MEMES 2020

  • NEJ7ekX.png

    Who is Phaendar favorite dota 2 hero ?


    Thats right !


    that pic made me think, what if phae's real identity is murrlogic hmmmmmmmm :altn:

  • V: power ab00se

    V: I-Impossible...! How could i get banned?
    morgoth: Vendetta, I'll shatter the evil of the forums!

    V: That bastard! I can't forgive him! not after he sent my Lord and Saviour to the Shadow Realm!
    Jekyll: The what realm?
    V: You know, the Shadow Realm. The big, purpley, cloudy place that you go to when something really bad happens to you.
    Pinky: I think you're talking about ban.
    V: No, It's the Shadow Realm. You know, whenever people post anime gifs or say "power ab00se", they go straight to the Shadow Realm. What? you guys don't have the Shadow Realm in the future?
    Jekyll: I don't think that's a real thing.
    V: So, wait.. is my Lord and Saviour really banned?
    Pinky: Afraid so broseph.
    V: I thought this was supposed to be a kid's forums!