permanent ban of your account. Using any program/script that plays the game in any automatic configuration while you are away from the computer is prohibited and will result in a permanent account ban.

    §6 Account data

    • Each player has to keep their account data secret. You are not allowed to give this data to others. This includes (but is not limited by) your account/login name and your account password. You risk your account being hacked/compromised.
    • It's prohibited to give away and/or ask other players for their account data, you risk a permanent account ban.
    • The NosTale team will NEVER ask you for account data including password, so don't give it out to anyone, please do not include it in tickets, your character's name will be enough.

    §7 Contact with the NosTale Staff

    • The instructions and decisions of the NosTale team are to be respected and followed.
    • Game Masters are not allowed to give items and money to players or to help them leveling.
    • You shouldn't trade Game Masters or invite them in a guild, party or raid.
    • Please use the Board, the NosTale Discord Server or the Support System ( if you are seeking for help or have questions. It's harder for the Game Staff to help you In-Game. [ Ticket System Guide ]
    • In case you got banned or you received a penalty, always contact the staff member, that banned/penalized you.
    • Ban discussions are prohibited on the Board and in the NosTale Discord Server.
    • If you have any complaints about a Game Master contact a Super Game Master. For complaints about a Super Game Master contact the Game Administrator. For complaints about the Game Administrator contact the Team Manager. The Community Manager should always be contacted as the last instance (for complaints about the Team Manager). The hierarchy has to be strictly followed. [Who to contact and when]

    §8 Events

    • During events you must follow instructions from any Game Master. By not following their instructions you risk exclusion from that event.
    • Complaints are to be sent via Support System, E-Mail or NosTale Discord Server.
    • Asking the staff for prizes or rewards is prohibited.

    §9 Multi-accounts

    • It is permitted to own more than one account. Should one of the accounts receive a permanent ban all other accounts of the player will be banned simultaneously.
    • It is strictly forbidden to transfer your account.
    • If two or more individual accounts are within the same household or connection, please notify the Game Team of the account names via Support System to avoid unnecessary bans (could happen if another person in your household received a permanent ban and your account is then banned as a Multi-account).
    • You will have to notify the Game Team if you use an Internet stick / Hot-spot or if you play from public places. A detailed explanation can be found here: [ How to register your IP-Sharing ]
    • A subsequent notification (that is: after a ban) is not possible.

    §10 Procedure for objections to a ban

    • If you want to object to your ban you have to contact the responsible Super Game Master / Game Administrator / Team Manager via the Support System. You can find it here:
      Please provide all required information so your case can be dealt with as fast as possible.
    • If an objection is 2 months or older, we will be unable to process it.

    §11 Reporting a breach of the rules

    • Please provide us with one or more significant screenshot/s or video/s. They must be completely unedited (no cutting-out, censoring, etc).
    • Faking screenshots/videos with the intention to trick the Game Team is prohibited and will be penalized severely.
    • We will not deal with screenshots/videos that are older than 3 weeks (apart from extreme cases like sexual harassment, racism, etc).

    §12 Item Refund

    • Items Replacements are only guaranteed if:
      - they were lost due to a Bug
      - you did not receive paid NosMall Items.
      - you lost/deleted a Quest Item and can't finish your Quest

    §13 Board and NosTale Discord Server Behavior

    • The Game Team is permitted to penalize In-Game if players commit severe breaches of the rules in the Forum or in the NosTale Discord Server, such as Real Life threatening, heavy insulting, heavy slandering, repeated offenses. [ NosTale Discord: Use, security and support ]

    §14 Measures

    • Depending to severity of the offense the following measures may be carried out:
      - Friendly tip to follow the rules
      - Warning
      - Kick from the server
      - Mute
      - Banning of the account

    The NosTale-Team reserves the right to exclude a player from the Game without the declaration of reasons. The Management reserves the right to change the Rules at any time. NosTale underlies the Terms and Conditions of Gameforge 4D