Fernon Raid Changes

  • Hello everyone, since people seem to be opening more than 1 thread about this.... Lets set up an official one and gather everything here.

    Revert the Fernon nerfs

    Fernon after Maintainence

    Make sure to follow the below points:

    • Be polite / No need to say things in an aggressive way.
    • Do not go into pointless arguments, everyone has their own opinion and that's what we ask here!
    • Provide as many details as you can.
    • Write your thoughts in a clean-easy read way so we can keep track of stuff.

    Any feedback you have for the recent Fernon raid changes can be written here.

    Looking forward to see everyone's thoughts and constructive criticism.

  • Just moving those 2 posts in here.

  • I would appreciate this fernon nerf from one side given the situation that prevails on nostale. I find stupid how the system is currently set up so that a person on a game without 10 other characters setup as a buff characters almost cant do anything. Certainly something like that was needed, but trying such attempts on an already disgustingly limited raid, which is basically unfairly unfair to the players, seems this update to me as a mockery against the players. The percentage chance of any usable item is already really low, so why you making it even lover. You need to have a thousand raiding groups to make up thousands of crates at once to make anything usable on the game.

    Effectively, this update could work if there was not that high nerf of that buff, so the raid would still work the same way, except that players would have to make a team consisting of essential buffs to maximize efficiency, which would force players to play in a group, not separately with 7 other mindless characters that exist only to get a crate and then go offline.

  • Than i suggest u nerf also yerti gold,laurena and sp6 boxes gem,and make all maps nt able to share buffs~~Since u already plan to do sumthing like that why dun just do it all at once?

    Heaven Actually I really liked this idea but nvm im just a troll MA

    I personally tested it in every way, I absolutely support this, raid should be hard but I cant support the gold nerf if you are making things difficult, you should improve this drops, shoes,eqs chance etc. ( dont forget to put c25 fist in the box pls :D)

    but yeah yesterday I did this raid , This raid dead now.

  • And also i suggest add 1 more sec delay to sword drops timing,its undodgeable sometimes,especially asian zone players,we hv 1-2 sec delay in game.everytime we saw swords,we nt able to dodge it,what we always can do is spam click fps and pray its work,except gameforge plan to allow us using vpn ingame to reduce latency,if nt u should really make chg on alot stuff to get fair for all players.If u said thats our asia problems u cant do anything becoz this is US server,why dont u just block other region player frm playing by ban all of us,and only let ppls who stay in US play.and removed it also frm steam so ppl frm other country cant download it toplay since its nt "international".

    OMG~From heaven~~XP

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  • I support the need of change to the raid.

    Lore-wise Fernon is one of the most powerful creature and it is ridiculous to see it get rekt within a minute. But let's not pretend everyone is c60 with godlike bow or gun.

    I see the decision of buff removal is absolute, so I will put down my suggestion based on it.

    Problem that people have been complaining: too many scouts, looking for diversity.

    Lower the debuff-resistance, thus other SPs like WK would be included (but yon can argue WK is a must for now)

    Lower melee and magic damage reduction.

    Lower fernon elemental resistance except water.

    Revert the gold since the raid is no longer done within a minute.

    AOT-like reward and punishment: Debuff for team with high number of one profession, and buff for team with diverse professions.

    Two cents.

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  • And only 6-7 teams on US server is doing fernon,my fam 2 teams and my frd 1 team is decided nt doing it hourly anymore after this updates.we will just go for daily after this.Except revert is made in future or more balanced change is coming next than we might go again,if nt its just pointless to do it every week.

  • AOT-like reward and punishment: Debuff for team with high number of one profession, and buff for team with diverse professions.

    This makes a lot of sense tbh.

    Now my 5 cents.

    This is really annoying. They changed fernon raid exactly the same way they changed Kirollas' raid. Make it overpowered, wait for complaints, then make it easier. And the decision is almost always one-sided.

    Why? Well, I guess they wanted to make this raid accessible for all SPs, but what they didn't take into account is their own game mechanics, as if they don't test it themselves or test it with god-mode on.

    Scouts are better for this raid for at least three good reasons:

    1. Scout is the highest DPS SP in the game // edit: for this raid*

    2. You can pull swords ONLY in invisibility mode AND there is no partner that gives invisibility that is not removed when getting hit. Only scouts have this as a part of their skillset, they can use other more beneficial partners that increase their DPS further. And because time is limited with 4 hours per week, everybody wants to make the most out of this time.

    3. Crit cap allows even quite weak (in terms of resist./def) scouts survive crits from mobs, which are ridiculously strong and can stun too, as if floor stun wasn't enough. If running low on health and full potion is in cooldown (which is another issue on its own) scouts can go invisible to hide from mobs.

    4. Higher DPS means less time in raid -> less full potions to take -> less gold wasted; less 'tense' focus

    tl;dr for this part - more damage, can live longer, less chance to die than some other SPs that make some damage but don't have nearly as many abilities to counter all of this mess in raid. list of reasons why not use other SPs, for each SP separately.

