Act7map and C58armour mob problem

  • Yes, if you die in act 6 and 7, you will lose experience, it doesn't matter if you get killed by a monster or a player, so using battle potions in act 7 isn't really a good idea. It isn't a bug, just the way it was created.

    Regarding the C58 armour, I guess you mean you can target the mob even though you're not in a PvP area or using a Battle potion, right?

  • If I said it was created like that is because it is known and intended, so it isn't a bug, though I suppose it would be better if you only lose experience if you get killed by a mob.

    Dying in act 6-7 will reduce your experience, since it only takes in count the map where you are.

  • It isn't possible in the village. It was patched a few days after the act 7 was launched, but I think you can opean sealed vessels in any other map. And yeah, getting killed by a sealed vessel will also reduce your experience.

  • Well then nothing is a bug 'cause it's the way it was created...

    except yerti dragon. cus you know, it was a bug that it couldn't see invis targets even though that's the case with almost all other mobs and bosses. but you know, can't admit they want nerf it.. they gotta pull the "it was a bug" card out of their ashes.

  • Please remember this is a bug report, not a debate section :P If you want to talk about other matters, you can open a thread in the proper section.

    Lets focus in the report regarding the armour, please.