Fernon after Maintainence

  • Come on!X/ The new Fernon is literally changed to a “c60” only raid. The attack nerfed, boss hp increase and no buff? It is totally no focus on dealing with those people who are strong and fast raid. In contrast, it is killing those people who are under c60 Chance to do Fernon. We can’t even do it more than 1 in today and keep having fail raid. And also there are many bugs, including sudden dc, pet disappears after entering boss room. I get why the money of Fernon is reduced, but the increase of difficulty of Fernon? It just make us who under c60 impossible to do the raid. Sigh....;(

  • HERE is my feedback

    This topic seems more legit for it then mine, but still don't want to repost. :D

    The new Fernon is literally changed to a “c60” only raid

    Not true, it is doable without +60. But if you just started with them to earn gold for better EQ or even drop it then it is probably not doable, at least not for team full of newbies.

  • of course i know it’s doable, wt I’m focusing on is the difficulty, even my team have all member c48up, we still failing a lots of raid and eventually we give up with only one raid win, if this is so difficult for us, not even need to mention those newbies. And for those c60 team, they can still do one raid within a few mins.

  • So in my team, we did 10 wins, 2 fails. Personally, Doing 1 hr fernon raids is not worth anymore. you lose 100+ fps, 300 pet and partner ea. And you get 2-3m gold per hr and that crappy box full of crap materials. In just one patch, they just made fernon into a daily quest raid that is only available during weekends.

  • March 25 2020 - The day Incomplete Fernon Raid became a Weekend Daily Quest ~


    - 100-120 Divine Health Potion per hour

    - 200-300 Partner/Pet Dolls ** EACH **

    - Fairy Booster

    - Tarot (Devil/Sun)

    - Investing on decent weapon/armor/resist

    - Investing time to level your character

    What your getting

    - Fernon Magic Crystal

    - 2M-3M gold / hr

    - 6-12 Raid Box / hr ( 95% of it, you'll get trash materials )

    If this patch became permanent I can guarantee all of you, Fernon raid is only a weekend daily quest.