    Any other SP that can live as good as scout and makes more damage than any other SP or is essential for others to provide tons of damage had always been in the raid. These are: berserker (debuff essential for boss fights), DG (good speed, high critical damage, not % 'poison' which can kills mobs before their 'natural' death,and, well, mana shield on the top)

    Clearing all buffs when entering the boss room is a bad decision tbh, almost completely eliminates the purpose of 'waiting' room. The buff arena is in boss room now. before getting to the raid boss itself.

    Why is this all bad?
    First of all, players have only 1 hour to complete as many raids as possible (per session).

    Some SP cards are COMPLETELY unfitting for this raid, like wk and holy, which give essential buffs. They could be at least a bit more fitting if there was no 'potion usage cooldown' and not as many stuns, but still no.

    It's either stuns or swords, not both at the same time with current difficulty.

    Act 7 equipment and passive skills (books) created a big advantage for c60 players in terms of damage and endurance. Game developers decided to sacrifice casual players in order to hold hardcore nolife game abusers from ruining the market with overflow of items. BUT in a wrong way. Right way would be the implementation of DAMAGE CAP as a STATE which BOSS has. This would make raids longer for those who deal a lot of damage (over the cap, extremely high dps) and won't change much to those who most often cannot reach damage cap (lower dps), and they wouldn't have to clear buffs.


    They have to reconsider the whole game system in terms of damage (equipment) because without buffs it's almost impossible to do anything. Which leads to pvp/leveling/farming issues.

    Everything becomes a pain in one 'prosaic' part of human body, let's say it like this. The difference between 'normal' and 'op' equipment is extremely huge, and this gap increases further when buffs are applied.

    I can elaborate on that but if you are an experienced player you will understand why just like this.

    But because this game's whole end game content is built around current damage system, if game devs do something about equipment, then a lot of content will have to be rebalanced.

    I feel like I haven't mentioned a lot of things that are connected to this topic but this should be at least enough to review this patch.

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  • I see you sugested boss to have a damage cap so why would ppl get 60 gear for pve? Ye im not happy with this patch even if im 60 but dosent mean even before when every1 could do that raid there wasnt some players who rule the market. And i see this patch not as stoping low lvl players from doing it , i see this as stoping ppl using many alts in raid cuz rn i will tell the rewards i was able to get before and what i get now

    Before: 1h of fernon, 2 players 6 alts (4-4) 3 min run
    - 13-15 boxes x4 = 52-60 boxes

    - 18-22m pure gold

    I used : 70 divine pot, 1 fairy booster, 2 tarots, 200 pet dolls, 200 partner dolls

    Total/ week: ~ 200 boxes / week and 80m pure gold - 14m (that i use for the things) was kinda rly nice

    Now: 1h of fernon, 2 players 6 alts (4-4) 7-8 min run

    - 6-8 boxes x4 = 24-32 boxes

    - 4-5m pure gold

    I use : 150 divine pots, 1 fairy booster, 2 tarots, 300 pet dolls, 300 partner dolls

    Total now/ week: ~100 boxes, 20m - 25m (that i use for the things) is meh idk what to say

    Right now doing this raid almost get no profit for ppl who invested in eqs and sps to be able to do in 2 or 3 players.

    Imposible for non clvl 60 players? It is not. But as i said now u cant add alts anymore as u used to that mean u need more players to win it fast and even like so this raid i cant say u get anything from doing it. The dmg in boss is almost the same (only when u do the sword is half), i like that now i dont have to use scout anymore i can play ranger since it do more dmg and if you have resistence u dont get 1 hit by mobs or boss. This raid even when they added for first time wasnt for every1. U needed res and eq and now u still need these. So i dont expect any1 who just lvled to clvl 25 or 28 and have a 92 gear or 95 gear with some arena res to be able to do it, ofc not.

    All i want is the gold from the end to be improved, right now i use more than i win and the boxes since u cant sell them u have no profit because is hard to get something from them.

  • now u cant add alts anymore as u used to

    Well, let's say that not everyone can alts anymore :D.

    2 main reasons i can see why go raids with alts

    • more money
    • less players involved = better arrangement of raids.

    I don't see a reason to why don't go with alts anymore. That raid is harder and annoying for everyone not just for these with alts. You can't close gap in EQ between players that were able to do it with alts and players that weren't just by making raid harder... Only thing that changed this update was that fernon is useless raid now (well yeah except daily q). As you said it is not worth it, you have to invest money into it and that is not something that anyone would do just for silk from r7 box...

  • Good read and on point +1

    tbh, this is a lose-lose situation for both the game and the players. Where do you think players spends their earned gold from fernon? Most of it is Upgrading EQ and SP / Betting.

    If players stop upgrading or betting, who will buy equipment/SP scrolls and amulets? Not everyone can afford to top-up nosdollar.

    PS : Please view this matter as a players perspective as well, not just one-sided. Thank you ~