Game Rules

  • §1 Names

    • Character, companion, family, shop and any other customisable names that are insulting, discriminatory, extremist, vulgar, drug-related or evoke slander or any illegal activity, are prohibited and will be deleted or forcefully renamed.
    • Using names of NosTale team members, as well as rank additions like GM, SGM, GA, Admin, Mod and others, is prohibited and will be forcefully renamed. [ How to Identify NosTale staff members ]
    • Shop names are only allowed in the languages supported in NosTale, namely English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Czech and Turkish.
    • Character, companion, family, shop and any other customisable names which contain non-Latin script characters or ASCII blank spaces are prohibited and will be deleted or forcefully renamed.

    §2 Behaviour

    • Any behaviour that is rude, threatening, coercive, insulting, discriminatory, extremist, vulgar, drug-related or evokes slander or any illegal activity is prohibited and may be penalised.
    • You may contact our support system as soon as you have discovered a breach of the rules. The accusation must be supported by unedited and uncropped graphic evidence, such as screenshots or videos, which must not be older than 1 month.
    • Faking graphic evidence is prohibited and may be penalised.
    • The NosTale team is the authority to determine if a behaviour is against the rules or not.

    §2a In-game Behaviour

    • AFK-levelling is prohibited. Any activity in which you place your pets and companions in open places where they will gather experience while you are away, risking enemies to attack and endanger other nearby players, counts as AFK-levelling and will be penalised accordingly.
    • Your attention must be on the screen while playing, otherwise you may not be able to react to the NosTale team members.
    • Portals must always remain accessible. Blocking them may be penalised.

    §2b Trading Behaviour

    • Scamming is prohibited. Any activity in which a player obtains Gold or items from another player by deception or breach of an agreement is considered as such. [ How to Buy/Sell/Lend stuff safely ]
    • Loans of Gold or items between players must be agreed via in-game chat and a return period of no more than 1 month must be specified.
    • The NosTale team cannot guarantee the return of lost Gold and items resulting from a scam, a loan or any other activity for which players are responsible.

    §2c Grief Play

    • Grief Play refers to activities where a player intentionally disrupts the gaming experience of other players, such as, but not limited to, drawing monsters to players with the intention to get that player defeated or stealing mobs from beginners to disturb them in their quests. [ What is Grief Play and how to report it ]

    §3 Supported Languages and Game Chat

    • The official languages in the European and International servers are English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Czech and Turkish.
    • Messages that include information about macros, hacks, bots or any other way to cheat are prohibited.
    • Advertising non-Gameforge games, private servers or sites which contain inappropriate or dangerous content, such as porn, gore or phishing, is prohibited.

    §3a Spam

    • Spam is prohibited. Spam is the repeated sending of the same or similar messages several times in a short period of time.

    §3b Real Life Threats

    • Any real-life threats made against either players, NosTale team members or Gameforge employees are prohibited.

    §4 Bug Using

    • Using bugs to your advantage is prohibited. If you find a bug, you must report it to the NosTale team either through the NosTale Discord server or our support system.

    §5 Cheating

    • Manipulating the NosTale game client in any way is prohibited.
    • The use and distribution of any software for NosTale that is not created or authorised by Gameforge is prohibited.
    • Using bots, hacks, macros, sandboxes or any other third-party software is prohibited.
    • The use of VPNs, proxy servers or any other service that masks your real IP is prohibited.

    §6 Account data

    • It is the player’s responsibility to keep their account data secret, i.e. their email, password and two-factor authentication codes. Sharing your account data with other people is not allowed and doing so will result in the loss of the right to receive support on the account.
    • Trading, selling, buying, lending and giving away accounts is prohibited.
    • Giving away or asking other players for their account data is prohibited.
    • The NosTale team will never ask you for your password or two-factor authentication codes. Any data the team may require from you will be requested only through the support system, not the game, Discord, forums or any other social media.

    §7 The NosTale Team

    • The instructions and decisions of the NosTale team are to be respected and followed.
    • The NosTale team is not allowed to give items and money to players, nor help them level up.
    • You shouldn’t trade NosTale team members, send them friend requests or invite them to families, parties and raids.
    • Use the forum, the Discord server or the support system if you are seeking help or if you have questions. [ Ticket System Guide ]
    • In case you got banned or you received a penalty, you must contact the NosTale team through the support system exclusively.
    • Ban discussions on the forum, Discord server or in-game are prohibited.
    • If you have a complaint about a NosTale team member, you may request contact with their immediate superior, following this hierarchy:
      • For complaints about a Game Master or a Trial Game Master, contact a Super Game Master.
      • For complaints about a Super Game Master, contact a Game Administrator.
      • For complaints about a Game Administrator, contact a Team Manager.
      • For complaints about a Team Manager, contact a Community Manager.
      • For further information please read [ Who to contact and when ].
    • The Community Manager is the final authority in the NosTale team and their decisions and instructions are definitive.

    §8 Events and Contests

    • During events you must follow the instructions of the NosTale team members. Not following the instructions may result in exclusion from the event or contest.
    • Complaints are to be sent to the support system or the indicated platforms in the event or contest announcement.

    §9 Multi-Accounts

    • Owning multiple accounts is permitted. If an account is penalised with a permanent suspension, all other accounts from the same player may be suspended as well.
    • You must notify the NosTale team through the support system if you are going to use a public network or share your internet connection with other players. [ How to register your IP-Sharing ] Falsely notifying of IP sharing with malicious purposes will be detected and may have consequences.
    • Notifying of IP sharing after receiving a suspension may not be accepted.

    §10 Ban Objection Procedure

    • If you want to object to a penalty or suspension of your game account, you must contact the NosTale team through the support system.
    • When doing so, please link the email of the affected account to the support system and provide the names of the affected accounts.
    • Players have a limit of 2 months to object to a suspension.

    §11 Item Refund

    • Item refunds are only guaranteed if:
      • They were lost due to a bug.
      • They were not received from a NosMall purchase.
      • They were lost and they are necessary to progress in a main quest.
    • Players have a limit of 2 months to request an item refund.

    §12 Forum and Support System Behaviour

    • The NosTale team is allowed to penalise a player in the game if they commit severe rule breaches in the forum or in the support system such as, but not limited to, real life threatening, phishing, extortion or discrimination.

    §13 Measures

    • Dependingon on the severity of the offence, the following measures can be carried out:
      • Friendly reminder to follow the rules
      • Warning
      • Kick from the server
      • Penalty
      • Temporary or permanent suspension

    The NosTale team reserves the right to change the rules at any time. NosTale underlines the Terms and Conditions of Gameforge 4D GmbH.